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Longsworth Todd Christopher is listed as an insider in the following companies: NVCR / NovoCure Limited Insiders are officers, directors, or significant investors in a company. It is illegal for insiders to make trades in their companies based on specific, non-public information. This does not mean it is illegal for them to make any trades in their own companies. However, they must report all trades to the SEC via a Form 4. Despite these restrictions, academic research suggests that insiders - in general - tend to outperform the market in their own companies.


Security Title Post Shares
NVCR / NovoCure General Counsel 21,305

Latest Transactions

Tran Date
Security Code Shares Post Shares Percent
2018-07-06 NVCR / NovoCure A 1,231 21,305 6.13 17.255 21,241
2018-02-23 NVCR / NovoCure S -6,591 20,074 -24.72 19.828 -130,686 398,027 -32.83
2018-02-22 NVCR / NovoCure M 21,667 26,665 433.51 21.55 466,924
2018-01-29 NVCR / NovoCure S -11,630 4,998 -69.94 24.00 -279,120 119,952 -232.69
2018-01-29 NVCR / NovoCure M 11,630 16,628 232.69 6.72 78,154
2018-01-08 NVCR / NovoCure A 166 4,998 3.44 15.045 2,497
2017-07-05 NVCR / NovoCure A 2,810 4,832 138.97 6.673 18,751
Open market or private purchase of non-derivative or derivative security
Open market or private sale of non-derivative or derivative security
Grant, award, or other acquisition of securities from the company (such as an option)
Conversion of derivative
Sale or transfer of securities back to the company
Payment of exercise price or tax liability using portion of securities received from the company
Gift of securities by or to the insider
Equity swaps and similar hedging transactions
Exercise or conversion of derivative security received from the company (such as an option)
A transaction voluntarily reported on Form 4
Other (accompanied by a footnote describing the transaction)

Peers of Longsworth Todd Christopher include the following: Ambrogi Michael J., Burkoth William T., DOYLE WILLIAM F, Danziger Asaf, FUTRELL STEVE, GRANOFF MICHAEL D, GROENHUYSEN WILHELMUS CM, HILLEMAN JERYL L, Hung David, JANIS FRANCES, Kirson Eilon D., LAVIGNE LOUIS J JR, LEUNG GABRIEL, Langloss Timothy J., MYLOD ROBERT J JR, Madden Martin J., McCoy Sherilyn S, Melnyk Peter M., PHILLIPS CHARLES G III, Palti Yoram, Perlhagen Gert L., Pomona Associates VII, L.P., Pomona Capital VII Fund Investors, L.P., Pomona Capital VII, L.P., Pomona G.P. Holdings LLC, Pomona Secondary Associates VII LLC, Shah Pritesh, VERNON W ANTHONY, Volati Ltd, WFD Ventures Fund II, L.P., Wyss Hansjoerg, . Peers are determined by cross-linking the filings of Longsworth Todd Christopher with insider filings of others at the same companies.

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