Publicly Traded Savings Institutions, Federally Chartered Companies - SIC Code 6035

Member Companies

This list is made from self-reported SIC codes that companies file with the SEC.

ExchangeTickerCountryNameCUSIPCIKMarket Cap
OTC ADFK US Admiral Financial Corp. 828530
OTC CFDB US Central Federal Bancshares Inc 15346T107 1651987
OTC CNNB US Cincinnati Bancorp 171864101 1635484
OTC SNNY US Sunnyside Bancorp Inc 867475105 1571398
NASDAQ PBSK US Poage Bankshares, Inc. 730206109 1511071
NASDAQ WNEB US Western New England Bancorp, Inc. 96008P104 1157647
OTC ALMG US Alamogordo Financial Corp. 1100542
NASDAQ SIBC US State Investors Bancorp, Inc. 857030100 1513971
OTC NECB US Northeast Community Bancorp, Inc. 664112109 1354772
OTC EKFC US Eureka Financial Corp. 29855C108 1501350
OTC SUGR US Sugar Creek Financial Corp. 86481Y102 1592407
OTC MCBK US Madison County Financial, Inc. 556777100 1547635
OTC WEFP US Wells Financial Corp. 934739
NASDAQ PVBC US Provident Bancorp, Inc. 74383X109 1635840
NASDAQ MSBF US MSB Financial Corp. 55352L101 1635261
NASDAQ UCBA US United Community Bancorp 90984R101 1514131
NASDAQ FGBI US First Guaranty Bancshares (Hammond, LA) 32043P106 1408534
NASDAQ AFCF US Atlantic Coast Financial CORP 1404296
NASDAQ ACFC US Atlantic Coast Financial Corp. 048426100 1404296
NASDAQ FSFG US First Savings Financial Group, Inc. 33621E109 1435508
NASDAQ KFFB US Kentucky First Federal Bancorp 491292108 1297341
NASDAQ SAL US Salisbury Bancorp, Inc. 795226109 1060219
NASDAQ PBBI US PB Bancorp, Inc. 70454T100 1652106
OTC NWBB US New Bancorp, Inc. 642142103 1644482
OTC BFFI US Ben Franklin Financial, Inc. 1618798
OTC MBCQ US MB Bancorp Inc. 55280E104 1617291
OTC EGDW US Edgewater Bancorp Inc. 28027J108 1584770
NASDAQ SFBC US Sound Financial Bancorp, Inc. 83607A100 1541119
NASDAQ OFED US Oconee Federal Financial Corp. 675607105 1501078
OTC SSNF US Sunshine Financial, Inc. 86782T109 1500837
NASDAQ CZWI US Citizens Community Bancorp, Inc. 174903104 1367859
NASDAQ MGYR US Magyar Bancorp, Inc. 55977T109 1337068
NASDAQ FCAP US First Capital, Inc. 31942S104 1070296
OTC SFDL US Security Federal Corp. 813903101 818677
OTC EQFN US Equitable Financial Corp. 29448T105 1635626
NASDAQ HFBL US Home Federal Bancorp, Inc. of Louisiana 43708L108 1500375
NASDAQ LSBK US Lake Shore Bancorp, Inc. 510700107 1341318
OTC HCFB US HCSB Financial Corp. 40413R107 1091491
OTC CLDB US Cortland Bancorp 220587109 774569
NASDAQ IROQ US IF Bancorp, Inc. 44951J105 1514743
NASDAQ EBMT US Eagle Bancorp Montana, Inc. 26942G100 1478454
NASDAQ FCCY US 1st Constitution Bancorp 31986N102 1141807
NASDAQ LSBG US Lake Sunapee Bank Group 510866106 846931
NASDAQ KRNY US Kearny Financial Corp. 48716P108 1617242
NASDAQ MLVF US Malvern Bancorp, Inc. 561409103 1550603
NASDAQ HTBI US HomeTrust Bancshares, Inc. 437872104 1538263
NASDAQ NFBK US Northfield Bancorp, Inc. 66611T108 1493225
NASDAQ CFFN US Capitol Federal Financial, Inc. 14057J101 1490906
NASDAQ JAXB US Jacksonville Bancorp, Inc. 469249205 1484949
NASDAQ JXSB US Jacksonville Bancorp, Inc. 46924R106 1484949
NASDAQ OTTW US Ottawa Savings Bancorp, Inc. 689195105 1321070
NASDAQ PBCT US People's United Financial, Inc. 712704105 1378946
NYSE PFS US Provident Financial Services, Inc. 74386T105 1178970
NASDAQ ANCX US Access National Corp. 004337101 1176316
NASDAQ CFBK US Central Federal Corp. 15346Q202 1070680
NYSE FBC US Flagstar Bancorp, Inc. 337930705 1033012
NASDAQ PROV US Provident Financial Holdings, Inc. 743868101 1010470
NASDAQ ASBB US ASB Bancorp, Inc. 00213T109 1520300
NASDAQ SIFI US SI Financial Group, Inc. 78425V104 1500213
