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Magnis Resources unveils solid state battery in New York, shares rise

Magnis Resources Ltd (ASX:MNS) partner Charge CCCV (C4V) has completed production of a working prototype of a solid state battery.

Magnis Resources produces globally significant battery anode results

Magnis Resources Ltd (ASX:MNS) has produced a natural graphite and silicon composite anode material blend, which stores 80% more energy than graphite without sacrificing laminate density.

Magnis Resources in new agreements for the Townsville Lithium-ion Battery project

Magnis Resources Ltd (ASX:MNS) has positioned itself at the forefront of the lithium-ion battery market in Australia.

Magnis Resources secures strategic stake in US lithium battery technology group

Magnis Resources Ltd (ASX:MNS) has made a strategic investment to acquire a 10% interest in leading US-based, lithium-ion battery technology group, Charge CCCV LLC.

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