SecurityCFI / Culp, Inc. (230215105)
IndustryBroadwoven Fabric Mills, Cotton
Common Stock Shares Outstanding12,450,276 shares (as of 2018-04-29)
Total Insiders10
Total Directors6
Total Officers6

Stock Insider Trading (from SEC Form 4)

CFI / Culp, Inc. Insider Trades

Culp, Inc. insider trades are listed in the following table, followed by a table containing the full transaction history. Insiders are officers, directors, or significant investors in a company. In general, it is generally illegal for insiders to make trades in their companies based on specific, non-public information. This does not mean it is illegal for them to make any trades in their own companies. However, they must report all trades to the SEC via a Form 4.


Insider Roster

Insider Dir Off 10% Shares Owned
X 15,400
CULP ROBERT GEORGE IV President Culp Home Fashions
X 58,140
SAXON FRANKLIN N Chief Executive Officer, Director
X X 122,612
CULP ROBERT G III Chairman of the Board, Director
X X 1,232,937
CHUMBLEY BOYD BROOKS Exec VP Upholstery Fabrics
X 42,924
Bowling Kenneth R Chief Financial Officer
X 20,460
Gallagher Thomas Bernard JR Principal Accounting Officer
X 2,000
X 22,317
X 11,167
X 11,200

Transaction History

Click the link icon to see the full transaction history. Transactions reported as part of a 10b-5 automatic trading plan will have an X in the column marked 10b-5.

Form Insider Code 10b-5 Direct Share
Post Value
2018-06-29 4 JACKSON FRED A P D 25.32 5,000 15,400 389,928
2018-06-12 4 Gallagher Thomas Bernard JR M D 2,000 2,000
2018-06-12 4 Bowling Kenneth R M D 6,102 20,460
2018-06-12 4 CHUMBLEY BOYD BROOKS M D 10,185 42,924
2018-06-12 4 CULP ROBERT G III M D 17,648 1,232,937
2018-06-12 4 SAXON FRANKLIN N M D 26,424 122,612
2018-06-12 4 CULP ROBERT GEORGE IV M D 13,194 58,140
2018-01-25 4 CULP ROBERT GEORGE IV M D 7.08 15,000 47,947
2017-10-10 4 SAXON FRANKLIN N F D 31.35 -11,500 101,660
2017-10-02 4 FLAVIN PATRICK B A D 1,200 11,200
2017-10-02 4 LARSON KENNETH R A D 1,200 11,167
2017-10-02 4 JACKSON FRED A A D 1,200 10,400
2017-10-02 4 MCALLISTER KENNETH W A D 1,200 22,317
2017-06-28 4 Bowling Kenneth R F D 32.5 -3,011 14,177
2017-06-22 4 SAXON FRANKLIN N F D 32.5 -18,609 113,160
2017-06-22 4 CHUMBLEY BOYD BROOKS F D 32.5 -7,436 32,178
2017-06-26 4 CULP ROBERT GEORGE IV F D 32.5 -5,859 32,947
2017-06-12 4 CHUMBLEY BOYD BROOKS M D 15,838 39,614
2017-06-12 4 Bowling Kenneth R M D 9,137 17,188
2017-06-12 4 CULP ROBERT GEORGE IV M D 17,780 38,806
2017-06-12 4 CULP ROBERT G III M D 24,481 1,215,289
2017-06-12 4 SAXON FRANKLIN N M D 35,609 131,769
2017-06-02 4 CULP ROBERT G III Family Trust S I 34 -1,049 1,190,808 40,487,472
2017-06-02 4 SAXON FRANKLIN N S D 34 -356 96,160 3,269,440
2017-05-09 4 CULP ROBERT G III Family Trust S I 34 -2 1,191,857 40,523,138
2017-05-09 4 SAXON FRANKLIN N S D 34 -1 96,516 3,281,544
2017-05-04 4 CULP ROBERT G III Family Trust S I 34 -130 1,191,859 40,523,206
2017-05-04 4 SAXON FRANKLIN N S D 34 -44 96,517 3,281,578
2016-12-08 4 CULP ROBERT GEORGE IV S D 36 -2,500 22,626 814,536
2016-12-08 4 CULP ROBERT GEORGE IV S D 35.25 -1,361 25,126 885,692
2016-12-07 4 CULP ROBERT GEORGE IV S D 35.25 -1,139 26,487 933,667
2017-04-28 4 CULP ROBERT GEORGE IV G D 32.1 -780 21,026
2017-04-27 4 CULP ROBERT GEORGE IV G D 33.25 -820 21,806
2017-04-26 4 CHUMBLEY BOYD BROOKS 401(k) Plan S I 33.6 -1,400 23,776 798,874
2017-04-26 4 CULP ROBERT G III Family Trust S I 34 -195 1,191,989 40,527,626
2017-04-26 4 CULP ROBERT G III Family Trust S I 33.51 -12,400 1,192,184 39,950,086
2017-04-26 4 CULP ROBERT G III Family Trust S I 33 -8,856 1,204,584 39,751,272
2017-04-25 4 CULP ROBERT G III Family Trust S I 33 -3,544 1,213,440 40,043,520
2017-04-26 4 SAXON FRANKLIN N S D 34 -66 96,561 3,283,074
2017-04-26 4 SAXON FRANKLIN N S D 33.51 -4,210 96,627 3,237,971
2017-04-26 4 SAXON FRANKLIN N S D 33 -3,007 100,837 3,327,621
2017-04-25 4 SAXON FRANKLIN N S D 33 -1,203 103,844 3,426,852
2017-04-24 4 CULP ROBERT G III Family Trust S I 32.5 -3,655 1,216,984 39,551,980
2017-04-24 4 SAXON FRANKLIN N S D 32.5 -1,241 105,047 3,414,028
2017-04-21 4 CULP ROBERT G III Family Trust S I 32.5 -228 1,221,269 39,691,242
2017-04-20 4 CULP ROBERT G III Family Trust S I 32.5 -3,554 1,221,497 39,698,652
2017-04-21 4 SAXON FRANKLIN N S D 32.5 -77 106,288 3,454,360
2017-04-20 4 SAXON FRANKLIN N S D 32.5 -1,207 106,365 3,456,862
2017-04-12 4 CHUMBLEY BOYD BROOKS 401(k) Plan S I 32.35 -1,176 25,176 814,444
2017-04-12 4 CULP ROBERT G III Family Trust S I 32.5 -4,963 1,225,051 39,814,158
Open market or private purchase of non-derivative or derivative security
Open market or private sale of non-derivative or derivative security
Grant, award, or other acquisition of securities from the company (such as an option)
Conversion of derivative
Sale or transfer of securities back to the company
Payment of exercise price or tax liability using portion of securities received from the company
Gift of securities by or to the insider
Equity swaps and similar hedging transactions
Exercise or conversion of derivative security received from the company (such as an option)
A transaction voluntarily reported on Form 4
Other (accompanied by a footnote describing the transaction)

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