Publicly Traded Oil And Gas Extraction Companies - SIC Code 13

List of Sub-Industries

SIC CodeSub-IndustryCompanies
131 Crude Petroleum And Natural Gas 349
138 Oil And Gas Field Services 134

Member Companies

This list is made from self-reported SIC codes that companies file with the SEC.

ExchangeTickerCountryNameCUSIPCIKMarket Cap
OTC GTSO US Green Technology Solutions, Inc. 393422308 874792
OTC SPND US Spindletop Oil & Gas Co. 848550208 867038
OTC TFVR US TimefireVR Inc. 88732W109 748268
OTC ZONX US Zonzia Media, Inc. 98979L104 356870
OTC CNXAF US Carbon Energy Ltd. 86264
OTC CNXAY US Carbon Energy Ltd. 86264
OTC CRBO US Carbon Natural Gas Company 14115T109 86264
OTC AEGG US American Energy Group, Ltd. 025636200 843212
OTC WTXR US West Texas Resources, Inc. 95628Q104 1518985
OTC AFGC US Africa Growth Corporation 1501720
OTC BRHM US Brenham Oil & Gas Corp. 1501720
OTC ALOD US Allied Resources, Inc. 1211524
OTC IDNG US Independence Energy Corp. 45343Y205 1353406
OTC REGT US Regent Technologies, Inc 319200
AMEX LLEX US Lilis Energy, Inc. 532403201 1437557
OTC AXPLF US Arabella Exploration, Inc. G5693V105 1506374
OTC AXLWF US Arabella Exploration, Inc. 1506374
OTC AXPUF US Arabella Exploration, Inc. 1506374
OTC BBLS US Petrolia Energy Corp. 1368637
OTC EMPR US Empire Petroleum Corp. 887396
AMEX UAVS US AgEagle Aerial Systems, Inc. 8504
OTC ENRJ.PR US Enerjex Resources, Inc. 8504
AMEX ENRJ US Enerjex Resources, Inc. 292758406 8504
OTC ERHE US ERHC Energy Inc. 26884J104 799235
NASDAQ PNRG US PrimeEnergy Corp. 74158E104 56868
TSXV LVL CA Lynden Energy Corp. 1622620
OTC LVLEF US Lynden Energy Corp. 551275100 1622620
NYSE LVL US Guggenheim S&P Global Dividend Opportunities Index ETF 18383M860 1622620
NASDAQ SAEX US SAExploration Holdings, Inc. 1514732
OTC SAEXW US SAExploration Holdings, Inc. 78636X204 1514732
OTC COIL US Citadel Exploration, Inc. 1482075
OTC EOPT US Eos Petro, Inc. 1419583
OTC SSNYY US Samson Oil & Gas Limited 1404079
AMEX SSN US Samson Oil & Gas Limited 796043107 1404079
OTC SSNPF US Samson Oil & Gas Limited 1404079
NASDAQ FES US Forbes Energy Services Ltd. 345143101 1434842
OTC PROP US Propell Technologies Group, Inc. 74345U102 1434110
OTC ENGT US Energy & Technology Corp. 1432963
NASDAQ TRCH US Torchlight Energy Resources, Inc. 89102U103 1431959
OTC GSPE US Gulfslope Energy, Inc. 40273W105 1341726
AMEX HUSA US Houston American Energy Corp. 44183U100 1156041
OTC DLTZ US Delta International Oil & Gas Inc. 1112985
OTC FOSI US Frontier Oilfield Services, Inc. 1108645
OTC AKVA US Arkanova Energy Corp. 040732109 1191359
NASDAQ USEG US U.S. Energy Corp. 911805109 101594
OTC USEI US US Energy Initiatives Corporation, Inc. 101594
OTC IFNY US Infinity Energy Resources, Inc. 45663L403 822746
OTC ALTX US Altex Industries, Inc. 021454103 775057
OTC VYEYD US Victory Energy Corporation 700764
OTC VYEY US Victory Energy Corp. 700764
OTC PRHR US Petroshare Corp 1568079
OTC HENC US Holloman Energy Corp. 435694104 1324736
NASDAQ ESES US Eco-Stim Energy Solutions Inc. 27888D101 1135657
AMEX TGC US Tengasco, Inc. 88033R205 1001614
OTC HDYNQ US Hyperdynamics Corp 937136
OTC HDYN US HyperDynamics Corp. 448954206 937136
OTC TTII US Tree Top Industries, Inc. 356590
OTC GTII US Global Tech Industries Group, Inc. 356590
AMEX ENSV US Enservco Corp. 29358Y102 319458
