SecurityKMR / Kinder Morgan, Inc. (49455U100)
IndustryNatural Gas Transmission
Common Shares Outstanding2,206,828,970 shares (as of 2018-06-30)
Total Insiders23
Total Directors11
Total Officers15

Stock Insider Trading (from SEC Form 4)

KMR / Kinder Morgan, Inc. Insider Trades

Kinder Morgan, Inc. insider trades are listed in the following table, followed by a table containing the full transaction history. Insiders are officers, directors, or significant investors in a company. In general, it is generally illegal for insiders to make trades in their companies based on specific, non-public information. This does not mean it is illegal for them to make any trades in their own companies. However, they must report all trades to the SEC via a Form 4.

KMR / Kinder Morgan, Inc. insiders include MORGAN MICHAEL C, Holland James E, and DeVeau David R, Sanders Dax, Moffatt James Curtis, STAFF JOEL V, Mathews Denise R MACDONALD DEBORAH, Schlosser John W, MARTIN THOMAS A, KUEHN RONALD L JR, SAROFIM FAYEZ, SHAPER C PARK, ANDERSON IAN D, Michels David Patrick, SMITH WILLIAM A, KEAN STEVEN J, Arenivas Jesse, Dang Kimberly A, McClain Ronald G., KINDER RICHARD D, GARDNER TED A, Shorb Lisa M, .

Insider Roster

Insider Dir Off 10% Shares Owned
ANDERSON IAN D V.P./Pres,Kinder Morgan Canada
Arenivas Jesse VP(President, CO2)
X 29,683
X 34,168
Michels David Patrick VP and Chief Financial Officer
Sanders Dax E.V.P.; Chief Strategy Officer
Dang Kimberly A President, Director
KEAN STEVEN J Chief Executive Officer, Director
Schlosser John W V.P. (President, Terminals)
Holland James E VP,(Pres.,Products Pipelines)
MARTIN THOMAS A V.P. (Pres.,Nat.Gas Pipelines)
Mathews Denise R VP, Human Resources/Admin/IT
X 73,765
Moffatt James Curtis VP and General Counsel
X 17,386
X 38,397,902
Shorb Lisa M V.P./Human Resources/Admin/IT
KINDER RICHARD D Executive Chairman, Director, 10% Owner
X X X 245,846,090
DeVeau David R V.P. & General Counsel
McClain Ronald G. V.P. (Pres.Products Pipelines)

Transaction History

Click the link icon to see the full transaction history. Transactions reported as part of a 10b-5 automatic trading plan will have an X in the column marked 10b-5.

