Publicly Traded State Commercial Banks Companies - SIC Code 6022

Member Companies

This list is made from self-reported SIC codes that companies file with the SEC.

ExchangeTickerCountryNameCUSIPCIKMarket Cap
OTC WEIN US West End Indiana Bancshares Inc 952678100 1523854
OTC NWPP US New Peoples Bankshares, Inc. 1163389
OTC DCBF US DCB Financial Corp. 233075100 1025877
OTC COFS US ChoiceOne Financial Services, Inc. 170386106 803164
NASDAQ CBFV US CB Financial Services, Inc. 12479G101 1605301
NASDAQ GLBZ US Glen Burnie Bancorp 377407101 890066
NASDAQ PEBK US Peoples Bancorp of North Carolina, Inc. 710577107 1093672
NASDAQ UBCP US United Bancorp, Inc. 909911109 731653
OTC CMOH US Commercial Bancshares, Inc. 20114L104 1009976
OTC MWBC US MW Bancorp Inc. 55400T106 1600065
NASDAQ BKSC US Bank of South Carolina Corp. 065066102 1007273
OTC FMBM US F & M Bank Corp. 30237P106 740806
AMEX SGB US Southwest Georgia Financial Corp. 84502A104 315849
OTC CTBS US Citizens Bancshares, Inc. 17316Q105 813640
OTC CZBS US Citizens Bancshares Corp. 173168105 813640
OTC RVRF US River Financial Corp. 1641601
NASDAQ BFST US Business First Bancshares, Inc. 12326C105 1624322
OTC CZID US Citizens Independent Bancorp Inc. 1553830
NASDAQ BVA US Cordia Bancorp Inc. 218513109 1466292
OTC HMTAP US HomeTown Bankshares Corporation 43787N108 1461640
NASDAQ HMTA US HomeTown Bankshares Corporation 1461640
AMEX BKJ US Bancorp of New Jersey, Inc. 059915108 1390312
OTC FPBK US First Priority Financial Corp. 33612N100 1389772
NASDAQ EQBK US Equity Bancshares, Inc. 29460X109 1227500
NASDAQ PKBK US Parke Bancorp, Inc. 700164106 1315399
OTC CSHB US Community Shores Bank Corp. 204046106 1070523
NASDAQ SSFN US Stewardship Financial Corp. 860326107 1023860
NASDAQ NBN US Northeast Bancorp 663904209 811831
NASDAQ MFNC US Mackinac Financial Corp. 554571109 36506
OTC EFSI US Eagle Financial Services, Inc. 26951R104 880641
OTC CSBB US CSB Bancorp, Inc. 12628R107 880417
OTC CBMI US CSB Bancorp, Inc. 880417
NASDAQ BYBK US Bay Bancorp, Inc. 07203T106 859222
OTC FXNC US First National Corp. 32106V107 719402
NASDAQ PUB US People's Utah Bancorp 712706209 1636286
NASDAQ PBHC US Pathfinder Bancorp, Inc. 70319R109 1609065
NASDAQ RBNC US Reliant Bancorp, Inc. 75956B101 1606440
NASDAQ CUBN US Commerce Union Bancshares, Inc. (Springfield TN) 200828101 1606440
NASDAQ GTWN US Georgetown Bancorp, Inc. 372591107 1542299
OTC EMYB US Embassy Bancorp Inc. 290791102 1449794
NASDAQ OVLY US Oak Valley Bancorp 671807105 1431567
OTC SBTB US SBT Bancorp, Inc. 78391C106 1354174
NASDAQ ACBI US Atlantic Capital Bancshares, Inc. 1461755
NASDAQ VBFC US Village Bank & Trust Financial Corp. 92705T200 1290476
NASDAQ SLCT US Select Bancorp, Inc. 81617L108 1263762
NASDAQ FBSS US Fauquier Bankshares, Inc. 312059108 1083643
