Publicly Traded Security And Commodity Brokers, Dealers, Exchanges, And Services Companies - SIC Code 62

List of Sub-Industries

Member Companies

This list is made from self-reported SIC codes that companies file with the SEC.

ExchangeTickerCountryNameCUSIPCIKMarket Cap
OTC EZTD US EZTD, Inc 269334207 1175442
NASDAQ SIEB US Siebert Financial Corp. 826176109 65596
OTC SMGI US SMG Indium Resources Ltd. 78454K102 1426506
OTC CPFH US Capital Financial Holdings, Inc. 944696
NYSE UNL US United States 12 Month Natural Gas Fund, LP 91288X109 1405513
NASDAQ ZAIS US ZAIS Group Holdings, Inc. 98887G106 1562214
TONS US WisdomTree Coal Fund 1552700
NASDAQ WETF US WisdomTree Investments, Inc. 97717P104 880631
AMEX CTF US Nuveen Long/Short Commodity Total Return Fund 670731108 1522699
NYSE SGOL US ETFS GOLD Trust 26922Y105 1450923
NYSE SIVR US ETFS Silver Trust 26922X107 1450922
NYSE SLV US iShares Silver Trust 46428Q109 1330568
NYSE DNO US United States Short Oil Fund 912613205 1439567
NYSE UHN US United States Diesel Heating Oil Fund 911783108 1396877
NYSE MDLY US Medley Management, Inc. 58503T106 1611110
NYSE MC US Moelis & Co. 60786M105 1596967
NYSE BNO US United States Brent Oil Fund LP 91167Q100 1472494
NYSE UGA US United States Gasoline Fund LP 91201T102 1396878
NYSE UNG US United States Natural Gas Fund, LP 912318201 1376227
NYSE USL US United States 12 Month Oil Fund, LP 91288V103 1405528
NYSE USO US United States Oil Fund, LP 91232N108 1327068
NASDAQ HNNA US Hennessy Advisors, Inc. 425885100 1145255
NYSE GLD US SPDR Gold Shares 78463V957 1222333
NASDAQ DHIL US Diamond Hill Investment Group, Inc. 25264R207 909108
OTC BHIN US BCI Holding, Inc. 1503455
OTC ATEP US Asset Protection of America, Inc. 1503455
NYSE FXCH US CurrencyShares Chinese Renminbi Trust 1519405
NYSE FXS US CurrencyShares Swedish Krona Trust 1353616
NYSE FXF US CurrencyShares Swiss Franc Trust 1353615
NYSE FXA US CurrencyShares Australian Dollar Trust 23129U101 1353614
NYSE FXY US CurrencyShares Japanese Yen Trust 23130A102 1353613
NYSE FXC US CurrencyShares Canadian Dollar Trust 23129X105 1353612
NYSE FXB US CurrencyShares British Pound Sterling Trust 23129S106 1353611
NYSE FXE US CurrencyShares Euro Trust 23130C108 1328598
NYSE FXSG US CurrencyShares Singapore Dollar Trust 1433994
NASDAQ NHLD US National Holdings Corp. 636375206 1023844
OTC EBML US eBullion, Inc. 1573766
OTC MERR US Merriman Holdings, Inc. 590419107 826683
NYSE UDN US PowerShares DB US Dollar Index Trust 73936D206 1383149
NYSE UUP US PowerShares DB US Dollar Index Trust 73936D107 1383149
NYSE DBS US PowerShares DB Silver Fund 73936B309 1383054
NYSE DBP US PowerShares DB Precious Metals Fund 73936B200 1383054
NYSE DBO US PowerShares DB Oil Fund 73936B507 1383054
NYSE DGL US PowerShares DB Gold Fund 73936B606 1383054
NYSE DBE US PowerShares DB Energy Fund 73936B101 1383054
NYSE DBB US PowerShares DB Base Metals Fund 73936B705 1383054
NYSE DBA US PowerShares DB Agriculture Fund 73936B408 1383054
NYSE DBC US PowerShares DB Commodity Index Tracking Fund 73935S105 1328237
NYSE DBV US PowerShares DB G10 Currency Harvest Fund 73935Y102 1354730
NYSE GHL US Greenhill & Co., Inc. 395259104 1282977
OTC GAHC US Global Arena Holding, Inc. 1138724
NYSE CMDT US iShares Dow Jones-UBS Roll Select Commodity Index Trust 1535365
OTC AGOL US ETFS Asian Gold Trust 1496337
OTC RBCF US Rubicon Financial Incorporated 1103977
