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Canberra Now: News in 90 seconds for January 15, 2018

Hopefully you're feeling refreshed for your first day of the working week, after that overnight low of 8 degrees. (2-0)

Foy Group walks away from plastics-to-fuel plant in Hume

The company formerly known as the Foy Group appears to have walked away from its plans to build a plastics-to-fuel plant in the ACT, selling its block in Hume the day after it finally settled. (2-0)

ACT Greens slam Canberra's proposed waste-to-energy plants

The ACT Greens have slammed proposed waste-to-energy facilities in Canberra, saying such processes present both health and environmental concerns.

Waste conversion facilities need to be examined for safety

It is not surprising that the company behind a new rubbish-burning power plant in Canberra has changed its plans and halved the scale of its proposal.

Company formerly known as Foy Group gets Hume block for plastics-to-fuel plant

The company formerly known as Foy Group has finally secured the lease over a block of land at Hume for either its controversial plastics-to-fuel plant, another manufacturing plant, or both. (2-0)

Canberra Times Letters to the Editor: The problems of train travel from Sydney to Canberra

Whoopee! Clover Moore wants a faster train service to Canberra. So do I as a lifelong rail fan. But when will these people face reality? The problem with the Sydney-Canberra train is not the rolling stock or even the infrastructure but the fact that it makes nine stops en route, each of which costs the train five minutes or more. Eliminate them, and you will save an hour. But it is a NSW train and it won't happen.

ACT government extends Foy settlement date to October 20

The plastics-to-fuel plant proponents formerly known as the Foy Group has an extra month to pay the ACT government the millions of dollars it owes on a block of land in Hume.

Canberra Now: News in 90 seconds for August 1, 2017

It's a frosty morning, but we're expecting a sunny day to follow - not bad after all that rain. It dipped only just below freezing overnight, and the weather bureau has forecast a maximum of 15 degrees.

Foy Group aims to prove safety of a plastic-to-fuel plant for Hume

Foy Group is building a case to convince ACT authorities of the safety of a proposed plastics-to-fuel plant in Hume.

Businesses lodge identical submissions in support of plastic to fuel plant

The Canberra director of development company Knight Frank has raised concerns as to how his company's name ended up sending a submission to an inquiry panel supporting the proposed waste plastic to fuel facility in Hume.

Independent panel slams proposed Hume plastics plant

An ACT government health panel set up to investigate a plastics to fuel factory at Hume has effectively killed off the plan, warning the facility posed potentially serious fire, explosion and other environmental risks.

Campaigners reject plastics-to-fuel projects: but are they right? | Guardian Sustainable Business | The Guardian

2017-02-20 theguardian
Campaigns in the UK and Australia point to grassroots backlash against plastics-to-fuel sector that could be worth £1.5bn by 2024

Panel appointed to Hume plastics to fuel factory inquiry

Draft terms of reference have been drawn up for the newly appointed expert panel overseeing the independent inquiry into the plastics to fuel facility proposed for Hume.

Foy pushes back on formal health impact assessment of planned fuel factory

The Foy Group has pushed back on the need for a formal health impact assessment of planned plastics-to-fuel factory, saying the minimal air emissions from the plant will be well under health limits.

Plastic fantastic claims need verification

What's not to like about a facility using Australian-patented technology to convert non-recyclable plastic into "road-ready" diesel and petrol with barely registrable noise and odour levels, and with negligible emissions of harmful chemicals? Oh, and which will employ up to 30 people and inject millions of dollars into the ACT economy?