OTC ANFC US Black Ridge Oil & Gas, Inc. 09216Q103 1490161
OTC CEGX US Cardinal Energy Group, Inc. 1408351
OTC KKPT US KoKo Petroleum, Inc. 1408351
OTC CRLFF US Cardinal Energy Ltd. 14150G400 1408351
OTC AVOI US Advanced Voice Recognition Systems, Inc. 1342936
AMEX GBR US New Concept Energy, Inc. 643611106 105744
OTC RSRV US Reserve Petroleum Company (The) 761102102 83350
OTC RCAR US RenovaCare, Inc. 75988J106 1016708
NASDAQ DWSN US Dawson Geophysical Company 239360100 799165
NASDAQ AXAS US Abraxas Petroleum Corp. 003830106 867665
OTC ERINQ US Erin Energy Corp 1402281
AMEX ERN US Erin Energy Corp. 295625107 1402281
NASDAQ EVEP US EV Energy Partners, LP 1361937
OTC ROYL US Royale Energy, Inc. 78074G200 864839
AMEX REI US Ring Energy, Inc. 76680V108 1384195
NYSE ATW US Atwood Oceanics, Inc. 050095108 8411
NYSE HAL US Halliburton Co. 406216101 45012
NYSE NGS US Natural Gas Services Group, Inc. 63886Q109 1084991
NYSE EOG US EOG Resources, Inc. 26875P101 821189
AMEX CKX US CKX Lands, Inc. 12562N104 352955
NASDAQ VNOM US Viper Energy Partners LP 92763M105 1602065
NYSE ECR US Eclipse Resources Corp. 27890G100 1600470
NYSE BCEI US Bonanza Creek Energy, Inc. 097793103 1509589
NASDAQ HERO US Hercules Offshore, Inc. 427093109 1330849
NASDAQ DMLP US Dorchester Minerals, L.P. 25820R105 1172358
OTC PTQEP US Petroquest Energy, Inc. 872248
NYSE PQ US Petroquest Energy, Inc. 716748108 872248
NYSE CRK US Comstock Resources, Inc. 205768203 23194
OTC LOGL US Legend Oil and Gas, Ltd 52490C101 1140414
OTC GLRI US Glori Energy Inc 379606106 1597131
OTC GLRIW US Glori Energy Inc 379606114 1597131
NYSE SBOW US SilverBow Resources, Inc. 82836G102 351817
NYSE SFY US Swift Energy Company 870738101 351817
OTC SWTF US Swift Energy Company 351817
OTC PEKN US Perkins Oil & Gas Inc. 1567802
OTC PRKO US Perkins Oil & Gas Incorporated 1567802
OTC KTEL US KonaTel, Inc. 845819
OTC DALP US Dala Petroleum Corp. 845819
OTC RPCGF US RPC Group Plc 742278
OTC RPCGY US RPC Group Plc 000719737 742278
NYSE RES US RPC, Inc. 749660106 742278
NYSE RSPP US RSP Permian, Inc. 74978Q105 1588216
NASDAQ MCEP US Mid-Con Energy Partners, LP 59560V109 1527709
NYSE OII US Oceaneering International, Inc. 675232102 73756
NASDAQ UPL US Ultra Petroleum Corp. 903914208 1022646
OTC UPLMQ US Ultra Petroleum Corp. 903914109 1022646
NYSE ICD US Independence Contract Drilling Inc 453415309 1537028
OTC CNRR US CN Resources, Inc. 12623A109 1494809
OTC LRDC US Laredo Oil, Inc 516808102 1442492
OTC HKEB US HK eBus Corporation 1350421
OTC FGCO US Financial Gravity Companies, Inc. 1377167
OTC POIL US Pacific Oil Co. 1377167
OTC SENYD US Sauer Energy, Inc. 1446152
OTC SENY US Sauer Energy, Inc. 804136109 1446152
OTC BBII US Brisset Beer International, Inc. 1495648
OTC CIIT US Tianci International Inc. 1557798
OTC SPWZ US Steampunk Wizards, Inc. 1557798
OTC DNRG US Dominovas Energy Corporation 25754X102 1343254
OTC PTRC US Petro River Oil Corp. 71647K105 1172298
OTC BKRP US Black Rock Petroleum Company 1580095
OTC TXSO US Texas South Energy, Inc. 1506742
OTC TPAC US Trans-Pacific Aerospace Company, Inc. 1422295
OTC AMAZ US Amazing Energy Oil & Gas Co. 1375618
OTC DDRI US Diversified Resources, Inc. 25532B109 1509692
OTC AOGN US Avalon Oil & Gas, Inc. 918573
OTC PTCO US PetroGas Company 1609258
OTC AREN US America Resources Exploration Inc. 1609258
