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WIDMER KATHY is listed as an insider in the following companies: TXRH / Texas Roadhouse, Inc. Insiders are officers, directors, or significant investors in a company. It is illegal for insiders to make trades in their companies based on specific, non-public information. This does not mean it is illegal for them to make any trades in their own companies. However, they must report all trades to the SEC via a Form 4. Despite these restrictions, academic research suggests that insiders - in general - tend to outperform the market in their own companies.


Security Title Post Shares
TXRH / Texas Roadhouse Director 10,950

Latest Transactions

Tran Date
Security Code Shares Post Shares Percent
2018-03-26 TXRH / Texas Roadhouse S -8,000 10,950 -42.22 56.51 -452,080 618,784 -73.06
2018-01-08 TXRH / Texas Roadhouse M 8,500 18,950 81.34
2017-12-12 TXRH / Texas Roadhouse S -1,300 10,450 -11.06 50.86 -66,118 531,487 -12.44
2017-09-21 TXRH / Texas Roadhouse S -2,000 11,750 -14.55 47.95 -95,900 563,412 -17.02
2017-05-31 TXRH / Texas Roadhouse S -5,200 13,750 -27.44 48.97 -254,644 673,338 -37.82
2017-03-27 TXRH / Texas Roadhouse S -4,800 18,950 -20.21 43.17 -207,216 818,072 -25.33
2017-01-09 TXRH / Texas Roadhouse M 8,500 23,750 55.74
2016-05-05 TXRH / Texas Roadhouse S -6,000 15,250 -28.24 44.20 -265,200 674,050 -39.34
2016-01-08 TXRH / Texas Roadhouse M 8,500 21,250 66.67
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Open market or private sale of non-derivative or derivative security
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Conversion of derivative
Sale or transfer of securities back to the company
Payment of exercise price or tax liability using portion of securities received from the company
Gift of securities by or to the insider
Equity swaps and similar hedging transactions
Exercise or conversion of derivative security received from the company (such as an option)
A transaction voluntarily reported on Form 4
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Peers of WIDMER KATHY include the following: Catlett Celia, Colosi Scott Matthew, Jacobsen S. Chris, MOORE GREGORY N, PARKER JAMES F, Ramsey James, Robinson Tonya, Taylor Wayne Kent, ZARLEY JAMES R, . Peers are determined by cross-linking the filings of WIDMER KATHY with insider filings of others at the same companies.

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