Publicly Traded Operative Builders Companies - SIC Code 1531

Member Companies

This list is made from self-reported SIC codes that companies file with the SEC.

ExchangeTickerCountryNameCUSIPCIKMarket Cap
NASDAQ LGIH US LGI Homes, Inc. 50187T106 1580670
OTC VNJA US Vanjia Corporation 922060108 1532383
NASDAQ GRBK US Green Brick Partners, Inc. 392709101 1373670
NASDAQ CHCI US Comstock Holding Companies, Inc. 1299969
NYSE WCIC US WCI Communities, Inc. 92923C807 1574532
OTC UCPH US UCP Holdings, Inc. 1572684
NYSE UCP US UCP, Inc. 90265Y106 1572684
OTC WLS US Welsh Property Trust, Inc. 1095996
NYSE WLH US Lyon William Homes 552074700 1095996
NYSE CAA US CalAtlantic Group, Inc. 128195104 878560
NYSE CCS US Century Communities Inc. 156504300 1576940
NYSE MDC US M.D.C. Holdings, Inc. 552676108 773141
NYSE TMHC US Taylor Morrison Home Corp. 87724P106 1562476
NYSE MTH US Meritage Homes Corp. 59001A102 833079
NYSE MHO US M/I Homes, Inc. 55305B101 799292
NYSE MHO.PRA US M/I Homes, Inc. 799292
NYSE NVR US NVR, Inc. 62944T105 906163
NASDAQ AVHI US A V Homes, Inc. 00234P102 39677
NYSE NWHM US New Home Company Inc. 645370107 1574596
OTC BZMD US Beazer Homes USA, Inc. 915840
NYSE BZH US Beazer Homes USA, Inc. 07556Q881 915840
NYSE TPH US Tri Pointe Homes, Inc. 87265H109 1561680
NYSE DHI US D.R. Horton, Inc. 23331A109 882184
NYSE PHM US PulteGroup, Inc. 745867101 822416
NYSE KBH US KB Home 48666K109 795266
OTC HOVVB US Hovnanian Enterprises, Inc. 357294
NYSE HOV US Hovnanian Enterprises, Inc. 357294
NASDAQ HOVNP US Hovnanian Enterprises, Inc. 442487203 357294
NYSE TOL US Toll Brothers, Inc. 889478103 794170