List of Publicly Traded Companies / Stocks - SIC Code 2834

Member Companies

This list is made from self-reported SIC codes that companies file with the SEC.

TickerCountryNameMarket Cap
NYSE:ABT US Abbott Laboratories 61,640,580,000
NYSE:ABBV US AbbVie Inc. 101,477,633,274
NASDAQ:ABEO US Abeona Therapeutics Inc. 146,266,400
NASDAQ:ABEOW US Abeona Therapeutics Inc. 0
NASDAQ:ACAD US ACADIA Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 3,154,750,500
NASDAQ:ACRX US AcelRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 113,394,522
NASDAQ:AKAO US Achaogen, Inc. 318,497,136
NASDAQ:ACHN US Achillion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 521,206,800
NASDAQ:ACRS US Aclaris Therapeutics, Inc. 171,546,810
AMEX:ATNM US Actinium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 37,738,737
OTC:AUCL US Acucela Inc. 0
NASDAQ:ACUR US Acura Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 7,017,400
NASDAQ:ADMS US Adamas Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 310,241,412
NASDAQ:ADMP US Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corp. 42,997,386
NASDAQ:ADRO US Aduro Biotech, Inc. 549,888,634
NASDAQ:ADXSW US Advaxis, Inc. 0
NASDAQ:ADXS US Advaxis, Inc. 248,312,105
NASDAQ:AEGR US Aegerion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 56,562,640
NASDAQ:AGLE US Aeglea BioTherapeutics, Inc. 0
OTC:AOLS US Aeolus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 26,760
OTC:AFFY US Affymax, Inc. 2,180,520
NASDAQ:AGRX US Agile Therapeutics, Inc. 55,923,762
NASDAQ:AGIO US Agios Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 1,546,577,106
NASDAQ:AIMT US Aimmune Therapeutics, Inc. 368,826,591
NASDAQ:AKTX US Akari Therapeutics Plc 6,646,290,534
NASDAQ:AKBA US Akebia Therapeutics, Inc. 263,103,550
NASDAQ:AKRX US Akorn, Inc. 2,827,129,760
NASDAQ:ALBO US Albireo Pharma, Inc. 42,247,436
NASDAQ:ALDR US Alder BioPharmaceuticals, Inc. 874,649,378
NASDAQ:ALDX US Aldeyra Therapeutics,Inc. 44,896,264
NASDAQ:ALXN US Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 29,567,704,178
NASDAQ:ALXA US Alexza Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 18,621,400
NASDAQ:ALIM US Alimera Sciences, Inc. 56,451,774
NASDAQ:ALKS US Alkermes plc 8,274,964,611
NYSE:AGN US Allergan plc 78,996,083,632
NYSE:AGN.PRA US Allergan plc 0
NASDAQ:ALNY US Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 3,272,328,236
OTC:ALSE US Alseres Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 1,531,786,000
OTC:ATOA US Altovida Inc. 5,823,762
NASDAQ:AMAG US AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 812,084,000
OTC:AMBS US Amarantus Bioscience Holdings, Inc. 221,948
OTC:AMAR US Amarillo Biosciences, Inc. 5,640,547
NASDAQ:AMRN US Amarin Corp. Plc 540,155,460
NASDAQ:AMBI US Ambit Biosciences Corp 0
OTC:ABMC US American Bio Medica Corp. 2,824,467
OTC:AOBI US American Oriental Bioengineering, Inc. 191,507,715
NASDAQ:FOLD US Amicus Therapeutics, Inc. 594,687,839
NASDAQ:AMPH US Amphastar Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 742,306,110
AMEX:AMPE US Ampio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 50,952,207
NASDAQ:ANAC US Anacor Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 4,359,046,281
OTC:ANDN US Andain, Inc. 0
NASDAQ:ANIP US ANI Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 685,215
NASDAQ:ANTH US Anthera Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 21,735,055
OTC:ANTB US AntriaBio, Inc. 23,534,552
AMEX:AXN US Aoxing Pharmaceutical Company, Inc. 33,205,776
NASDAQ:APRI US Apricus Biosciences, Inc. 75,090,151
NASDAQ:AQXP US Aquinox Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 221,162,182
NASDAQ:ARLZ US Aralez Pharmaceuticals Inc. 281,205,404
