SecurityTSLA / Tesla Motors, Inc. (88160R101)
IndustryMotor Vehicles and Passenger Car Bodies
Common Shares Outstanding169,793,685 shares (as of 2018-03-31)
Total Insiders17
Total Directors9
Total Officers9

Stock Insider Trading (from SEC Form 4)

Tesla Motors, Inc. insider trades are listed in the following table, followed by a table containing the full transaction history. Insiders are officers, directors, or significant investors in a company. In general, it is generally illegal for insiders to make trades in their companies based on specific, non-public information. This does not mean it is illegal for them to make any trades in their own companies. However, they must report all trades to the SEC via a Form 4.

TSLA / Tesla Motors, Inc. insiders include DENHOLM ROBYN M, Ahuja Deepak, FIELD JOHN DOUGLAS, Musk Kimbal, Jason Wheeler S, Straubel Jeffrey B, Gracias Antonio J., Musk Elon, RICE LINDA JOHNSON Branderiz Eric, Jurvetson Stephen T, Reichow Gregory, Buss Brad W, McNeill Jon, Ehrenpreis Ira Matthew, Guillen Jerome M, MURDOCH JAMES R, and .

Insider Roster

Insider Dir Off 10% Shares Owned
FIELD JOHN DOUGLAS Senior VP, Engineering
X 18,264
Musk Kimbal Director
Buss Brad W Director
Gracias Antonio J. Director
Ehrenpreis Ira Matthew Director
Musk Elon CEO, Director, 10% Owner
X X X 33,737,921
Ahuja Deepak Chief Financial Officer
X 61,059
Branderiz Eric VP, Chief Accounting Officer
X 1,386
Straubel Jeffrey B Chief Technical Officer
McNeill Jon President, WW Sales/Service
X 2,612
Jurvetson Stephen T Director
X 104,243
Reichow Gregory VP, Production
Jason Wheeler S Chief Financial Officer
Guillen Jerome M VP Service and Sales Ops

Transaction History

Click the link icon to see the full transaction history. Transactions reported as part of a 10b-5 automatic trading plan will have an X in the column marked 10b-5.