OTC BMQZF US Bank of Montreal (PQ) 06367TYL8 1593812
OTC FSAM US Fifth Street Asset Management Inc. 31679P109 1611988
NYSE FPF US First Trust Intermediate Duration Preferred & Income Fund 33718W103 861441
NYSE AC.WD US Associated Capital Group, Inc. 045528106 1642122
NYSE AC US Associated Capital Group, Inc. 1642122
NYSE RISE US Sit Rising Rate ETF 26923H101 1610940
NASDAQ VIRT US Virtu Financial, Inc. 928254101 1592386
NASDAQ GROW US U.S. Global Investors, Inc. 902952100 754811
NYSE PJT US PJT Partners Inc. 69343T107 1626115
OTC WISH US Wright Investors' Service Holdings , Inc. 1279715
NYSE SFB US Stifel Financial Corp. 720672
NYSE SFN US Stifel Financial Corporation 848420105 720672
NYSE SF US Stifel Financial Corp. 860630102 720672
NYSE SF.PRA US Stifel Financial Corp. 720672
NYSE BSIG US BrightSphere Investment Group plc G1644T109 1611702
NYSE OMAA US OM Asset Management Plc 1611702
NYSE OMAM US OM Asset Management Plc G67506108 1611702
NYSE KCG US KCG Holdings, Inc. 48244B100 1569391
NASDAQ SAMG US Silvercrest Asset Management Group Inc. 828359109 1549966
NYSE MN US Manning & Napier, Inc. 56382Q102 1524223
NYSE CORN US Teucrium Commodity Trust 88166A102 1471824
NYSE APO.PRB US Apollo Global Management, LLC. 6.375 percent Series B Preferred Shares 1411494
NYSE APO.PRA US Apollo Global Management, LLC 1411494
NYSE APO US Apollo Global Management LLC 037612306 1411494
NYSE BLK US BlackRock, Inc. 09247X101 1364742
NASDAQ FNGN US Financial Engines, Inc. 317485100 1430592
NASDAQ IBKR US Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. 45841N107 1381197
NYSE GCC US WisdomTree Continuous Commodity Index Fund 97718W108 1379606
NYSE ARES US Ares Management, L.P. 04014Y101 1176948
NYSE ARES.PRA US Ares Management, L.P. 04014Y901 1176948
NYSE AMG US Affiliated Managers Group, Inc. 008252108 1004434
NYSE MGR US Affiliated Managers Group, Inc. 1004434
NYSE GCAP US Gain Capital Holdings, Inc. 36268W100 1444363
OTC UCD US ProShares Trust II 1415311
NYSE UCO US ProShares Ultra Bloomberg Crude 74347W247 1415311
NYSE UVXY US ProShrs Ult VIX Shrt-Trm Fut ETF 74347W163 1415311
NYSE YCS US ProShares UltraShort Yen 74347W569 1415311
NYSE YCL US ProShares Ultra Yen 74347W270 1415311
NYSE ULE US ProShares Ultra Euro 74347W874 1415311
NYSE SCO US ProShares UltraShort Blrg CrdOil 74347W668 1415311
NYSE EUO US ProShares UltraShort Euro 74347W882 1415311
NYSE OAK.PRB US Oaktree Capital Group, LLC 6.550% Series B Preferred Units 1403528
NYSE OAK.PRA US Oaktree Capital Group, LLC 6.625% Series A Preferred units 1403528
NYSE OAK US Oaktree Capital Group, LLC 674001201 1403528
NASDAQ CLMS US Calamos Asset Management, Inc. 12811R104 1299033
AMEX CFD US Nuveen Diversified Commodity Fund 1345801
NASDAQ BGCP US BGC Partners, Inc. 05541T101 1094831
NYSE BGCA US BGC Partners, 8.125% Senior Bonds due 6/15/2042 05541T408 1094831
NYSE GBL US GAMCO Investors, Inc. 361438104 1060349
NYSE GS.PRICL US The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. 886982
NYSE GS.PRD US Goldman Sachs Group, Dep Shares Float Rate Non-Cumul Preferred Stock, Series D 38144G804 886982
NYSE GS.PRN US Goldman Sachs Group, 6.30% Dep Shares Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock Series N 38148B504 886982
NYSE GS.PRI US Goldman Sachs Group, 5.95% Dep Shares Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock, Series I 38145G209 886982