NASDAQ:PETX US Aratana Therapeutics, Inc. 267,629,540
NASDAQ:ABUS US Arbutus Biopharma Corporation 120,475,159
NASDAQ:ARDX US Ardelyx, Inc. 306,761,376
NASDAQ:ARNA US Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 332,126,442
NASDAQ:ARGS US Argos Therapeutics, Inc. 99,217,638
OTC:ARNI US Arno Therapeutics, Inc. 2,040,862
NASDAQ:ARQL US ArQule, Inc. 96,096
NASDAQ:ARRY US Array BioPharma, Inc. 1,608,345,000
NASDAQ:ASMB US Assembly Biosciences, Inc. 287,986,528
OTC:AHROQ US Atheronova, Inc. 0
NASDAQ:ATHX US Athersys, Inc. 124,276,636
NASDAQ:AVNR US Avanir Pharmaceuticals Inc 2,735,122,596
NASDAQ:AVEO US AVEO Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36,205,650
OTC:AXIM US Axim Biotechnologies, Inc. 385,369,608
NYSE:AXON US Axovant Sciences Ltd. 1,179,869,898
NASDAQ:AXSM US Axsome Therapeutics, Inc. 0
OTC:AYTUW US Aytu BioScience, Inc. 0
OTC:AYTU US Aytu BioScience, Inc. 1,915,251
NYSE:BXLT US Baxalta Incorporated 31,431,660,000
NASDAQ:BGNE US BeiGene, Ltd. 0
NASDAQ:BLPH US Bellerophon Therapeutics, Inc. 7,789,985
NASDAQ:BLCM US Bellicum Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 0
NASDAQ:BIND US BIND Therapeutics, Inc. 10,314,389
NASDAQ:BIOD US Biodel, Inc. 1,386,911
NASDAQ:BDSI US BioDelivery Sciences International, Inc. 96,912,021
NASDAQ:BMRN US BioMarin Pharmaceutical, Inc. 13,541,315,980
NASDAQ:BPTH US Bio-Path Holdings, Inc. 100,534,417
NASDAQ:BSTC US BioSpecifics Technologies Corp. 389,541,298
NASDAQ:BSPM US Biostar Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 6,632,739
OTC:BIVI US BioVie, Inc. 0
NASDAQ:BPMC US Blueprint Medicines Corporation 577,886,626
OTC:BOPH US Bohai Pharmaceuticals Group Inc. 11,431,441
OTC:BTHE US Boston Therapeutics Inc 2,737,974
NYSE:BMY US Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. 94,393,381,679
OTC:BMYMP US Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. 1,674,483,490,000
NASDAQ:CALA US Calithera Biosciences, Inc. 81,202,500
NYSE:CBM US Cambrex Corp. 1,759,597,717
OTC:CPMD US Cannapharmarx Inc. 4,427,548
NASDAQ:CAPR US Capricor Therapeutics, Inc. 39,278,269
OTC:CAPS US Capstone Therapeutics Corp 3,679,650
NASDAQ:CARA US Cara Therapeutics, Inc. 292,736,223
NASDAQ:CBYL US Carbylan Therapeutics, Inc. 12,957,088
OTC:CDXI US Cardax, Inc. 6,687,376
NASDAQ:CATB US Catabasis Pharmaceuticals, Inc 34,499,957
NYSE:CTLT US Catalent Inc. 3,140,502,578
NASDAQ:CBIO US Catalyst Biosciences Inc. 2,878,910
NASDAQ:CPRX US Catalyst Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 100,264,407
NASDAQ:CPXX US Celator Pharmaceuticals Inc. 0
NASDAQ:CELG US Celgene Corp. 95,044,978,825
NASDAQ:CELGZ US Celgene Corporation Series A Contingent Value Rights 989,880,000
OTC:CTIX US Cellceutix Corp. 139,093,448
OTC:CCYG US CellCyte Genetics Corp. 246,988
NASDAQ:CLRBW US Cellectar Biosciences, Inc. 140,756
NASDAQ:CLRB US Cellectar Biosciences, Inc. 1,000,928
NASDAQ:CLRBZ US Cellectar Biosciences, Inc. 0
OTC:CLCS US Cell Source, Inc. 10,287,428
NASDAQ:CLSN US Celsion Corp. 8,507,159
NASDAQ:CEMP US Cempra, Inc. 141,587,934
NASDAQ:CERCW US Cerecor Inc. 0
NASDAQ:CERCZ US Cerecor Inc. 0
NASDAQ:CERC US Cerecor Inc. 1,981,160
NASDAQ:CERU US Cerulean Pharma Inc. 19,480,400
NASDAQ:CEMI US Chembio Diagnostics, Inc 60,643,976
NASDAQ:CCXI US ChemoCentryx, Inc. 341,025
NASDAQ:CHMA US Chiasma, Inc. 21,746,357
NASDAQ:CRTX US Chiesi USA Inc 247,833,874
NASDAQ:CMRX US Chimerix, Inc. 212,809,881
OTC:CHHE US China Health Industries Holdings, Inc. 9,186,264
OTC:CHRI US China Health Resource, Inc. 532,308
OTC:CPDU US China Pediatric Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 1,782,244
AMEX:CPHI US China Pharma Holdings, Inc. 12,638,072