OTC BAYK US Bay Banks of Virginia, Inc. 072035108 1034594
NASDAQ SBBX US Sussex Bancorp, Inc. 869245100 1028954
OTC FSBS US First South Bancorp, Inc. 33646D102 1027183
NASDAQ FSBK US First South Bancorp, Inc. 1027183
OTC FSBSP US First South Bancorp, Inc. 33646W100 1027183
OTC HBSI US Highlands Bankshares, Inc. 430893107 1008579
OTC KTYB US Kentucky Bancshares, Inc. 491203105 1000232
OTC RBPAB US Royal Bancshares of Pennsylvania, Inc. 922487
NASDAQ RBPAA US Royal Bancshares of Pennsylvania, Inc. 780081105 922487
NASDAQ MPB US Mid Penn Bancorp, Inc. 59540G107 879635
NASDAQ SBFGP US SB Financial Group, Inc. 767405
NASDAQ SBFG US SB Financial Group, Inc. 78408D105 767405
NASDAQ UBFO US United Security Bancshares 911459105 717806
NASDAQ FUSB US First US Bancshares, Inc. 911460103 717806
NYSE GWB US Great Western Bancorp, Inc. 391416104 1613665
OTC PLRM US Pilgrim Bancshares, Inc. 72143J105 1601347
OTC PMHG US Prime Meridian Holding Co. 1586454
NASDAQ ICBK US County Bancorp, Inc. 221907108 1470205
NASDAQ LOB US Live Oak Bancshares, Inc 53803X105 1462120
NASDAQ HBMD US Howard Bancorp, Inc. 442496105 1390162
OTC CNRB US Congaree Bancshares Inc. 20716N102 1353523
NASDAQ TRCB US Two River Bancorp 90207C105 1343034
OTC SRYB US Surrey Bancorp 86888W105 1229146
NASDAQ CLBH US Carolina Bank Holdings, Inc. 143785103 1127160
NASDAQ SOCB US Southcoast Financial Corp. 84129R100 1083689
OTC FOFN US Four Oaks Fincorp, Inc. 350891107 1040799
NASDAQ MBCN US Middlefield Banc Corp. 596304204 836147
OTC PFBX US Peoples Financial Corp. 71103B102 770460
NASDAQ MELR US Melrose Bancorp, Inc. 585553100 1600890
OTC MFBP US M&F Bancorp, Inc. 552507105 1094738
NASDAQ GFED US Guaranty Federal Bancshares, Inc. 40108P101 1046203
NASDAQ CIVBP US Civista Bancshares, Inc. 944745
NASDAQ CIVB US Civista Bancshares, Inc. 178867107 944745
NASDAQ YCB US Your Community Bankshares, Inc. 98779U106 933590
NASDAQ IBKCP US IBERIABANK Corp. 450828108 933141
OTC RBCAB US Republic Bancorp, Inc. 0000RBCAA 921557
NASDAQ RBCAA US Republic Bancorp, Inc. 760281204 921557
NASDAQ OVBC US Ohio Valley Banc Corp. 677719106 894671
NASDAQ PFBI US Premier Financial Bancorp, Inc. 74050M105 887919
NASDAQ UNTY US Unity Bancorp, Inc. 913290102 920427
OTC BPOPO US Popular Inc., 6.375% Non-cumul Monthly Income Preferred Stock, 2003 Series A 733174304 763901
OTC BPOPP US Popular Inc., 8.25% Non-cumul Monthly Income Preferred Stock, Series B 733174403 763901
NASDAQ BPOPM US Popular Capital Trust II, 6.125% Cumul Monthly Income Trust Preferred Securities 73317H206 763901
NASDAQ BPOP US Popular, Inc. 733174700 763901
NASDAQ BPOPN US Popular Capital Trust I, 6.70% Cumul Monthly Income Trust Preferred Securities 73317W203 763901
OTC FKYS US First Keystone Corp. 737875
NASDAQ SBCF US Seacoast Banking Corporation of Florida 811707801 730708