Form Insider Code 10b-5 Direct Share
Post Value
2018-06-15 4 FIELD JOHN DOUGLAS S D 361.354 -400 18,264 6,599,769
2018-06-15 4 FIELD JOHN DOUGLAS S D 360.624 -397 18,664 6,730,686
2018-06-15 4 FIELD JOHN DOUGLAS S D 359.443 -1,003 19,061 6,851,343
2018-06-15 4 FIELD JOHN DOUGLAS S D 358.365 -900 20,064 7,190,235
2018-06-15 4 FIELD JOHN DOUGLAS S D 356.792 -300 20,964 7,479,787
2018-06-13 4 Musk Elon by Trust P I 347.001 4,626 33,737,921 11,707,092,325
2018-06-13 4 Musk Elon by Trust P I 346.637 6,032 33,733,295 11,693,208,179
2018-06-13 4 Musk Elon by Trust P I 344.957 2,114 33,727,263 11,634,455,463
2018-06-13 4 Musk Elon by Trust P I 343.791 2,431 33,725,149 11,594,402,700
2018-06-13 4 Musk Elon by Trust P I 342.782 2,297 33,722,718 11,559,540,721
2018-06-12 4 Musk Elon by Trust P I 344.829 3,468 33,720,421 11,627,779,053
2018-06-12 4 Musk Elon by Trust P I 343.855 14,509 33,716,953 11,593,742,874
2018-06-12 4 Musk Elon by Trust P I 342.775 37,023 33,702,444 11,552,355,242
2018-06-06 4 FIELD JOHN DOUGLAS F D 300.52 -758 21,264
2018-06-06 4 FIELD JOHN DOUGLAS F D 300.52 -265 22,022
2018-06-06 4 FIELD JOHN DOUGLAS F D 300.52 -281 22,287
2018-06-06 4 FIELD JOHN DOUGLAS F D 300.52 -95 22,568
2018-06-05 4 FIELD JOHN DOUGLAS M D 189 22,663
2018-06-05 4 FIELD JOHN DOUGLAS M D 1,520 22,474
2018-06-05 4 FIELD JOHN DOUGLAS M D 530 20,954
2018-06-05 4 FIELD JOHN DOUGLAS M D 563 20,424
2018-06-06 4 Ahuja Deepak F D 300.52 -1,329 61,059
2018-06-05 4 Ahuja Deepak M D 2,666 62,388
2018-05-07 4 Buss Brad W Buss Family Trust M I 28.43 4,666 13,348
2018-05-07 4 Gracias Antonio J. M D 28.43 16,666 293,163
2018-05-07 4 Musk Elon by Trust P I 302.133 6,133 33,665,421 10,171,434,643
2018-05-07 4 Musk Elon by Trust P I 301.376 3,000 33,659,288 10,144,101,580
2018-05-07 4 Musk Elon by Trust P I 300.012 4,358 33,656,288 10,097,290,275
2018-05-07 4 Musk Elon by Trust P I 299.252 739 33,651,930 10,070,407,356
2018-05-07 4 Musk Elon by Trust P I 298.01 4,514 33,651,191 10,028,391,430
2018-05-07 4 Musk Elon by Trust P I 297.151 3,508 33,646,677 9,998,143,717
2018-05-07 4 Musk Elon by Trust P I 296.311 4,845 33,643,169 9,968,841,050
2018-05-07 4 Musk Elon by Trust P I 295.028 5,903 33,638,324 9,924,247,453
2018-04-05 4 Musk Kimbal S X D 300.0 -1,875 148,333 44,499,900
2018-04-05 4 Musk Kimbal M X D 29.66 1,875 150,208
2017-11-06 4 Gracias Antonio J. by AJG Growth Fund J I 105 276,497
2018-03-16 4 FIELD JOHN DOUGLAS S X D 322.77 -100 19,861 6,410,535
2018-03-16 4 FIELD JOHN DOUGLAS S X D 321.87 -600 19,961 6,424,847
2018-03-16 4 FIELD JOHN DOUGLAS S X D 320.03 -300 20,561 6,580,137
2018-03-06 4 FIELD JOHN DOUGLAS F D 333.75 -1,258 20,861
2018-03-06 4 FIELD JOHN DOUGLAS F D 333.75 -196 22,119
2018-03-06 4 FIELD JOHN DOUGLAS F D 333.75 -184 22,315
2018-03-06 4 FIELD JOHN DOUGLAS F D 333.75 -78 22,499
2018-03-05 4 FIELD JOHN DOUGLAS M D 3,042 22,577
2018-03-05 4 FIELD JOHN DOUGLAS M D 563 19,535
2018-03-05 4 FIELD JOHN DOUGLAS M D 530 18,972
2018-03-05 4 FIELD JOHN DOUGLAS M D 189 18,442
2018-03-07 4 Branderiz Eric S X D 325.44 -452 1,386 451,060
2018-03-06 4 Branderiz Eric F D 333.75 -636 1,838
2018-03-05 4 Branderiz Eric M D 1,201 2,474
Open market or private purchase of non-derivative or derivative security
Open market or private sale of non-derivative or derivative security
Grant, award, or other acquisition of securities from the company (such as an option)
Conversion of derivative
Sale or transfer of securities back to the company
Payment of exercise price or tax liability using portion of securities received from the company
Gift of securities by or to the insider
Equity swaps and similar hedging transactions
Exercise or conversion of derivative security received from the company (such as an option)
A transaction voluntarily reported on Form 4
Other (accompanied by a footnote describing the transaction)
TSLA : Tesla Motors Stock Analysis and Research Report

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Tesla Motors's mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. The company design, develop, manufacture, lease and sell high-performance fully electric vehicles, solar energy generation systems and energy storage products. The company also offer maintenance, installation, operation and other services related to its products. Automotive Tesla Motors production vehicle fleet includes Model S premium sedan and Model X sport utility vehicle, which are its highest-performance and most capable vehicles, and beginning in July 2017, its Model 3, a lower priced sedan designed for the mass market. The company continue to enhance its vehicle offerings with enhanced Autopilot options, Internet connectivity and free over-the-air software updates. The company continually deploy its internally developed software into the vehicle fleet, depending on the hardware of the vehicle, to provide additional safety and convenience features. The company are also actively working ...

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