OTC:CYIG US China YCT International Group, Inc. 6,536,135
NASDAQ:CLVS US Clovis Oncology, Inc. 2,039,792,084
OTC:COCP US Cocrystal Pharma, Inc. 252,126
TSXV:COB.U CA Cohbar Inc 0
OTC:CWBR US CohBar Inc. 0
NASDAQ:COLL US Collegium Pharmaceutical, Inc. 199,884,082
NASDAQ:CLCD US CoLucid Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 345,420,644
NASDAQ:CNAT US Conatus Pharmaceuticals Inc. 85,826,846
NASDAQ:CNCE US Concert Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 200,625,670
NASDAQ:CFRXW US ContraFect Corporation 933,157
NASDAQ:CFRX US ContraFect Corporation 47,824,290
NASDAQ:CTRV US Contravir Pharmaceuticals Inc 38,155,060
NASDAQ:CRBP US Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings, Inc. 216,316,000
NASDAQ:CORT US Corcept Therapeutics, Inc. 825,136,760
NASDAQ:CORI US Corium International, Inc. 85,788,006
AMEX:CRMD US CorMedix Inc. 50,149,672
NASDAQ:CRVS US Corvus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 0
NASDAQ:CTIC US CTI BioPharma Corp. 936,213,810
NASDAQ:CPIX US Cumberland Pharmaceuticals Inc. 99,491,468
NASDAQ:CYCC US Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 176,785,303
NASDAQ:CYCCP US Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 201,854,305
NASDAQ:CBAY US Cymabay Therapeutics Inc. 37,645,254
NASDAQ:CYNA US Cynapsus Therapeutics Inc.
OTC:CYDY US CytoDyn Inc. 69,669,444
NASDAQ:CYTK US Cytokinetics, Inc. 426,954,000
NASDAQ:CTMX US CytomX Therapeutics, Inc. 99,618,913
OTC:DDRT US DanDrit Biotech USA, Inc. 9,628,623
NASDAQ:DARA US DARA Biosciences, Inc. 0
NASDAQ:DMPI US DelMar Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 39,305,047
NASDAQ:DEPO US DepoMed, Inc. 1,110,953,474
NASDAQ:DERM US Dermira, Inc. 760,127,055
OTC:DDXS US Diadexus, Inc. 0
OTC:DDXSQ US Diadexus, Inc. 39,113
NASDAQ:DRNA US Dicerna Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 58,320,202
NASDAQ:DFFN US Diffusion Pharmaceuticals Inc. 86,559,601
NASDAQ:DPRX US Dipexium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 14,620,693
OTC:BINDQ US DNIB Unwind, Inc. 2,831,401
NASDAQ:DRTX US Durata Therapeutics Inc 202,084,677
NASDAQ:DRRX US Durect Corp. 145,783,290
NASDAQ:DVAX US Dynavax Technologies Corp. 138,100,200
NASDAQ:EGRX US Eagle Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 1,138,902,435
NASDAQ:EDGE US Edge Therapeutics, Inc. 87,915,734
NASDAQ:EGLT US Egalet Corporation 116,454,448
NASDAQ:EBIO US Eleven Biotherapeutics, Inc. 41,974,530
OTC:ELTP US Elite Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 107,824,878
NYSE:EBS US Emergent Biosolutions, Inc. 1,417,675,260
OTC:EMIS US Emisphere Technologies, Inc. 32,771,238
NASDAQ:ENTA US Enanta Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 646,503
NASDAQ:ECYT US Endocyte, Inc. 99,396,624
NASDAQ:ENDP US Endo International plc 2,595,807,000
TSX:ENL CA Endo International Plc 0
OTC:ENDV US Endonovo Therapeutics, Inc. 3,118,394
OTC:ENTB US Entest BioMedical Inc. 1,807,671
OTC:ENUM US Enumeral Biomedical Holdings, Inc. 6,802,278
OTC:ENZB US EnzymeBioSystems 0
NASDAQ:EPRS US EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. 14,786,087
OTC:EPRSQ US EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. 454,957
NASDAQ:EPZM US Epizyme, Inc. 454,164,600
AMEX:ERB US ERBA Diagnostics, Inc. 27,421,366
NASDAQ:ESPR US Esperion Therapeutics, Inc. 264,237,816
NASDAQ:EVOK US Evoke Pharma, Inc. 15,241,616
NASDAQ:EYEG US Eyegate Pharmaceuticals Inc. 9,307,737
NASDAQ:EYEGW US Eyegate Pharmaceuticals Inc. 0
NASDAQ:FCSC US Fibrocell Science Inc. 33,034,050
NASDAQ:FGEN US FibroGen, Inc. 1,544,627,200
NASDAQ:FPRX US Five Prime Therapeutics, Inc. 1,314,441,673
NASDAQ:FLML US Flamel Technologies S.A. 453,201,410
NASDAQ:FLXN US Flexion Therapeutics, Inc. 398,986,507
