List of Publicly Traded Companies / Stocks - SIC Code 481

List of Sub-Industries

Member Companies

This list is made from self-reported SIC codes that companies file with the SEC.

TickerCountryNameMarket Cap
NASDAQ:EGHT US 8x8, Inc. 1,309,459,600
NASDAQ:ALSK US Alaska Communications Systems Group, Inc. 85,270,880
OTC:AIKO US Alternative Investment Corporation 2,214,415
AMEX:ALTV US Alteva (D/B/A) 0
OTC:AMBTQ US Ambient Corp. 0
NASDAQ:ATNI US Atlantic Tele-Network, Inc. 1,321,222,668
NYSE:T US AT & T, Inc. 241,253,580,000
OTC:BVWN US Broadview Networks Holdings Inc. 0
NYSE:CTL US CenturyLink, Inc. 14,021,649,180
NYSE:CBB US Cincinnati Bell, Inc. 4,697,970,000
NYSE:CBB.PRB US Cincinnati Bell, Inc. 0
OTC:CLRI US Cleartronic, Inc. 11,379,125
OTC:CCOP US Competitive Companies, Inc. 10,013,633
NASDAQ:CNSL US Consolidated Communications Holdings, Inc. 1,316,618,240
NYSE:GYC US Corporate Asset Backed Corp., CABCO Trust 2004-102 SBC Commun Floating Rate 117,380,345,646
OTC:DTGI US Digerati Technologies, Inc.
OTC:ENDO US Endocan Corporation
OTC:FRPZW US Fairpoint Communications, Inc. 0
NASDAQ:FRP US Fairpoint Communications, Inc. 497,649,645
NASDAQ:FTRPR US Frontier Communications Corp.
NASDAQ:FTR US Frontier Communications Corp.
OTC:FTNW US FTE Networks, Inc. 18,719,555
OTC:FULO US FullNet Communications, Inc. 91,182
OTC:GNCMB US General Communication, Inc. 732,517,450
NASDAQ:GNCMA US General Communication, Inc. 702,720,095
AMEX:GLOW US Glowpoint, Inc. 9,569,340
NYSE:GTT US GTT Communications, Inc. 1,016,759,618
OTC:HCCDZ US HC2 Holdings, Inc. 0
AMEX:HCHC US HC2 Holdings, Inc. 179,812,780
NYSE:IDT US IDT Corp. 436,450,927
HKEX:0167 HK IDT International Ltd 0
NASDAQ:IQNT US Inteliquent, Inc. 780,884,400
OTC:IMTO US InterMetro Communications, Inc. 3,291,320
NASDAQ:INVT US Inventergy Global, Inc. 1,652,817
OTC:TALK US iTalk Inc. 305,749
NYSE:LVLT US Level 3 Communications, Inc. 21,063,753,537
OTC:LYNS US Lightyear Network Solutions, Inc. 0
OTC:LLPP US Loop Industries, Inc. 0
NASDAQ:LMOS US Lumos Networks Corp. 357,613,292
NASDAQ:CALL US magicJack VocalTec Ltd. 138,064
OTC:NULM US New Ulm Telecom, Inc. 49,059,562
NASDAQ:NIHD US NII Holdings, Inc. 312,824,128
OTC:TRKK US Orbital Tracking Corp 239,824
NASDAQ:OTEL US Otelco, Inc. 22,367,077
OTC:PRDC US Paradigm Resource Management Corp. 922,673
OTC:PCVSZ US pdvWireless, Inc. 0
NASDAQ:PDVW US pdvWireless, Inc. 344,011,392
OTC:PTEL US Pegasus Tel, Inc. 351,050
OTC:PVSP US Pervasip Corp. 2,242,752
NASDAQ:PSCC US PowerShares Exchange-Traded Fund Trust II 1,398,527,842
OTC:PSTO US Powerstorm Holdings, Inc. 649,157
NYSE:CTBB US Qwest Corp. 25
NYSE:CTAA US Qwest Corporation 26
NYSE:CTY US Qwest Corporation, 6.125% Notes due 6/1/2053 24
NYSE:CTZ US Qwest Corporation, 6.625% Notes due 9/15/2055 25
NYSE:CTV US Qwest Corporation, 6.875% Notes due 10/1/2054 26
NYSE:CTX US Qwest Corporation, 7.00% Notes due 4/1/2052 25
NYSE:CTU US Qwest Corporation, 7.00% Notes due 7/1/2052 25
NYSE:CTQ US Qwest Corporation, 7.375% Notes due 6/1/2051 25
NYSE:CTW US Qwest Corporation, 7.50% Notes due 9/15/2051 25
OTC:RTAS US REDtone Asia, Inc. 42,347,303
NASDAQ:SHEN US Shenandoah Telecommunications Co. 1,331,001,600
NASDAQ:SPOK US Spok Holdings, Inc. 443,862,434
NYSE:S US Sprint Corporation 35,493,109,757
AMEX:STRP US Straight Path Communications Inc. 498,582,000
OTC:KTBA US Structured Products CorTS, BellSouth Debentures, 7.00% Certificates 158,088,000,000
NYSE:GJH US Synthetic Fixed-Income Sec STRATS 2004-06, 6.375% US Cellular Corp. 835,327,440
OTC:QBAN US Telco Cuba, Inc. 7,943
OTC:TLCO US Teleconnect, Inc. 1,352,427
NYSE:TDA US Telephone and Data Systems, 5.875% Senior Notes due 12/1/2061 2,651,029,310
NYSE:TDI US Telephone and Data Systems, 6.625% Senior Notes due 3/31/2045 2,669,714,010
NYSE:TDE US Telephone and Data Systems, 6.875% Senior Notes due 11/15/2059 2,753,245,390
NYSE:TDJ US Telephone and Data Systems, 7.00% Senior Notes due 3/15/2060 2,767,533,800
NYSE:TDS US Telephone and Data Systems, Inc. 3,276,416,990
OTC:TDSNA US Telephone & Data Systems 0
OTC:TLLEQ US Teletouch Communications, Inc. 41,550
NASDAQ:TMUSP US T-Mobile US, 5.50% Mandatory Convertible Preferred Stock Series A 77,161,565,052
NASDAQ:TMUS US T-Mobile US, Inc. 47,012,616,802
OTC:DSOX US Triton Emission Solutions Inc. 881,049
NYSE:USM US United States Cellular Corp. 3,778,498,240
NYSE:UZA US United States Cellular Corp., 6.95% Senior Notes due 5/15/2060 2,148,591,125
NYSE:UZB US United States Cellular Corp., 7.25% Senior Notes due 12/1/2063 2,186,792,160
OTC:VELA US VelaTel Global Communications, Inc. 48,202
NYSE:VZ US Verizon Communications, Inc. 215,864,828,186
NYSE:VZA US Verizon Communications, Inc., 5.90% Notes due 2/15/2054 109,692,395,907
NYSE:VG US Vonage Holdings Corp. 1,683,066,100
NASDAQ:WIN US Windstream Holdings, Inc. 796,145,000
OTC:WSGI US World Surveillance Group Inc. 126,402
NYSE:ZAYO US Zayo Group Holdings, Inc. 7,771,002,243