SecurityCMD / Cantel Medical Corp
IndustrySurgical and Medical Instruments and Apparatus
Common Stock Shares Outstanding41,714,903 shares (as of 2018-01-31)
Total Insiders21
Total Directors12
Total Officers11

Stock Insider Trading (from SEC Form 4)

Cantel Medical Corp insider trades are listed in the following table, followed by a table containing the full transaction history. Insiders are officers, directors, or significant investors in a company. In general, it is generally illegal for insiders to make trades in their companies based on specific, non-public information. This does not mean it is illegal for them to make any trades in their own companies. However, they must report all trades to the SEC via a Form 4.

CMD / Cantel Medical Corp insiders include BERMAN ANN E, COHEN JOSEPH M, Hansen Jorgen B, Capone Brian, Myers Ronnie, NODIFF ERIC W, DIKER CHARLES M, Krakauer Andrew A, FOTIADES GEORGE L, Conway Lawrence, and ANAYA STEVEN C, BATKIN ALAN R, Yellin Seth M, Pronovost Peter Diker Mark N., Donnelly-Brienza Dorothy A, SHELDON CRAIG A, Forese Laura L, SLOVIN BRUCE, Clifford Peter G, EVNIN ANTHONY B, .

Insider Roster

Insider Dir Off 10% Shares Owned
NODIFF ERIC W EVP and General Counsel
X 37,357
Myers Ronnie Director
X 2,058
Clifford Peter G EVP and CFO
X 14,172
Capone Brian VP and Princ. Accounting Ofr
X 2,123
DIKER CHARLES M Chairman, Director, 10% Owner
X X X 3,681,511
Diker Mark N. Director
X 471,122
Donnelly-Brienza Dorothy A SVP and Chief HR Officer
X 4,777
X 54,225
Yellin Seth M Executive Vice President
X 22,856
X 94,366
Conway Lawrence Senior Vice President
X 5,416
Pronovost Peter Director
X 39,221
Hansen Jorgen B President and COO
X 47,520
Forese Laura L Director
X 4,210
X 5,424
X 6,272
ANAYA STEVEN C SVP; Chief Accounting Officer
X 36,928
Krakauer Andrew A CEO, Director

Transaction History

Click the link icon to see the full transaction history. Transactions reported as part of a 10b-5 automatic trading plan will have an X in the column marked 10b-5.

Form Insider Code 10b-5 Direct Share
Post Value
2018-05-15 4 NODIFF ERIC W F D 124.47 -2,197 37,357
2018-04-10 4 Myers Ronnie S D 108.261 -200 2,058 222,801
2018-04-17 4 Capone Brian F D 113.42 -173 2,123
2018-04-17 4 Clifford Peter G S D 114.8918 -1,250 14,172 1,628,247
2018-04-10 4 NODIFF ERIC W S D 108.3052 -1,275 39,556 4,284,120
2018-03-29 4 DIKER CHARLES M S D 111.7907 -5,070 3,681,511 411,558,692
2018-03-28 4 DIKER CHARLES M S D 110.6757 -4,246 3,686,581 408,014,933
2018-03-27 4 DIKER CHARLES M S D 113.1481 -2,584 3,690,827 417,610,062
2018-03-23 4 Clifford Peter G F D 113.03 -804 15,422
2018-03-13 4 DIKER CHARLES M S D 115.4889 -9,500 3,693,411 426,547,974
2018-03-12 4 DIKER CHARLES M S D 117.0974 -9,000 3,702,911 433,601,251
2018-03-09 4 DIKER CHARLES M S D 119.1083 -1,500 3,711,911 442,119,409
2018-01-23 4 NODIFF ERIC W S D 112.2143 -1,000 40,831 4,581,822
2018-01-18 4 Diker Mark N. S D 112.0895 -2,000 471,122 52,807,829
2018-01-17 4 Diker Mark N. S D 111.556 -3,000 473,122 52,779,598
2018-01-16 4 DIKER CHARLES M S D 110.9564 -10,000 3,713,411 412,026,716
2018-01-11 4 DIKER CHARLES M S D 107.2575 -5,700 3,723,411 399,363,755
2018-01-09 4 DIKER CHARLES M S D 107.0541 -4,278 3,729,111 399,216,622
2018-01-03 4 Donnelly-Brienza Dorothy A F D 101.35 -533 4,777
2017-12-29 4 Yellin Seth M S D 103.5764 -1,000 22,856 2,367,342
2017-12-28 4 BATKIN ALAN R G D -10,000 54,225
2017-12-27 4 DIKER CHARLES M S D 102.421 -3,000 3,086,386 316,110,741
2017-12-26 4 DIKER CHARLES M By custodial accounts for benefit of grandchildren G I 1,040 115,924
2017-12-26 4 DIKER CHARLES M G D -1,300 511,098
2017-12-26 4 DIKER CHARLES M By wife G I -1,300 511,098
2017-12-26 4 DIKER CHARLES M S D 102.1019 -5,000 3,090,686 315,564,913
2017-12-22 4 DIKER CHARLES M S D 101.1022 -10,000 3,095,686 312,980,665
2017-10-30 4 DIKER CHARLES M By trust for benefit of children J I -106,000 137,701
2017-12-26 4 Diker Mark N. By custodial account for children G I 520 47,724
2017-12-26 4 Diker Mark N. G D 260 428,398
2017-12-21 4 Diker Mark N. G D -1,459 428,138
2017-12-21 4 BATKIN ALAN R G D -7,000 64,225
2017-12-19 4 DIKER CHARLES M S D 100.4299 -2,000 3,858,949 387,553,862
2017-12-18 4 DIKER CHARLES M S D 100.5447 -10,000 3,860,949 388,197,959
2017-12-18 4 FOTIADES GEORGE L S D 101.085 -5,700 94,366 9,538,987
2017-10-23 4 NODIFF ERIC W G D -177 41,831
2017-10-18 4 DIKER CHARLES M F D 95.42 -613 3,870,949
2017-10-20 4 NODIFF ERIC W By wife S I 97.545 -2,868 42,008 4,097,670
2017-10-16 4 Yellin Seth M F D 96.46 -442 23,856
2017-10-13 4 FOTIADES GEORGE L S D 95.231 -6,000 100,066 9,529,385
2017-10-12 4 Yellin Seth M F D 95.07 -555 24,298
2017-10-10 4 Yellin Seth M F D 96.46 -1,252 24,853
2017-10-10 4 Donnelly-Brienza Dorothy A A D 1,500 5,310
2017-10-10 4 FOTIADES GEORGE L A D 520 106,066
2017-10-10 4 Capone Brian A D 895 2,296
2017-10-12 4 Hansen Jorgen B F D 95.07 -1,606 47,520
2017-10-10 4 Hansen Jorgen B F D 96.46 -4,287 49,126
2017-10-10 4 Hansen Jorgen B A D 636 53,413
2017-10-10 4 Hansen Jorgen B A D 7,780 52,777
2017-10-12 4 Clifford Peter G F D 95.07 -843 16,120
Open market or private purchase of non-derivative or derivative security
Open market or private sale of non-derivative or derivative security
Grant, award, or other acquisition of securities from the company (such as an option)
Conversion of derivative
Sale or transfer of securities back to the company
Payment of exercise price or tax liability using portion of securities received from the company
Gift of securities by or to the insider
Equity swaps and similar hedging transactions
Exercise or conversion of derivative security received from the company (such as an option)
A transaction voluntarily reported on Form 4
Other (accompanied by a footnote describing the transaction)

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