NASDAQ:FLKS US Flex Pharma, Inc. 65,674,047
NASDAQ:FBIO US Fortress Biotech, Inc. 100,215,268
NASDAQ:GALTU US Galectin Therapeutics Inc 93,344,400
NASDAQ:GALT US Galectin Therapeutics Inc 24,602,400
NASDAQ:GALTW US Galectin Therapeutics Inc 6,753,600
NASDAQ:GALE US Galena Biopharma, Inc. 271,713,276
OTC:GALPW US Galena Biopharma, Inc. 0
OTC:GALEW US Galena Biopharma, Inc. 0
OTC:GNBT US Generex Biotechnology Corp. 0
OTC:GNSZ US GenSpera, Inc. 4,599,183
NASDAQ:GNVC US GenVec, Inc. 103,017
NASDAQ:GERN US Geron Corp. 331,834,344
OTC:GFRP US GFR Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 4,207,994
NASDAQ:GBT US Global Blood Therapeutics, Inc. 214,512,175
OTC:FTCY US Global Future City Holding Inc. 13,546,298
OTC:GOGC US Global Green Inc. 14,915,229
OTC:GBIM US GlobeImmune, Inc. 1,898,019
NASDAQ:GLYC US GlycoMimetics, Inc. 114,063,522
OTC:GRMD US Green Meadow Prods Inc 0
NASDAQ:HTBX US Heat Biologics, Inc. 7,614,903
NASDAQ:HRTX US Heron Therapeutics, Inc. 439,977,300
OTC:TBEV US High Performance Beverages Co 74,574
NASDAQ:HITK US Hi-Tech Pharmacal Co. 593,508,030
NASDAQ:HZNP US Horizon Pharma plc 2,619,510,461
NYSE:HSP US Hospira 0
OTC:HSTC US HST Global, Inc. 220,319
OTC:HBMK US Hubei Minkang Pharmaceutical Ltd 52,189,045
AMEX:IBIO US iBio Inc. 32,389,200
NASDAQ:IDIX US Idenix Pharmaceuticals Inc 2,909,497,500
NASDAQ:RXDX US Ignyta, Inc. 134,270,000
OTC:ILIM US IL2M International Corp. 18,696
OTC:IAGX US Imagenetix, Inc. 85,119
NASDAQ:IMDZ US Immune Design Corp. 104,399,753
NASDAQ:IMNP US Immune Pharmaceuticals Inc. 5,883,106
OTC:IMUN US Immune Therapeutics, Inc. 7,662,351
AMEX:IMUC.WS US ImmunoCellular Therapeutics, Ltd. 0
AMEX:IMUC US ImmunoCellular Therapeutics, Ltd. 239,810,106
NASDAQ:IMGN US Immunogen, Inc. 211,351,680
NASDAQ:IPXL US Impax Laboratories, Inc. 867,929,495
NASDAQ:IMMY US Imprimis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 25,185,253
OTC:NRTI US Inergetics, Inc. 0
NASDAQ:INFI US Infinity Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 98,166,958
NASDAQ:INVA US Innoviva, Inc. 1,252,939,920
OTC:INNV US Innovus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 11,028,681
NASDAQ:ITEK US Inotek Pharmaceuticals Corporation 31,129,266
NASDAQ:INSM US Insmed, Inc. 833,761,260
OTC:NSPXD US Inspyr Therapeutics, Inc. 19,811,864
OTC:NSPX US Inspyr Therapeutics, Inc. 22,995,914
NASDAQ:INSY US Insys Therapeutics Inc. 819,913,860
OTC:INBP US Integrated BioPharma, Inc. 5,509,677
OTC:IGXT US IntelGenx Technologies Corp. 59,518,323
OTC:ILNS US Intellect Neurosciences, Inc. 901,577
NASDAQ:ICPT US Intercept Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 2,609,684,010
OTC:ISCO US International Stem Cell Corp. 2,038,000
NASDAQ:ITCI US Intra-Cellular Therapies Inc. 511,822,473
NASDAQ:IONS US Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 5,643,553,540
NASDAQ:IRWD US Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 2,099,629,350
NASDAQ:ISIS US Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 0
NASDAQ:JAGX US Jaguar Animal Health, Inc. 4,061,072
NASDAQ:JAZZ US Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 7,394,122,989
NYSE:JNJ US Johnson & Johnson 322,639,621,561
NASDAQ:JNP US Juniper Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 57,640,900
OTC:KBIO US KaloBios Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 15,675,034
NASDAQ:KPTI US Karyopharm Therapeutics Inc. 360,469,401
NASDAQ:KMPH US KemPharm, Inc. 24,685,081
NASDAQ:KERX US Keryx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. 585,986,970
NASDAQ:KIN US Kindred Biosciences, Inc. 128,524,500
NASDAQ:KURA US Kura Oncology, Inc. 61,584,600
OTC:KBPH US Kyto Biopharma, Inc.