NYSE GS.PRB US Goldman Sachs Group, 6.20% Dep Shares Non-cumul Preferred, Stock Series B 38144X500 886982
NYSE GS.PRK US Goldman Sachs Group, 6.375% Dep Sh Fixd/Float Non-Cumul Preferred Stock Series K 38148B108 886982
NYSE GS.PRC US Goldman Sachs Group, Dep Shares Float Rate Non-cumul Preferred Stock, Series C 38144X609 886982
NYSE GS.PRA US Goldman Sachs Group, Dep Shares Float Rate Non-cumul Preferred Stock, Series A 38143Y665 886982
NYSE GS.PRJ US Goldman Sachs Group, 5.50% Dep Shares Fixd/Float Non-Cumul Preferred Stock Ser J 38145G308 886982
NYSE TFG US Goldman Sachs Group, Inc, Fixed Income Trust, Series 2011-1 33834B207 886982
OTC GLSSP US Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (The) 886982
NYSE GS US Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (The) 38141G104 886982
NYSE GJS US Synthetic Fixed-Income Sec STRATS 2006-02, Float Rate Goldman Sachs Group 86311R301 886982
NYSE JBK US Lehman ABS Corp Bkd Trust Certs 2004-06, Floating Rate Goldman Sachs Cap I 21988K859 886982
NYSE GSC US GS Connect S&P GSCI Enhanced Community TR Strategy Index ETN due 5/8/2037 38144L852 886982
NYSE GSJ US Goldman Sachs Group, 6.50% Bonds due 11/1/2061 38144G184 886982
AMEX SEB US Seaboard Corp. 811543107 88121
NYSE RJD US Raymond James Financial, Inc. 754730909 720005
NYSE RJF US Raymond James Financial, Inc. 720005
NYSE SCHW.PRBCL US The Charles Schwab Corporation 316709
NYSE SCHW.PRC US Schwab Charles Corp, 6.00% Dep Shares Non-cumul Perp Preferred Stock Series C 808513402 316709
NYSE SCHW.PRB US Schwab Charles Corp, 6.00% Dep Shares Non-cumul Perp Pfd Stock Series B 808513204 316709
NYSE SCHW.PRD US Schwab Charles Corp, 5.95% Dep Shares Non-Cumul Perp Preferred Stock Series D 808513600 316709
NYSE SCHW US Schwab Charles Corp 808513105 316709
BATS BATS US Bats Global Markets, Inc. 05491G109 1659228
OTC GLBR US Global Brokerage, Inc. 302693106 1499912
NASDAQ FXCM US FXCM Inc. 302693AB2 1499912
NYSE PPLT US ETFS Platinum Trust 26922V101 1460235
NYSE PZN US Pzena Investment Management, Inc. 74731Q103 1399249
NYSE KKR.PRB US KKR & CO. L.P. 1404912
NYSE KKR.PRA US KKR & CO. L.P. 1404912
NYSE KKR US KKR & CO. L.P. 48248M102 1404912
NYSE CNS US Cohen & Steers Inc. 19247A100 1284812
TSX IGT CA Ishares Gold Trust 1278680
NYSE IAU US iShares Gold Trust 464285105 1278680
AMEX LTS.PRA US Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services Inc. 8.00% Series A 1029730
AMEX LTS-A US Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services, Inc. 8.00% Series A Preferred 50575Q201 1029730
AMEX LTS US Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services, Inc. 50575Q102 1029730
NYSE ITG US Investment Technology Group, Inc. 46145F105 920424
NYSE AMP US Ameriprise Financial, Inc. 03076C106 820027
NYSE BGB US Blackstone / GSO Strategic Credit Fund 09257R101 1393818
NYSE BX US Blackstone Group L.P. (The) 09253U108 1393818
NYSE BGX US Blackstone / GSO Long-Short Credit Income Fund 09256U105 1393818
NYSE FIG US Fortress Investment Group LLC 34958B106 1380393
NYSE EVR US Evercore Partners, Inc. 29977A105 1360901
NASDAQ FBRC US FBR & Co. 30247C400 1371446
NASDAQ AMTD US TD AmeriTrade Holding Corp. 87236Y108 1173431
NASDAQ NDAQ US Nasdaq, Inc. 631103108 1120193
NASDAQ INTLL US INTL FCStone Inc. 46116V105 913760
NYSE MS.PRK US Morgan Stanley 895421
NYSE MS.PRI US Morgan Stanley, 6.375% Dep Shares Fixed/Float Non-Cumul Preferred Stock Series I 61761J406 895421
