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$5000 bounty on croc killer after giant 5.2-metre reptile shot in central Qld

A massive 5.2-metre saltwater crocodile has been found shot dead in central Queensland, which locals describe as the largest-ever carcass pulled from the river in the area.

Giant 5.2-metre croc shot dead in central Queensland

The reptile was found in the Fitzroy River at Rockhampton on Thursday with the bullet still in its head.

Convicted murderer seeks parole amid claims of innocence

A convicted murderer and rapist who maintains his innocence after more than a quarter of a century behind bars has been given another chance to argue his way out of a Queensland prison.

Butcher had one-hour window to kill friend: court

An experienced halal butcher charged with murder had a one-hour window in which to decapitate his friend and dispose of his body, a court has heard.

Amazing photos highlight dangerous life of Kimberley sawfish

An astonishing photograph has provided an arresting illustration to new Murdoch University research on the dangerous life of the critically endangered sawfish of the state's Kimberley region. 

Rockhampton flood recedes, roads reopen, rubbish trucks at the ready

Rockhampton is keeping up its clean-up effort after floodwaters swamped the central Queensland city last week.

Cyclone Debbie response to be reviewed as Rockhampton residents start clean-up

A major review has been ordered into how Queensland emergency services responded to Tropical Cyclone Debbie, as Rockhampton started to clean-up on Sunday.

Treading water, she was ready to say goodbye but her horse had one kick left

Danina Ward had been treading water for more than half an hour desperately trying to keep her horse's head above the surface when her partner turned to her and told her it was OK to say goodbye to the thoroughbred.

Premier commits to permanent Rockhampton levees as floodwaters slowly recede

The Premier has committed to funding permanent flood levees in Rockhampton and threw down the challenge to the federal government to follow suit on Friday.

Fake cancer sufferer Belle Gibson ordered to pay $30,000 in court costs

Disgraced health personality Belle Gibson has to pay $30,000 towards the legal costs of Consumer Affairs Victoria and has been banned from making deceptive claims about her health in connection with wellbeing advice.

SES receives no emergency calls as Fitzroy River peaks

Rockhampton residents, who knew about the flooding event last week, were prepared as the slow-moving flood moved across the city and affected hundreds of homes.

Body found in shallow grave confirmed as Sam Thompson

Samuel Thompson's grieving parents have been given confirmation a body found in bush north of Brisbane was their slain son.

Uneasy wait for Rockhampton residents to count the cost of ex-cylcone Debbie

Rockhampton residents have a prolonged wait for floodwaters to recede to begin the clean-up and count the cost of the damage, after the Fitzroy River peaked below 2011 flood levels.

'Sir, I have tried to reason with you': Retiree told cops to arrest him over hoon claim

Humphrey Firkins, 92, is still waiting for an apology from his local police station after they allegedly "hassled" him for speeding in his buggy around his Gold Coast resort.

'Four Gabba stadiums of water' through Rockhampton at peak: BoM

Enough water to fill four Gabba stadiums was expected to pass through Rockhampton every five minutes during the drawn-out Fitzroy River peak, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

Rockhampton: Australian city braces for floods to peak - BBC News

Hundreds of homes and businesses in an Australian city will be inundated when a river reaches its flood peak on Thursday, authorities say.

Premier has 'open mind' to Rockhampton flood levee

The Palaszczuk government has opened the door to building a multimillion-dollar flood levee that could protect Rockhampton from floods like its current days-long inundation.

Talk, and photo ops, come cheap in times of disaster

The photograph says it all. The Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, on all fours, under a sink in Lismore, scrubbing.

Rockhampton locals paddle to the pub as flood peak looms

Rockhampton locals are heading to the pub with the city's slow-motion disaster set to come to a climax on Thursday, as the Fitzroy River reaches its predicted peak flood level of 9 metres.

The tiny Queensland school clobbered in Cyclone Debbie's aftermath

Principal Jenny Worsley watched helplessly from her north Queensland home as floodwaters tore through her school, destroyed possessions, and deer and kangaroos swept past in the torrent. 

Bills rise from Cyclone Debbie, to cost IAG $140m

As floodwaters continue to flow south, general insurer IAG has estimated its net exposure to Cyclone Debbie to be around $140 million as other insurers continue to count the cost.

Bills rise from Cyclone Debbie, to cost IAG $140m

As floodwaters continue to flow south, general insurer IAG has estimated its net exposure to Cyclone Debbie to be around $140 million as other insurers continue to count the cost.

Cyclone Debbie: Behind the scenes of a disaster response

 As the Fitzroy River inches closer to a nine-metre peak that will swamp Queensland homes and businesses, 1500 kilometres away in Canberra, hundreds of Centrelink staff are swinging into action.

Police fine Rockhampton flood stickybeak drivers up to $730

Rockhampton police have fined several people for ignoring warnings to stay away from flooded areas as the city's streets slowly go under due to the rising Fitzroy River.

Three men still missing after Queensland floods

Hope of finding three men alive is fading after they went missing in the Queensland floods, despite extensive search and rescue efforts.