NASDAQ LKFN US Lakeland Financial Corp. 511656100 721994
NASDAQ SIVB US SVB Financial Group 78486Q101 719739
NASDAQ LBAI US Lakeland Bancorp, Inc. 511637100 846901
NASDAQ CNBKA US Century Bancorp, Inc. 156432106 812348
OTC CNBKB US Century Bancorp, Inc. 812348
OTC FBPRM US First BanCorp, 7.40% Non-Cumul Perp Monthly Income Preferred Stock, Series C 318672409 811589
OTC FBPRO US First BanCorp, 8.35% Preferred, Series B 318672300 811589
OTC FBPRL US First BanCorp, 7.00% Preferred, Series E 318672607 811589
NASDAQ FBNC US First Bancorp 318910106 811589
NASDAQ FNLC US First Bancorp, Inc. 31866P102 811589
OTC FBPRP US First BanCorpFirst BanCorp, 7.125% Non-Cumul Perp Monthly Income Preferred Stock, Series A 318672201 811589
OTC FBPRN US First BanCorp, 7.25% Preferred, Series D 318672508 811589
OTC FBLV US First Bancorp, Inc. 318939105 811589
NASDAQ TCBK US TriCo Bancshares 896095106 356171
NASDAQ CVBF US CVB Financial Corp. 126600105 354647
NASDAQ PWOD US Penns Woods Bancorp, Inc. 708430103 716605
NASDAQ RNST US Renasant Corp. 75970E107 715072
OTC JUVF US Juniata Valley Financial Corp. 482016102 714712
NASDAQ GABC US German American Bancorp Inc. 373865104 714395
NASDAQ UNB US Union Bankshares, Inc. 905400107 706863
NASDAQ ABTX US Allegiance Bancshares, Inc. 01748H107 1642081
NASDAQ AVNU US Avenue Financial Holdings, Inc. 05358K102 1616297
NASDAQ ISBC US Investors Bancorp, Inc. 46146L101 1594012
OTC CROL US Carroll Bancorp, Inc. 144702107 1515069
NASDAQ BWFG US Bankwell Financial Group, Inc. 06654A103 1505732
NASDAQ FCFP US First Community Financial Partners, Inc. 1469134
NYSE FSB US Franklin Financial Network Inc. 35352P104 1407067
NASDAQ WFBI US WashingtonFirst Bankshare, Inc. 940730104 1476264
OTC BK.PRF US BNY Capital V 1390777
NYSE BK US Bank of New York Mellon Corp. (The) 064058100 1390777
NYSE BK.PRC US Bank of New York Mellon Corp., 5.20% Dep Shares Series C Non-Cumul Perp Preferred 064058AD2 1390777
NASDAQ MNRK US Monarch Financial Holdings, Inc. 60907Q100 1364856
NASDAQ SONA US Southern National Bancorp of Virginia, Inc. 843395104 1325670
NASDAQ MFSF US MutualFirst Financial, Inc. 62845B104 1094810
NASDAQ CIZN US Citizens Holding Co. 174715102 1075706
NYSE FBP US First BanCorp 318672706 1057706
NASDAQ EGBN US Eagle Bancorp, Inc. 268948106 1050441
NASDAQ EVBS US Eastern Virginia Bankshares, Inc. 277196101 1047170
NASDAQ HFBC US HopFed Bancorp, Inc. 439734104 1041550
NASDAQ UVSP US Univest Corp. of Pennsylvania 915271100 102212
NASDAQ NWFL US Norwood Financial Corp. 669549107 1013272
AMEX TMP US Tompkins Financial, Inc. 890110109 1005817
NASDAQ CFFI US C&F Financial Corp. 12466Q104 913341
NASDAQ CARO US Carolina Financial Corp 143873107 870385
NASDAQ CATYW US Cathay General Bancorp 149150104 861842
NASDAQ CATY US Cathay General Bancorp 861842
