Fintel IR

Software that Makes Investor Relations Fast and Easy

Fintel IR is a powerful suite of investor relations tools suitable for small and micro cap companies and IR consultants.

Find the Right Investors for Your Company

Fintel IR combines our comprehensive database of 13F filings with advanced machine learning to provide a tool that helps you find investors. By examining existing holdings of investors, our tools can provide a comprehensive list of investors that are most likely to invest in your (or your client’s) company Our investor database includes every institutional investor that has filed a 13D or 13F with the SEC in the last five years – that’s 12,500 potential new investors you could be reaching.

Deep Investor Analytics Helps You Separate Good Investors from Bad

Fintel IR provides deep analytics on over 9,000 institutional investors that will help you determine which investors you should be contacting.
  • Investor Churn Rate tells you if a potential investor will buy and hold your shares, or will exit too quickly.
  • Transaction Cost Basis tells you how much an investor had paid for their shares in your company, which will help you understand if they are likely to exit soon.
  • Investor Performance tells you how well an investor’s past investments have performed, post investment, and helps you avoid the kiss of death from investors with negative returns.

Track Essential News, Activist Investment, and Insider Activity in Peers and Industry Groups

Fintel IR provides a simple way to track essential information on for peer groups. Simply add a few tickers to a field and you have instant access to a customized dashboard with real-time breaking news and events. Our news crawlers check over 200 news sources on a five minute schedule to ensure the most comprehensive coverage available. Likewise, our SEC crawler finds and categorizes investor filings, activist filings, and insider filings, so you’ll know instantly of any key event in your tracked peer group.

Get Your Free List of Investors

As part of our free services, we will generate a list of ten investors most likely to invest in your company, all for free. To get your free list, reach out via the online chat at the bottom of this page.