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Phoslock Water Solutions bags $4.6M to expand its business in China

Phoslock Water Solutions Limited (ASX:PHK) has raised circa $4.6 million via an oversubscribed share placement at an issue price of $0.175 per share.
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Phoslock Water Solutions attracts sophisticated investors and institutions

Phoslock Water Solutions Ltd (ASX:PHK) has been granted a trading halt by the ASX, pending details of a capital raising.
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Phoslock Water Solutions signs transformational agreement in China

Phoslock Water Solutions (ASX:PHK) has signed a strategic agreement with the largest Chinese water remediation group, Beijing BHZQ Environmental Engineering Technology Co.
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Phoslock Water Solutions to reveal material news

Phoslock Water Solutions (ASX:PHK) has been granted a trading halt by the ASX, pending details in relation to the signing of a material agreement.
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Phoslock Water Solutions ramping up Chinese operations

Phoslock Water Solutions (ASX:PHK) is in the final stage of establishing a multi-purpose manufacturing facility in Changxing, 150 kilometres from Shanghai, China.
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Phoslock Water Solutions Ltd technology improves lake in Brazil

Phoslock Water Solutions Ltd (ASX:PHK) is progressing well on the application of its patented clean water technology ‘PHOSLOCK‘ for algae management at the Lake Pampulha in Brazil. The first application of PHOSLOCK to the lake, as part of the $10 million project, was undertaken in April 2016 and subsequent applications have taken place over the past three months. Importantly, independent monitoring undertaken by municipal authorities has shown an improvement across all key water quality parameters.
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Phoslock Water Solutions Ltd signs with Nanjing Zhongke Water

Phoslock Water Solutions Ltd (ASX:PHK) has signed a three year contract with China’s Nanjing Zhongke Water Environment Co (NZW), to incorporate the PHOSLOCK technology into NZW water projects. This follows a commercial pilot project in Zhejiang province that reduced phosphorus content by 80% in an isolated section of an inner city canal. NZW specialises in water quality improvement and ecological restoration in a number of regions in China.
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Share Purchase Plan

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Appendix 3B

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