NASDAQ UCBI US United Community Banks, Inc. 90984P303 857855
OTC ISBA US Isabella Bank Corp. 464214105 842517
NASDAQ LION US Fidelity Southern Corp. 316394105 822662
NYSE CFG US Citizens Financial Group, Inc. 174610105 759944
OTC CFIN US Citizens Financial Corp. 00000C105 759944
OTC CIWV US Citizens Financial Corp. 759944
NASDAQ HWC US Hancock Whitney Corporation 750577
NASDAQ HBHC US Hancock Holding Co. 410120109 750577
NASDAQ HBHCL US Hancock Holding Company 750577
OTC QNBC US QNB Corp. 74726N107 750558
NASDAQ UBSI US United Bankshares, Inc. 909907107 729986
NASDAQ MBVT US Merchants Bancshares, Inc. 588448100 726517
OTC FRAF US Franklin Financial Services Corp. 353525108 723646
NASDAQ MSFG US MainSource Financial Group, Inc. 56062Y102 720002
NASDAQ ABCB US Ameris Bancorp 03076K108 351569
NASDAQ CTBI US Community Trust Bancorp Inc. 204149108 350852
NASDAQ IBOC US International Bancshares Corp. 459044103 315709
NASDAQ BUSE US First Busey Corporation 319383204 314489
NYSE BNK US C1 Financial, Inc. 12591N109 1609132
NASDAQ BMRC US Bank of Marin Bancorp 063425102 1403475
NASDAQ ORIT US Oritani Financial Corp. 68633D103 1483195
NASDAQ ESXB US Community Bankers Trust Corp. 203612106 1323648
NASDAQ BOTJ US Bank of the James Financial Group, Inc. 470299108 1275101
NASDAQ FNBG US FNB Bancorp 302515101 1163199
OTC FBIP US FNB Bancorp, Inc. 302517107 1163199
NASDAQ BSRR US Sierra Bancorp 82620P102 1130144
NASDAQ PPBI US Pacific Premier Bancorp, Inc. 69478X105 1028918
OTC WTFPP US Wintrust Financial Corp. 1015328
NASDAQ WTFCM US Wintrust Financial Corp. 1015328
NASDAQ WTFCW US Wintrust Financial Corp. 1015328
NASDAQ WTFC US Wintrust Financial Corp. 97650W108 1015328
NYSE PB US Prosperity Bancshares, Inc. 743606105 1068851
NASDAQ FFWM US First Foundation Inc. 32026V104 1413837
NYSE STT.PRG US State Street Corp. 93751
NYSE STT.PRC US State Street Corp. 93751
NYSE STT.PRD US State Street Corp. 93751
NYSE STT US State Street Corp. 857477103 93751
NYSE STT.PRE US State Street Corp. 93751
NASDAQ FFIC US Flushing Financial Corp. 343873105 923139
NASDAQ HEOP US Heritage Oaks Bancorp 42724R107 921547
NASDAQ HTLF US Heartland Financial USA, Inc. 42234Q102 920112
NASDAQ OKSB US Southwest Bancorp, Inc. 844767103 914374
NASDAQ QCRH US QCR Holdings, Inc. 74727A104 906465
NASDAQ BANR US Banner Corp. 06652V208 946673
NASDAQ ORRF US Orrstown Financial Services, Inc. 687380105 826154
NASDAQ SMMF US Summit Financial Group, Inc. 86606G101 811808
NASDAQ BMTC US Bryn Mawr Bank Corp. 117665109 802681
NASDAQ CHMG US Chemung Financial Corp. 164024101 763563
AMEX BHB US Bar Harbor Bankshares, Inc. 066849100 743367
NASDAQ WASH US Washington Trust Bancorp, Inc. 940610108 737468
NASDAQ CCBG US Capital City Bank Group, Inc. 139674105 726601
NASDAQ GBCI US Glacier Bancorp, Inc. 37637Q105 868671