OTC:KBPHD US Kyto Biopharma, Inc.
NYSE:LCI US Lannett Co., Inc. 730,963,612
NASDAQ:LXRX US Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 1,433,699,440
NASDAQ:LFVN US Lifevantage Corp. 109,854,360
OTC:LGNXZ US Ligand Pharmaceuticals Incorporated 0
OTC:LGNYZ US Ligand Pharmaceuticals Incorporated 0
OTC:LGNDZ US Ligand Pharmaceuticals Incorporated 0
NASDAQ:LGND US Ligand Pharmaceuticals Incorporated 2,190,293,381
OTC:LGNZZ US Ligand Pharmaceuticals Incorporated 191,051
NYSE:LLY US Lilly (ELI) & Co. 82,486,730,131
NASDAQ:LPCN US Lipocine Inc. 57,812,557
OTC:LIXT US Lixte Biotechnology Holdings, Inc. 6,083,155
NASDAQ:LOXO US Loxo Oncology, Inc. 665,814,176
NASDAQ:MBVX US MabVax Therapeutics Holdings, Inc. 66,480,331
NASDAQ:MGNX US MacroGenics, Inc. 622,358,193
NASDAQ:MDGL US Madrigal Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 2,031,798,393
NYSE:MNK US Maillinckrodt plc. 5,510,329,777
NASDAQ:MNKD US MannKind Corp. 272,130,550
OTC:MRNA US Marina Biotech, Inc. 5,259,993
NASDAQ:MRNS US Marinus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 17,306,948
OTC:MSTTW US Mast Therapeutics, Inc. 0
OTC:MSTVW US Mast Therapeutics, Inc. 0
OTC:MSTPW US Mast Therapeutics, Inc. 0
AMEX:MSTX US Mast Therapeutics, Inc. 22,710,676
OTC:MTNB US Matinas Biopharma Holdings, Inc. 102,962,004
NASDAQ:MDCO US Medicines Company (The) 2,511,350,310
NASDAQ:MNOV US Medicinova, Inc. 159,206,832
NASDAQ:MDVN US Medivation, Inc. 13,789,746,899
NASDAQ:MEIP US MEI Pharma, Inc. 52,976,679
EPA:MRK FR MERCK AND CO INC 167,107,620,000
NYSE:MRK US Merck & Co., Inc. 171,397,535,682
BSE:500126 IN MERCK LTD. 0
NASDAQ:MACK US Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 332,954,440
NASDAQ:NERV US Minerva Neurosciences, Inc. 271,581,300
NASDAQ:MRTX US Mirati Therapeutics, Inc. 92,114,952
NASDAQ:MIRN US Mirna Therapeutics, Inc. 10,772,194
OTC:MIXX US MIX 1 LIFE, INC. 6,029,852
OTC:MDRM US Modern Mobility Aids, Inc. 4,810,848
OTC:MLPH US Molecular Pharmacology (USA), Ltd. 133,864
OTC:MCET US MultiCell Technologies, Inc. 745,232
OTC:MSLP US MusclePharm Corp. 27,923,573
NASDAQ:MYL US Mylan N.V. 18,498,305,503
NASDAQ:MYOK US MyoKardia, Inc. 85,267,440
NASDAQ:MYOS US MYOS RENS Technology Inc. 12,441,600
OTC:MYRX US Myrexis, Inc. 1,180
OTC:NNAB US NanoAntibiotics, Inc. 11,684,649
OTC:VNTH US Nano Mobile Healthcare, Inc. 136,873
OTC:NBIO US Nascent Biotech Inc. 4,152,392
NASDAQ:NATR US Nature's Sunshine Products, Inc. 247,383,300
NASDAQ:NKTR US Nektar Therapeutics 1,712,681,940
NASDAQ:NEOS US Neos Therapeutics, Inc. 44,733,098
NASDAQ:NEOT US Neothetics, Inc. 16,161,319
NASDAQ:NRX US NephroGenex, Inc. 1,400,763
OTC:NRXGQ US NephroGenex, Inc. 100,055
OTC:NTRP US Neurotrope, Inc. 6,814,875
NASDAQ:NLNK US NewLink Genetics Corp 375,055,995
NASDAQ:NVET US Nexvet Biopharma plc 40,656,800
NASDAQ:NVLS US Nivalis Therapeutics, Inc. 21,085
NASDAQ:NWBO US Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc. 36,525,110
NASDAQ:NWBOW US Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc. 18,946,429
AMEX:NBY US NovaBay Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 10,996,800