NASDAQ CHFN US Charter Financial Corp. 16122W108 1478726
NASDAQ TBNK US Territorial Bancorp Inc. 88145X108 1447051
NASDAQ NRIM US Northrim BanCorp, Inc. 666762109 1163370
NASDAQ BRKL US Brookline Bancorp, Inc. 11373M107 1049782
NASDAQ DCOM US Dime Community Bancshares, Inc. 253922108 1005409
NASDAQ OCFC US OceanFirst Financial Corp. 675234108 1004702
NYSE BBX US BBX Capital Corporation 055384200 921768
NASDAQ HMNF US HMN Financial, Inc. 40424G108 921183
NYSE AF.PRC US Astoria Financial Corp. 910322
NYSE AF US Astoria Financial Corp. 046265104 910322
NASDAQ FDEF US First Defiance Financial Corp. 32006W106 946647
OTC BFCF US BFC Financial Corp. 315858
OTC BFCFB US BFC Financial Corp. 05540P100 315858
NASDAQ SBCP US Sunshine Bancorp, Inc. 86777J108 1599891
NASDAQ CWAY US Coastway Bancorp, Inc. 190632109 1585023
NYSE BKU US BankUnited, Inc. 06652K103 1504008
NASDAQ OSHC US Ocean Shore Holding Co. 67501R103 1444397
NASDAQ CHEV US Cheviot Financial Corp. 16677X105 1528843
NASDAQ TFSL US TFS Financial Corp. 87240R107 1381668
NASDAQ BCBP US BCB Bancorp, Inc. 055298103 1228454
NASDAQ UMPQ US Umpqua Holdings Corp. 904214103 1077771
OTC WAYN US Wayne Savings Bancshares, Inc. 94624Q101 1036030
NASDAQ BYFC US Broadway Financial Corp. 111444105 1001171
NASDAQ CASH US Meta Financial Group, Inc. 59100U108 907471
NASDAQ HFFC US HF Financial Corp. 404172108 881790
NASDAQ CVLY US Codorus Valley Bancorp 192025104 806279
OTC FNRN US First Northern Community Bancorp 335925103 1114927
NASDAQ ETFC US E*TRADE Financial, Inc. 269246401 1015780
NASDAQ BKMU US Bank Mutual Corp. 063750103 1123270
OTC NWIN US NorthWest Indiana Bancorp 667516108 919864
NASDAQ BOFIL US Bofi Holding, Inc. 1299709
NASDAQ BOFI US Bofi Holding, Inc. 05566U108 1299709
NASDAQ FMB US First Trust Managed Municipal ETF 33739N108 792966
NASDAQ EVER US EverBank Financial Corp. 29977G102 1502749
NYSE EVER.PRA US EverBank Financial Corp. 1502749
NASDAQ BFIN US BankFinancial Corp. 06643P104 1303942
NASDAQ LTXB US LegacyTexas Financial Group Inc. 52471Y106 1487052
OTC DLNO US Delanco Bancorp, Inc. 245535109 1577603
OTC HABK US Hamilton Bancorp, Inc. 1551739
NASDAQ HBK US Hamilton Bancorp, Inc. 407015106 1551739
NASDAQ CARV US Carver Bancorp, Inc. 146875604 1016178
NASDAQ PULB US Pulaski Financial Corp. 745548107 1062438
NASDAQ RVSB US Riverview Bancorp, Inc. 769397100 1041368
NASDAQ CSBK US Clifton Bancorp Inc. 186873105 1592329
OTC PBCP US Polonia Bancorp, Inc. 73158Q109 1528610
NASDAQ PSBH US PSB Holdings, Inc. 69360W108 1293211
OTC PSBQ US PSB Holdings Inc. 69360N108 1293211
NASDAQ ONFC US Oneida Financial Corp. 682479100 1485001
NASDAQ RIVR US River Valley Bancorp. 768475105 1015593
NASDAQ NVSL US Naugatuck Valley Financial Corporation 63906P107 1493552
OTC AFCB US Athens Bancshares Corp. 047042106 1472093
NASDAQ ASBI US Ameriana Bancorp 023613102 855574
LABC US Louisiana Bancorp Inc 54619P104 1392562
BKYF US Bank Of Kentucky Financial Corp 062896105 934547
FRNK US Franklin Financial Corp 35353C102 1505823
OTC FRTR US Fraternity Community Bancorp, Inc. 35553P101 1503063
ESBF US Esb Financial Corp 26884F102 872835
SPBC US Sp Bancorp, Inc. 78468K106 1493182
OTC NASB US NASB Financial, Inc. 628968109 1059131
OTC JBPB US Jefferson Bancshares, Inc. 472375104 1222915
OBAF US Oba Financial Services, Inc. 67424G101 1471088
OTC HARI US Harvard Illinois Bancorp Inc 1471266
PCBS US 926164
OTC CECB US Cecil Bancorp, Inc. 149841108 926865
OTC CTUY US Century Next Financial Corp 156635104 1493006
OTC FCBI US Frederick County Bancorp, Inc. 355685108 1258831