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Hazer Group’s Geoff Pocock exercises in-the-money options

Hazer Group Ltd (ASX:HZR) managing director Geoff Pocock has demonstrated his confidence in the company by increasing his stake with the exercise of 3 million options. (4-0)

Hazer and MinRes to build plant

Tech company Hazer Group has signed a binding agreement with Mineral Resources to develop a facility to produce synthetic graphite. (4-0)

Hazer Group teams with Mineral Resources to build synthetic graphite facilities

Hazer Group Ltd (ASX:HZR) and Mineral Resources Ltd (ASX:MIN) has executed a binding agreement for the design and construction of commercial scale synthetic graphite facilities. (4-0)

Hazer Group takes another step to advance pre-pilot plant

Hazer Group Ltd (ASX:HZR) has taken a significant step towards de-risking the scale-up of its Hazer Process technology.

Hazer Group receives interest from steel industry for its technology

Hazer Group (ASX:HZR) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to investigate the commercial and technical viability of utilising the Hazer technology in the steel industry. (4-0)

MinRes makes bid for Hazer clean fuel synthetic graphite tech

Mineral Resources, owners of the Mt Marion lithium project in Kalgoorie, has made a deal with Perth-based company Hazer Group to create a facility for large-scale, high-grade synthetic graphite production. (4-0)

Hazer to build plant with MinRes

Tech company Hazer Group has entered into a collaboration agreement with diversified business Mineral Resources, for development of a facility to produce synthetic graphite. (4-0)

Hazer Group shares soar on potential commercial facility

Hazer Group (ASX:HZR) has signed a non-binding heads of agreement with Mineral Resources Limited (ASX:MIN) to jointly develop a large-scale commercial synthetic graphite facility. (4-0)

Hazer Group on path to commercialisation

Hazer Group Ltd (ASX:HZR) is preparing to outline details regarding a Memorandum of Understanding in relation to the commercialisation of the Hazer technology.

Hazer Group Ltd advancing hydrogen, graphite production process

Hazer Group Ltd (ASX:HZR) has crossed a major milestone by commissioning its pre-pilot plant located in St Marys in Western Sydney.

Hazer Group appoints new manager for upcoming lab work

Hazer Group (ASX:HZR) has secured the services and expertise of Cobus Malherbe, a senior Australian engineering, operations and process development professional.

Hazer Group produces first hydrogen and graphite at pre-pilot plant

Hazer Group (ASX:HZR) has completed the hot commissioning phase at its pre-pilot facility, which has seen successful production of hydrogen and graphite from natural gas feedstock.

Hazer Group's share purchase plan is in-the-money

Hazer Group (ASX:HZR) will offer a share purchase plan with a record date of 17th March 2017.

Hazer Group has a new substantial holder in Minerals Resources

Hazer Group (ASX:HZR) has received a notice of initial substantial holder from Minerals Resources (ASX:MIN), who now holds circa 10.3 million shares, or a 14.167% stake in the company.

Hazer Group finishes building pre-pilot facility

Hazer Group (ASX:HZR) has completed construction of its pre-pilot plant facility located in Sydney as part of its plan to commercialise its Hazer process.