NASDAQ:OCAT US Ocata Therapeutics, Inc. 264,860,796
NASDAQ:OCRX US Ocera Therapeutics, Inc. 44,148,852
NASDAQ:OCUL US Ocular Therapeutix, Inc. 183,396,438
NASDAQ:OHRP US Ohr Pharmaceutical, Inc. 48,591,296
NASDAQ:OMER US Omeros Corp. 341,798,339
NASDAQ:OMED US OncoMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 229,118,859
NASDAQ:ONTX US Onconova Therapeutics, Inc. 54,802,822
NASDAQ:ONTXW US Onconova Therapeutics, Inc. 0
NASDAQ:ONCS US OncoSec Medical Incorporated 21,634,305
OTC:OVIT US OncoVista Innovative Therapies, Inc. 1,299,064
NASDAQ:OPXAW US Opexa Therapeutics, Inc. 0
NASDAQ:OPXA US Opexa Therapeutics, Inc. 5,620,260
OTC:OPLI US OphthaliX Inc. 10,441,251
NASDAQ:OPHT US Ophthotech Corp 159,413,800
NASDAQ:OPK US Opko Health, Inc. 4,874,351,772
AMEX:OGEN US Oragenics, Inc. 24,193,130
NASDAQ:ORMP US Oramed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 80,038,417
NASDAQ:OREX US Orexigen Therapeutics, Inc. 414,367,640
OTC:ORGS US Orgenesis, Inc. 21,060,737
NASDAQ:OTIC US Otonomy, Inc. 368,869,455
NASDAQ:OVAS US Ovascience Inc. 41,981,750
OTC:OXIS US OXIS International, Inc. 359,181
NASDAQ:PCRX US Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 1,633,454,509
NASDAQ:PTIE US Pain Therapeutics, Inc. 27,911,160
AMEX:PTN US Palatin Technologies, Inc. 68,883,555
NASDAQ:PRTK US Paratek Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 254,954,540
OTC:PKPH US Peak Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 6,813,847
NASDAQ:PPHMP US Peregrine Pharmaceuticals, 10.50% Ser E Cumulative Convertible Preferred Stock 4,305,848,494
NASDAQ:PPHM US Peregrine Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 64,879,686
NASDAQ:PTX US Pernix Therapeutics Holdings, Inc. 147,165,960
NYSE:PRGO US Perrigo Company plc 10,701,690,419
AMEX:PFNX US Pfenex Inc. 170,505,120
NYSE:PFE US Pfizer, Inc. 200,599,426,257
AMEX:PIP US PharmAthene, Inc. 201,555,941
OTC:PARS US Pharmos Corp. 600,236
NASDAQ:PAHC US Phibro Animal Health Corporation 1,148,907,500
OTC:PVOTF US Pivot Pharmaceuticals Inc. 3,746,106
OTC:PLPL US Plandai Biotechnology, Inc. 5,908,571
NASDAQ:PTLA US Portola Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 1,330,205,638
NASDAQ:POZN US Pozen, Inc. 0
OTC:PXYN US Praxsyn Corporation 1,613,691
NYSE:PBH US Prestige Brands Holdings, Inc. 2,748,556,013
OTC:PCYN US Procyon Corp. 1,155,644
NASDAQ:PGNX US Progenics Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 613,500,800
NASDAQ:DNAI US ProNAi Therapeutics, Inc. 19,871,318
OTC:PPCH US Propanc Health Group Corp. 5,357,561
NASDAQ:PRPH US ProPhase Labs, Inc. 32,796
OTC:PRGB US Protea Biosciences Group Inc 17,003,350
OTC:PRTT US Protect Pharmaceutical Corp 375,844
OTC:PTEO US Proteo, Inc. 1,671,554
NASDAQ:PTI US Proteostasis Therapeutics, Inc. 0
NASDAQ:PRTA US Prothena Corp plc 1,449,886,090
OTC:PKTX US ProtoKinetix, Inc. 12,967,566
OTC:PVCT US Provectus Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. 3,326,252
AMEX:PVCT.WS US Provectus Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. 0
NASDAQ:PULM US Pulmatrix, Inc. 12,539,384
NYSE:PBYI US Puma Biotechnology Inc. 1,144,652,761