NYSE MS.PRG US Morgan Stanley, 6.625% Depositary Shares Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock Series G 61762V507 895421
NYSE MS.PRF US Morgan Stanley, 6.875% Dep Shares Fixed/Floating Non-Cumul Preferred Stock Ser F 61763E207 895421
NYSE MS US Morgan Stanley 617446448 895421
NYSE MS.PRE US Morgan Stanley, 7.125% Dep Shares Fixed/Floating Non-Cumul Preferred Stock Ser E 61762V200 895421
NYSE MS.PRA US Morgan Stanley Floating Rate Dep Shares Series A Non-cumul Preferred Stock 61747S504 895421
NASDAQ CG US The Carlyle Group L.P. 14309L102 1527166
NYSE ICE US Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. 45866F104 1571949
NYSE USCI US United States Commodity Index Fund 911717106 1479247
NASDAQ LPLA US LPL Financial Holdings Inc. 50212V100 1397911
AMEX COHN US Cohen & Company Inc 1270436
AMEX IFMI US Institutional Financial Markets, Inc. 45779L107 1270436
NYSE PJC US Piper Jaffray Companies, Inc. 724078100 1230245
NASDAQ CME US CME Group, Inc. 12572Q105 1156375
NASDAQ VRTS US Virtus Investment Partners, Inc. 92828Q109 883237
NYSE APAM US Artisan Partners Asset Management Inc. 04316A108 1517302
NYSE OZM US OCH-Ziff Capital Management Group LLC 67551U105 1403256
BATS CBOE US CBOE Holdings, Inc. 12503M108 1374310
NASDAQ COWNL US Cowen Group, Inc. 223622AB7 1466538
NASDAQ COWN US Cowen Group, Inc. 1466538
OTC CWGRP US Cowen Group, Inc. 1466538
NYSE JMPD US JMP Group Inc. 1302350
NYSE JMP US JMP Group LLC 1302350
NYSE JMPB US JMP Group LLC 46629U107 1302350
OTC OPYB US Oppenheimer Holdings Inc. 791963
NYSE OPY US Oppenheimer Holdings Inc. 683797104 791963
NASDAQ MORN US Morningstar, Inc. 617700109 1289419
NYSE WDR US Waddell & Reed Financial, Inc. 930059100 1052100
NYSE FII US Federated Investors, Inc. 314211103 1056288
NYSE IVZ US Invesco Ltd. G491BT108 914208
NYSE AB US AllianceBernstein Holding L.P. 01881G106 825313
NASDAQ NAVI US Navient Corporation 63938C108 1593538
NASDAQ MKTX US MarketAxess Holdings, Inc. 57060D108 1278021
NYSE BEN US Franklin Resources, Inc. 354613101 38777
NYSE LAZ US Lazard Ltd. G54050102 1311370
NYSE WHG US Westwood Holdings Group, Inc. 961765104 1165002
NASDAQ TROW US Price (T.) Rowe Group, Inc. 74144T108 1113169
NYSE JNS US Janus Capital Group, Inc. 47102X105 1065865
NASDAQ SEIC US SEI Investments Co. 784117103 350894
NYSE JEF US Jefferies Group Inc 472319102 1084580
NASDAQ VALU US Value Line, Inc. 920437100 717720
NYSE ETW US Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Buy-Write Opportunities Fund 350797
NYSE EV US Eaton Vance Corp. 278265103 350797
NYSE ETV US Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Buy-Write Opportunities Fund 27828V104 350797
NYSE HLI US Houlihan Lokey, Inc. 441593100 1302215
NYSE LM US Legg Mason, Inc. 524901105 704051
NYSE LMHB US Legg Mason, Inc. 704051
NYSE LMHA US Legg Mason, Inc. 704051
NYSE OUNZ US Merk Gold Trust 921078101 1546652
OTC GFIG US GFI Group, Inc. 361652209 1292426
NYSE JMPC US JMP Group LLC 1383803
OTC OPBL US Optionable, Inc. 1303433
OTC BKFGD US BKF Capital Group, Inc. 9235
OTC BKFG US BKF Capital Group, Inc. 05548G102 9235
OTC SKAJ US Skajaquoda Group Inc 1520321
SWS US Sws Group Inc 78503N107 878520
OTC GLCH US Gleacher & Company, Inc. 377341201 782842
OTC SOHL US Southern Trust Securities Holding Corp. 844024109 1326250
NYX US Nyse Euronext 629491101 1368007
ART US Artio Global Investors Inc. 04315B107 1419178