NASDAQ CACB US Cascade Bancorp 147154207 865911
NASDAQ FIBK US First Interstate BancSystem, Inc. 32055Y201 860413
NASDAQ FCBC US First Community Bancshares, Inc. 31983A103 859070
OTC TYFG US Tri County Financial Group Inc. 89546L107 855874
NASDAQ TCFC US The Community Financial Corp. 20368X101 855874
NASDAQ GSBC US Great Southern Bancorp, Inc. 390905107 854560
NASDAQ SYBT US Stock Yards Bancorp, Inc. 861025104 835324
NASDAQ FRBK US Republic First Bancorp, Inc. 760416107 834285
NASDAQ CNOB US ConnectOne Bancorp, Inc. 20786W107 712771
NASDAQ BOCH US Bank of Commerce Holdings 06424J103 702513
NASDAQ TRST US TrustCo Bank Corp. NY 898349105 357301
NASDAQ OSBC US Old Second Bancorp, Inc. 357173
NASDAQ OSBCP US Old Second Capital Trust I 680277100 357173
FFCH US First Financial Holdings Inc 320239106 764038
NASDAQ SSB US South State Corporation 840441109 764038
NASDAQ FITBI US Fifth Third Bancorp 35527
NASDAQ FITB US Fifth Third Bancorp 316773100 35527
NASDAQ CBSH US Commerce Bancshares, Inc. 22356
OTC CBCB US Commerce Bancshares Inc 200525903 22356
NASDAQ CBSHP US Commerce Bancshares, Inc. 200525103 22356
NASDAQ FMBH US First Mid-Illinois Bancshares, Inc. 320866106 700565
NASDAQ ISTR US Investar Holding Corporation 46134L105 1602658
NASDAQ BHBK US Blue Hills Bancorp, Inc. 095573101 1601545
NASDAQ BLMT US BSB Bancorp, Inc. 05573H108 1522420
NASDAQ PSTB US Park Sterling Corp. 70086Y105 1507277
NASDAQ STBZ US State Bank Financial Corp. 856190103 1497275
NASDAQ XBKS US Xenith Bankshares, Inc. 984102202 1442741
NYSE YDKN US Yadkin Financial Corporation 984305102 1366367
NASDAQ HOMB US Home BancShares, Inc. 436893200 1331520
NASDAQ OLBK US Old Line Bancshares, Inc. 67984M100 1253317
NASDAQ CVCY US Central Valley Community Bancorp 155685100 1127371
NASDAQ EWBC US East West Bancorp, Inc. 27579R104 1069157
NASDAQ HTBK US Heritage Commerce Corp. 426927109 1053352
NASDAQ CWBC US Community West Bancshares 204157101 1051343
NASDAQ MBWM US Mercantile Bank Corp. 587376104 1042729
NASDAQ OZRK US Bank of the Ozarks, Inc. 063904106 1038205
NYSE OFG.PRD US OFG Bancorp 1030469
NYSE OFG.PRB US OFG Bancorp 1030469
NYSE OFG.PRA US OFG Bancorp 1030469
NYSE OFG-B US OFG Bancorp, 7.00% Preferred Series B 68618W308 1030469
OTC OFGIP US OFG Bancorp, 8.75% Preferred Series C 144A 68618W407 1030469
NYSE OFG US OFG Bancorp 67103X102 1030469
NYSE OFG-A US OFG Bancorp, 7.125% Preferred Series A 68618W209 1030469
NYSE OFG-D US OFG Bancorp, 7.125% Preferred Series D 68618W605 1030469
NASDAQ EBTC US Enterprise Bancorp, Inc. 293668109 1018399
NYSE PVTD US PrivateBancorp, Inc. 889936
NASDAQ PVTB US PrivateBancorp, Inc. 742962103 889936
NASDAQ COLB US Columbia Banking System, Inc. 197236102 887343
NASDAQ UBSH US Union Bankshares Corp 90539J109 883948