OTC:PMBS US PuraMed BioScience, Inc. 1,050
TSX:QLT CA Qlt Inc 68,863,080
NASDAQ:QLTI US QLT, Inc. 101,729,550
NASDAQ:RDUS US Radius Health, Inc. 1,777,992,911
NASDAQ:RPTP US Raptor Pharmaceutical Corp. 709,906,500
NASDAQ:REPH US Recro Pharma, Inc. 64,131,885
OTC:RGBPP US Regen Biopharma, Inc. 0
OTC:RGBP US Regen Biopharma, Inc.
NASDAQ:REGN US Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 41,822,729,883
OTC:RGRX US RegeneRx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. 31,473,580
NASDAQ:RGLS US Regulus Therapeutics Inc. 123,387,247
NASDAQ:RELV US Reliv' International, Inc. 54,697,500
OTC:RLMD US Relmada Therapeutics, Inc. 14,498,690
NASDAQ:RLYP US Relypsa, Inc. 1,301,925,693
OTC:RSPID US RespireRx Pharmaceuticals Inc. 1,518,581,640
OTC:RSPI US RespireRx Pharmaceuticals Inc. 7,689,021
OTC:RESX US RestorGenex Corporation 27,922,452
NASDAQ:RTRX US Retrophin, Inc. 738,475,276
NASDAQ:RVNC US Revance Therapeutics, Inc. 533,056,205
AMEX:RNN US Rexahn Pharmaceuticals, Inc, 31,005,998
OTC:RCHA US Rich Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 7,602
NASDAQ:RIGL US Rigel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 201,629,520
NASDAQ:RTTR US Ritter Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 8,987,716
NASDAQ:RXII US RXI Pharmaceuticals Corporation 34,892,083
NASDAQ:SGNT US Sagent Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 705,872,640
NASDAQ:SAGE US Sage Therapeutics, Inc. 1,492,805,253
NASDAQ:SLXP US Salix Therapeuticals, Inc. 10,981,902,690
OTC:SGBI US Sangui BioTech International, Inc. 1,744,677
NASDAQ:SNTS US Santarus, Inc 1,663,067,480,750
NASDAQ:SRPT US Sarepta Therapeutics, Inc. 1,381,191,400
NASDAQ:SCLN US SciClone Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 542,599,200
NASDAQ:MCRB US Seres Therapeutics, Inc. 247,325,524
OTC:SGTI US Shengtai Pharmaceutical, Inc. 287,547
NASDAQ:SHPG US Shire Plc. 100,957,482,593
OTC:SHPGF US Shire Plc. 33,943,113,000
NASDAQ:VPHM US Shire Viropharma Inc 3,585,329,440
OTC:SNNC US Sibannac, Inc. 3,154,895
OTC:SIGA US SIGA Technologies, Inc. 165,635,276
OTC:SIGAQ US SIGA Technologies, Inc. 59,155,456
OTC:SGTH US Signpath Pharma, Inc. 0
OTC:SKVI US Skinvisible, Inc. 0
OTC:SKBI US Skystar Bio-Pharmaceutical Company 747,135
OTC:SNGX US Soligenix, Inc. 69,856,250
NASDAQ:SPHS US Sophiris Bio, Inc. 49,292,520
NASDAQ:SPPI US Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 295,214,997
NASDAQ:STDY US SteadyMed Ltd. 28,940,696
TSXV:KLH CA Stellar Biotechnologies 0
NASDAQ:SBOT US Stellar Biotechnologies Inc. 17,917,413
NASDAQ:STML US Stemline Therapeutics, Inc. 190,179,231
NASDAQ:SCMP US Sucampo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 539,024,000
OTC:SNBP US Sun BioPharma, Inc. 18,998,785
NASDAQ:SNSS US Sunesis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 280,792,050
OTC:SUWN US Sunwin Stevia International, Inc. 18,206,655
NASDAQ:SUPN US Supernus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 1,284,125,538
NASDAQ:SNDX US Syndax Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 0
NASDAQ:SGYPW US Synergy Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 6,334,258