Form Insider Code 10b-5 Direct Share
Post Value
2018-07-31 4 Arenivas Jesse F D 17.78 -7,076 29,683
2018-07-31 4 Arenivas Jesse M D 22,790 36,759
2018-07-26 4 SMITH WILLIAM A By Spouse P I 18.0871 5,556 34,168 618,000
2018-07-16 4 Sanders Dax F D 17.80 -24,749 252,778
2018-07-14 4 Michels David Patrick F D 17.91 -1,057 24,035
2018-07-14 4 Michels David Patrick M D 4,340 25,092
2018-07-14 4 Holland James E F D 17.91 -1,282 202,497
2018-07-14 4 Holland James E M D 5,261 203,779
2018-07-14 4 Mathews Denise R F D 17.91 -1,025 18,260
2018-07-14 4 Mathews Denise R M D 4,209 19,285
2018-01-22 4 SMITH WILLIAM A By Spouse P I 19.5169 5,500 28,612 558,418
2018-01-20 4 Arenivas Jesse F D 19.01 -3,152 14,060
2018-01-16 4 SAROFIM FAYEZ A D 19.39 10,320 38,397,902
2018-01-16 4 MACDONALD DEBORAH A D 19.39 5,160 17,386
2018-01-16 4 STAFF JOEL V A D 19.39 10,320 73,765
2017-12-05 4 MARTIN THOMAS A P D 17.095 3,000 1,147,019 19,608,290
2017-07-31 4 SMITH WILLIAM A By Spouse P I 20.2363 4,903 23,112 467,701
2017-07-17 4 Arenivas Jesse F D 19.54 -946 17,121
2017-05-31 4 Sanders Dax By Spouse P I 18.706 500 2,000 37,412
2017-05-31 4 Sanders Dax P D 18.708 500 273,927 5,124,626
2017-05-30 4 Sanders Dax By Mother's IRA P I 18.54 800 800 14,832
2017-05-30 4 Sanders Dax Joint Tenant P I 18.54 800 800 14,832
2017-05-30 4 KINDER RICHARD D P D 18.5785 500,000 245,846,090 4,567,451,583
2017-01-17 4 STAFF JOEL V A D 22.55 8,870 63,445
2017-01-17 4 SAROFIM FAYEZ A D 22.55 8,870 38,387,582
2016-12-15 4 MORGAN MICHAEL C By trust G I -7,535 4,384,518
2016-10-24 4 SAROFIM FAYEZ P D 21.4141 700,000 38,378,712 821,845,577
2016-07-16 4 Shorb Lisa M F D 21.03 -1,377 248,671
2016-07-16 4 Arenivas Jesse F D 21.03 -758 18,045
2016-02-01 4 Sanders Dax By Spouse P I 15.32 1,500 1,500 22,980
2016-02-01 4 Sanders Dax P D 15.32 1,500 273,427 4,188,902
2016-01-25 4 MORGAN MICHAEL C By Portcullis Partners, LP P I 14.1978 180,000 4,392,053 62,357,490
2016-01-19 4 SAROFIM FAYEZ A D 12.55 15,940 37,678,712
2016-01-19 4 STAFF JOEL V A D 12.55 15,940 54,575
2015-12-10 4 Sanders Dax P D 16.927 2,000 271,927 4,602,908
2015-11-13 4 McClain Ronald G. P D 22.8176 2,500 307,520 7,016,868
2015-11-11 4 MORGAN MICHAEL C By Portcullis Partners, LP P I 24.4 100,000 4,192,683 102,301,465
2015-11-09 4 MORGAN MICHAEL C By Portcullis Partners, LP P I 25.56 20,000 4,092,683 104,608,977
2015-11-09 4 MORGAN MICHAEL C By Portcullis Investments, LP P I 25.56 6,300 592,053 15,132,875
2015-11-11 4 MARTIN THOMAS A P D 24.48 10,000 1,144,019 28,005,585
2015-11-11 4 KINDER RICHARD D P D 24.69 100,000 245,346,090 6,057,594,962
2015-11-02 4 Dang Kimberly A P D 26.5 2,000 2,340,985 62,036,102
2015-10-30 4 Sanders Dax P D 27.4 1,000 269,927 7,396,000
2015-10-30 4 DeVeau David R P D 27.3994 11,000 354,132 9,703,004
2015-10-30 4 MARTIN THOMAS A P D 27.2414 10,000 1,134,019 30,892,265
2015-10-30 4 KEAN STEVEN J P D 27.428 18,150 7,544,774 206,938,061
2015-08-21 4 KEAN STEVEN J P D 32.166 7,500 7,526,624 242,101,388
2015-07-23 4 Schlosser John W S D 35.0646 -17,566 255,094 8,944,769
2015-07-24 4 KINDER RICHARD D P D 34.9744 100,000 245,246,090 8,577,334,850
2015-07-23 4 SAROFIM FAYEZ P D 35.0453 200,000 37,556,429 1,316,176,321
Open market or private purchase of non-derivative or derivative security
Open market or private sale of non-derivative or derivative security
Grant, award, or other acquisition of securities from the company (such as an option)
Conversion of derivative
Sale or transfer of securities back to the company
Payment of exercise price or tax liability using portion of securities received from the company
Gift of securities by or to the insider
Equity swaps and similar hedging transactions
Exercise or conversion of derivative security received from the company (such as an option)
A transaction voluntarily reported on Form 4
Other (accompanied by a footnote describing the transaction)

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