NASDAQ CZNC US Citizens & Northern Corp. 172922106 810958
OTC FCNCB US First Citizens BancShares, Inc. 031946M10 798941
NASDAQ FCNCA US First Citizens BancShares, Inc. 31946M103 798941
OTC FIZN US First Citizens Bancshares, Inc. 798941
NASDAQ IBTX US Independent Bank Group, Inc. 45384B106 776901
NASDAQ INDB US Independent Bank Corp. 453836108 776901
NASDAQ IBCP US Independent Bank Corp. 453838609 776901
OTC CZFS US Citizens Financial Services, Inc. 174615104 739421
NASDAQ CCNE US CNB Financial Corp. 126128107 736772
OTC HBIA US Hills Bancorporation 431643105 732417
NASDAQ CBAN US Colony Bankcorp, Inc. 19623P101 711669
NASDAQ FMNB US Farmers National Banc Corp. 309627107 709337
NASDAQ BPFH US Boston Private Financial Holdings, Inc. 101119105 821127
NASDAQ BPFHW US Boston Private Financial Holdings, Inc. 821127
NASDAQ BPFHP US Boston Private Financial Holdings, Inc. 821127
NYSE CUBI.PRF US Customers Bancorp Inc. 1488813
NYSE CUBI US Customers Bancorp Inc. 23204G100 1488813
NYSE CUBI.PRD US Customers Bancorp Inc. 1488813
NYSE CUBI.PRE US Customers Bancorp Inc. 1488813
NYSE CUBI.PRC US Customers Bancorp Inc. 1488813
NYSE CUBS US Customers Bancorp Inc, 6.375% Senior Bonds due 7/31/2018 23204G308 1488813
NASDAQ HMST US HomeStreet, Inc. 43785V102 1518715
NASDAQ MOFG US MidWestOne Financial Group, Inc. 598511103 1412665
NASDAQ FCTY US 1st Century Bancshares, Inc. 31943X102 1420525
NASDAQ MVBF US MVB Financial Corp. 553810102 1277902
OTC MVBFO US MVB Financial Corp. 1277902
OTC MVBFP US MVB Financial Corp. 1277902
NASDAQ AMRB US American River Bankshares 029326105 1108236
NASDAQ STBA US S&T Bancorp, Inc. 783859101 719220
NASDAQ THFF US First Financial Corp. 320218100 714562
NASDAQ FFIN US First Financial Bankshares, Inc. 32020R109 36029
NASDAQ TBK US Triumph Bancorp, Inc. 89679E300 1539638
NASDAQ INBK US First Internet Bancorp 320557101 1562463
OTC UWHR US Uwharrie Capital Corp 918183104 898171
NYSE CPF US Central Pacific Financial Corp. 154760409 701347
NASDAQ WBB US Westbury Bancorp, Inc. 95727P106 1553326
NASDAQ SFBS US ServisFirst Bancshares, Inc. 81768T108 1430723
NYSE BXS US BancorpSouth, Inc. 059692103 701853
NASDAQ WIBC US Wilshire Bancorp, Inc, 97186T108 1285224
NASDAQ TSC US TriState Capital Holdings, Inc. 89678F100 1380846
NYSE WAL US Western Alliance Bancorporation 957638109 1212545
NYSE WALA US Western Alliance Bancorporation 6.25% Bond Due 2056-07-01 957638208 1212545
OTC SBFC US Southeastern Bank Financial Corp. 841584105 880116
NASDAQ AUBN US Auburn National Bancorporation, Inc. 050473107 750574
NASDAQ ACNB US ACNB Corp. 000868109 715579
NASDAQ SBSI US Southside Bancshares, Inc. 84470P109 705432
NYSE MTB.PRC US M & T Bank Corp. 55261F904 36270
NYSE MTB.PR US M & T Bank Corp. 36270
NYSE MTB.WS US M&T Bank Corporation 055261F10 36270
NYSE MTB US M & T Bank Corp. 55261F104 36270
