Stock Insider Trading (from SEC Form 4)

ENV / Envestnet, Inc. insiders include CROWELL GAYLE A, O'Brien Shelly (Chief Legal Officer) Crager William (President), Sisteron Yves, Egan Cynthia, and FOX JAMES L, D'Arrigo Peter (Chief Financial Officer), Johnson James, Arora Anil (Envestnet | Yodlee *), Roame Charles, Aguilar Luis A, Grinis Scott D (Chief Technology Officer), Thomas Brandon (Chief Investment Officer), CHAPIN ROSS K, Majoros Matthew (Principal Accounting Officer), Mayer Joshua (Chief Operating Officer), Smith Gregory A, Bergman Judson (Chief Executive Officer), .

Envestnet, Inc. insider trades are found here. Insiders are officers, directors, or significant investors in a company. In general, it is generally illegal for insiders to make trades in their companies based on specific, non-public information. This does not mean it is illegal for them to make any trades in their own companies. However, they must report all trades to the SEC via a Form 4.

Job titles are listed as of the filing and may not be current. Click the link icon to see the full transaction history.

File Date
Tran Date
Insider Code Shares Post Shares Percent
Tran Value Post Value Percent
2017-12-13 2017-12-11 D'Arrigo Peter Chief Financial Officer
S -220 27,999 -0.78 49.73 -10,941 1,392,390 -0.79
2017-12-13 2017-12-11 Mayer Joshua Chief Operating Officer
S -2,000 50,449 -3.81 49.75 -99,500 2,509,838 -3.96
2017-12-11 2017-12-07 Arora Anil Envestnet | Yodlee *, Director
F -4,349 113,767 -3.68 49.65 -215,928
2017-12-08 2017-12-06 O'Brien Shelly Chief Legal Officer
S -1,500 36,186 -3.98 50.00 -75,000 1,809,300 -4.15
2017-12-05 2017-12-01 CROWELL GAYLE A Director
S -746 7,782 -8.75 48.90 -36,479 380,540 -9.59
2017-12-01 2017-11-29 Johnson James Director
M 61 4,847 1.27
2017-12-01 2017-11-29 FOX JAMES L Director
M 55 8,164 0.68
2017-12-01 2017-11-29 CHAPIN ROSS K Director
M 64 40,904 0.16
2017-12-01 2017-11-29 Thomas Brandon Chief Investment Officer
F -67 273,844 -0.02 48.40 -3,243
2017-12-01 2017-11-29 Majoros Matthew Principal Accounting Officer
F -39 9,435 -0.41 48.40 -1,888
2017-12-01 2017-11-29 Grinis Scott D Chief Technology Officer
F -141 241,032 -0.06 48.40 -6,824
2017-12-01 2017-11-29 Crager William President
F -221 178,096 -0.12 48.40 -10,696
2017-12-01 2017-11-29 Bergman Judson Chief Executive Officer, Director
F -349 732,220 -0.05 48.40 -16,892
2017-12-01 2017-11-29 Smith Gregory A Director
M 55 10,124 0.55
2017-11-14 2017-11-13 Roame Charles Director
P 323 20,164 1.63 51.43 16,612 1,037,035 1.60
2017-04-28 2017-04-26 Aguilar Luis A Director
M 801 1,602 100.00
2016-03-02 2016-02-29 Egan Cynthia Director
M 1,950 1,950
2015-03-27 2015-03-26 Sisteron Yves Director
S -20,930 0 -100.00 54.87 -1,148,429
Open market or private purchase of non-derivative or derivative security
Open market or private sale of non-derivative or derivative security
Grant, award, or other acquisition of securities from the company (such as an option)
Conversion of derivative
Sale or transfer of securities back to the company
Payment of exercise price or tax liability using portion of securities received from the company
Gift of securities by or to the insider
Equity swaps and similar hedging transactions
Exercise or conversion of derivative security received from the company (such as an option)
A transaction voluntarily reported on Form 4
Other (accompanied by a footnote describing the transaction)

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