NASDAQ:SGYP US Synergy Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 676,709,854
NASDAQ:SGYPU US Synergy Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 1,134,887,820
NASDAQ:SNTA US Synta Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 46,294,141
AMEX:SYN US Synthetic Biologics, Inc. 69,406,895
NASDAQ:TPIV US TapImmune, Inc. 204,793,332
OTC:TPIVD US TapImmune, Inc. 271,592,874
OTC:TRGM US Targeted Medical Pharma, Inc. 544,361
NASDAQ:TLGT US Teligent, Inc. New 465,086,125
NASDAQ:TSRO US TESARO, Inc. 5,957,283,750
OTC:TLOG US TetraLogic Pharmaceuticals Corporation 1,328,901
NASDAQ:TTPH US Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 143,512,270
NASDAQ:TGTX US TG Therapeutics, Inc. 196,279,580
AMEX:TXMD US TherapeuticsMD, Inc. 994,020,074
NASDAQ:TBPH US Theravance Biopharma, Inc. 1,126,267,000
NASDAQ:THRX US Theravance, Inc. 0
NASDAQ:THLD US Threshold Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36,006,670
AMEX:TPI US Tianyin Pharmaceutical Co., Inc. 4,704,096
OTC:TPIY US Tianyin Pharmaceutical Co., Inc. 0
NASDAQ:TBRA US Tobira Therapeutics, Inc. 512,166,020
NASDAQ:TKAI US Tokai Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 22,484,343
OTC:TGLP US Tongli Pharmaceuticals (USA), Inc. 563,908
NASDAQ:TNXP US Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp. 8,899,261
NASDAQ:TRVN US Trevena, Inc. 281,159,252
OTC:TBUFF US Tribute Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc. 0
OTC:TYMI US Tyme Technologies, Inc. 156,476,188
NASDAQ:RARE US Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc. 2,526,964,716
OTC:ULUR US ULURU Inc. 1,294,962
NASDAQ:UTHR US United Therapeutics Corp. 7,577,634,842
OTC:VGEN US Vaccinogen, Inc. 3,603,653
NYSE:VRX US Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc. 5,222,748,000
NASDAQ:VNDA US Vanda Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 602,066,120
NASDAQ:VSTM US Verastem, Inc. 42,759,080
NASDAQ:VRTX US Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc. 19,635,558,164
OTC:VGLS US VG Life Sciences Inc. 193,423
NASDAQ:VKTX US Viking Therapeutics, Inc. 8,516,864
NASDAQ:VKTXW US Viking Therapeutics, Inc. 0
NASDAQ:VTGN US VistaGen Therapeutics, Inc. 6,311,606
OTC:VSTA US VistaGen Therapeutics, Inc. 12,375,699
NASDAQ:VTAE US Vitae Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 454,149,171
NASDAQ:VTL US Vital Therapies, Inc. 124,507,093
NASDAQ:VVUS US VIVUS, Inc. 123,671,940
NASDAQ:VTVT US vTv Therapeutics Inc 49,155,560
OTC:WCRX US Warner Chilcott plc
NASDAQ:WVE US WAVE Life Sciences Ltd. 288,790,012
OTC:WCUI US Wellness Center USA Inc 24,052,873
NASDAQ:XBIT US XBiotech Inc. 358,535,210
NASDAQ:XNCR US Xencor, Inc. 1,020,635,827
NASDAQ:XBIO US Xenetic Biosciences, Inc. 669,555,620
NASDAQ:XENE US Xenon Pharmaceuticals Inc. 119,253,339
NASDAQ:XNPT US XenoPort, Inc. 0
NASDAQ:ZFGN US Zafgen, Inc. 113,178,214
NYSE:ZTS US Zoetis Inc. 26,757,612,198
NASDAQ:ZGNX US Zogenix, Inc. 221,997,150
NASDAQ:ZSAN US Zosano Pharma Corporation 14,724,060
NASDAQ:ZSPH US ZS Pharma, Inc. 0
NASDAQ:ZYNE US Zynerba Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 80,773,873