NASDAQ FBIZ US First Business Financial Services, Inc. 319390100 1521951
NASDAQ CBNJ US Cape Bancorp, Inc. 139209100 1411303
NASDAQ MRLN US Marlin Business Services Corp. 571157106 1260968
NASDAQ GBNK US Guaranty Bancorp 40075T607 1324410
OTC GUAA US Guaranty Bancorp, Inc. 1324410
OTC EFSG US Enterprise Financial Services Group, Inc. 1025835
NASDAQ EFSC US Enterprise Financial Services Corp. 293712105 1025835
NYSE ASB.PRD US Associated Banc-Corp 7789
NYSE ASB.PRC US Associated Banc-Corp 7789
AMEX ASB.WS US Associated Banc-Corp. Warrants exp. 2018-11-01 045487113 7789
NYSE ASB-D US Associated Banc-Corp. 5.375% Series D Preferred 045488608 7789
NYSE ASB-C US Associated Banc-Corp. 6.125% Series C Preferred 045488400 7789
NYSE ASB US Associated Banc-Corp. 045487105 7789
NASDAQ NTRSP US Northern Trust Corp. 665859104 73124
NASDAQ NTRS US Northern Trust Corp. 73124
NASDAQ VBTX US Veritex Holdings, Inc. 923451108 1501570
NYSE HTH US Hilltop Holdings, Inc. 432748101 1265131
NASDAQ WTBA US West Bancorporation, Inc. 95123P106 1166928
NASDAQ MCBC US Macatawa Bank Corp. 554225102 1053584
NASDAQ CHFC US Chemical Financial Corp. 163731102 19612
NYSE BOH US Bank of Hawaii Corp. 062540109 46195
NASDAQ SRCE US 1st Source Corp. 336901103 34782
NASDAQ TCBIP US Texas Capital Bancshares, Inc. 88224Q107 1077428
NASDAQ TCBIL US Texas Capital Bancshares, Inc. 1077428
NASDAQ TCBIW US Texas Capital Bancshares, Inc. 88224Q957 1077428
NASDAQ TCBI US Texas Capital Bancshares, Inc. 1077428
NYSE FBS^A US First Banks, Inc. 710507
AMEX FWV US First West Virginia Bancorp, Inc. 337493100 37049
OTC FWVB US First West Virginia Bancorp, Inc. 37049
OTC FNBCQ US First NBC Bank Holding Co 1496631
NASDAQ FNBC US First NBC Bank Holding Company 32115D106 1496631
NASDAQ METR US Metro Bancorp, Inc 59161R101 1085706
NASDAQ NBBC US NewBridge Bancorp 65080T102 714530
OTC FFMH US First Farmers & Merchants Corp. 703329
NASDAQ BYLK US Baylake Corp 072788102 275119
NASDAQ FCVA US First Capital Bancorp, Inc. (VA) 319438107 1373525
LNBB US Lnb Bancorp Inc 502100100 737210
PLMT US Palmetto Bancshares Inc 697062206 706874
OTC PFLC US Pacific Financial Corp. 694275108 1093728
HVB US Hudson Valley Holding Corp 444172100 722256
FFKY US First Financial Service Corp 32022D108 854395
OTC CPTY US Capitol City Bancshares, Inc. 140569104 1070295
VSB US Vantagesouth Bancshares, Inc. 92209W105 1143921
NASDAQ STND US Standard Financial Corp. 853393106 1492915
OTC CHBH US Croghan Bancshares, Inc. 887149
OTC CCFN US CCFNB Bancorp, Inc. 124880105 731122
OTC BERK US Berkshire Bancorp, Inc. 084597202 759718
OTC VSBN US VSB Bancorp, Inc. 917927105 1225874
PFNS US 1054508
CSE US Capitalsource Inc 14055X102 1241199
FMFC US First M&f Corp 320744105 320387
OTC HBKS US Heritage Bankshares, Inc. 42721M101 719731