OTC FTTN US First Titan Corp. 1502152
OTC SOAN US AngioSoma, Inc. 1502152
OTC TRXO US T-Rex Oil, Inc. 1287900
OTC FRHC US Freedom Holding Corp. 924805
NASDAQ BMBMD US Freedom Holding Corp. 924805
OTC FRHC US Freedom Holding Corp. 924805
OTC BMBM US BMB Munai, Inc. 09656A105 924805
OTC PTRA US PetroTerra Corp. 1463208
NASDAQ RCON US Recon Technology, Ltd. G7415M108 1442620
AMEX CEI US Camber Energy 549333201 1309082
OTC GBLX US GrowBlox Sciences, Inc. 399847102 1165320
AMEX MXC US Mexco Energy Corp. 592770101 66418
AMEX BRN US Barnwell Industries, Inc. 068221100 10048
OTC CCTC US Clean Coal Technologies, Inc. 18450P200 1445109
OTC EXNT US EnXnet, Inc. 29411J100 1083706
OTC FROT US Falconridge Oil Technologies Corp. 1401859
OTC ARAO US AuraSource, Inc. 1083922
OTC MJMD US MediJane Holdings Inc. 1493212
OTC DENR US Discovery Energy Corp. 803022102 1435387
OTC FTMR US Fortem Resources Inc. 1382231
OTC STBR US Strongbow Resources Inc. 1382231
OTC NRIS US Norris Industries, Inc. 1603793
OTC INWP US International Western Petroleum Inc. 1603793
OTC DBRM US Daybreak Oil & Gas, Inc. 1164256
OTC OPMZ US 1pm Industries, Inc. 68276T100 859747
OTC TNKY US TN-K Energy Group, Inc. 942650
OTC TENG US Trans Energy, Inc. 89323B306 919721
OTC UAPC US United American Petroleum Corp. 1321516
OTC AMIH US American International Holdings Corp. 1300524
TSXV MNP CA Mnp Petroleum Corporatio 1074447
OTC MNAP US MNP Petroleum Corporation 1074447
OTC SPRN US Supernova Energy, Inc. 1486597
OTC STLT US Spotlight Innovation Inc. 1388486
OTC ARET US Arete Industries, Inc. 820901
OTC FPPP US Fieldpoint Petroleum Corp 316736
AMEX FPP.WS US FieldPoint Petroleum Corp. Warrants 316570126 316736
AMEX FPP US FieldPoint Petroleum Corp. 316570100 316736
OTC MPGS US Malaysia Pro-Guardians Security Management Corporation 1510949
OTC CETG US Capital City Energy Group, Inc. 1386041
OTC NWTR US New Western Energy Corp 1479488
OTC RDMPQ US Red Mountain Resources, Inc. 1483496
OTC RDMP US Red Mountain Resources, Inc. 1483496
OTC PGSI US Pegasi Energy Resources Corp. 1363254
OTC SNRE US Sable Natural Resources Corporation 1475899
OTC SNREQ US Sable Natural Resources Corporation 1475899
OTC PKPL US Park Place Energy Inc. 1310982
OTC WRESQ US Warren Resources, Inc. 892986
NASDAQ WRES US Warren Resources, Inc. 93564A100 892986
NASDAQ FXENP US FX Energy, Inc. 9.25% Series B Preferred 302695309 907649
NASDAQ FXEN US FX Energy, Inc. 302695101 907649
AMEX EPM-A US Evolution Petroleum Corporation, Inc., 8.5#% Series A Preferred 30049A206 1006655
AMEX EPM US Evolution Petroleum Corp. 30049A107 1006655
NASDAQ AREX US Approach Resources, Inc. 03834A103 1405073
NYSE RIGP US Transocean Partners LLC Y8977Y100 1607250
OTC GMETP US GeoMet, Inc. 37250U201 1352302
OTC GMET US GeoMet, Inc. 1352302
OTC BNXR US Brinx Resources Ltd. 1212641
OTC RGFR US Rangeford Resources Inc. 1438035
OTC AMSE US American Sands Energy Corp. 02936R105 1432001
OTC STTX US Stratex Oil & Gas Holdings, Inc. 86280B105 1482361
OTC XBOR US Cross Border Resources, Inc. 1373485
OTC TCEC US TransCoastal Corporation 1046057
OTC HKNI US HKN, Inc. 313478
OTC MHPCD US Manufactured Housing Properties Inc. 1277998
OTC MHPC US Manufactured Housing Properties Inc. 1277998
OTC STAK US Stack-It Storage, Inc. 1277998
OTC ANRCF US Altona Resources Plc. 1550929
AMEX EOX US Emerald Oil, Inc. 29101U209 1283843
OTC EOGSF US Emerald Oil & Gas NL 1283843
OTC EOXLQ US Emerald Oil, Inc. 1283843
OTC HEVI US Heavy Earth Resources, Inc. 1301874
OTC EFLO US EFLO Energy, Inc. 1448806
OTC GAXFF US Rosehearty Energy, Inc. 1340282
NASDAQ ROSG US Rosetta Genomics, Ltd. M82183126 1340282
OTC VNHLF US Rose Pete PLC 1340282
NASDAQ ROSE US Rosetta Resources, Inc. 777779307 1340282
NYSE RRMS US Rose Rock Midstream, L.P. 777149105 1340282
OTC BYIN US Baying Ecological Holding Group Inc 1333519
OTC NXFI US Next Fuel, Inc. 1422949
OTC HECCQ US Hydrocarb Energy Corporation 1425808
OTC HECC US Hydrocarb Energy Corporation 448838300 1425808
OTC AOIX US American Oil & Gas, Inc. 1544400
OTC HMLA US Homeland Resources Ltd. 1409624
OTC BSPE US Blacksands Petroleum, Inc. 1308137
OTC YUMA.PRA US Yuma Energy, Inc. 81318
AMEX YUMA US Yuma Energy, Inc. 98872E108 81318
OTC APHE US Alpha Energy Inc. 855787
OTC BRLL US Barrel Energy Inc 1631463
AMEX PED US Pedevco Corp. 70532Y204 1141197
OTC GDPAN US Goodrich Petroleum Corp. 382410905 943861
OTC GDANQ US Goodrich Petroleum Corp. 943861
AMEX GDP US Goodrich Petroleum Corporation 382410405 943861
OTC GDPAQ US Goodrich Petroleum Corp. 943861
OTC GDUEQ US Goodrich Petroleum Corp. 943861
OTC GDPMQ US Goodrich Petroleum Corp. 943861
OTC GDAOQ US Goodrich Petroleum Corp. 943861
OTC GDRRQ US Goodrich Petroleum Corp. 943861
NYSE HNR US Harvest Natural Resources, Inc. 41754V103 845289
OTC SOGCQ US Sabine Oil & Gas Corporation 78532P107 38079
OTC BDCO US Blue Dolphin Energy Co. 793306
OTC ATLS US Atlas Energy Group, LLC 04929Q102 1623595
NYSE CELP US Cypress Energy Partners, L.P. 232751107 1587246
AGP US Amerigroup Corp 03073T102 1572702
OTC ARP.PRE US Atlas Resource Partners L.P. 1532750
OTC ARP.PRD US Atlas Resource Partners L.P. 1532750
OTC TTEN US Titan Energy, LLC 88829M105 1532750
NYSE ARP^D US Atlas Resource Partners, L.P. 1532750
NYSE ARP^E US Atlas Resource Partners, L.P. 1532750
NYSE ARP US Atlas Resource Partners L.P. 04941A101 1532750
NYSE SD US Sandridge Energy Inc. 80007P869 1349436
OTC SDOCQ US Sandridge Energy, Inc. 1349436
OTC SDRXP US Sandridge Energy, Inc. 1349436
OTC SDRPQ US Sandridge Energy, Inc. 1349436
OTC SDRXQ US Sandridge Energy, Inc. 1349436
OTC CHPE US Chaparral Energy Inc 1346980
OTC TGRO US Tiger Oil and Energy, Inc. 1386018
AMEX SNMP US Sanchez Midstream Partners LP 1362705
AMEX SPP US Sanchez Production Partners LLC 79971C201 1362705
NASDAQ ZN US Zion Oil & Gas, Inc. 989696109 1131312
NASDAQ ZNWAA US Zion Oil & Gas, Inc. 989696909 1131312
NASDAQ TELL US Tellurian Inc. 87968A104 61398
NASDAQ MPET US Magellan Petroleum Corp. 559091608 61398
OTC KEGX US Key Energy Services, Inc. 492914906 318996
NYSE KEG US Key Energy Services, Inc. 492914106 318996
NYSE MPO US Midstates Petroleum Company, Inc. 59804T407 1533924
OTC MPOYQ US Midstates Petroleum Company, Inc. 59804T100 1533924
OTC LNCOQ US LinnCo, LLC 535782956 1549756
NASDAQ LNCO US Linn Co, LLC 535782106 1549756
OTC SRSG US Sears Oil and Gas Corp. 1434737
OTC LNGG US Linn Energy Inc 1326428
OTC LINEQ US Linn Energy, LLC 1326428
NASDAQ LINE US Linn Energy, LLC 536020100 1326428
OTC WHZT US Whiting USA Trust II 1537058
NYSE WHZ US Whiting USA Trust II 966388100 1537058
NYSE EGY US VAALCO Energy, Inc. 91851C201 894627
NASDAQ ISRL US Isramco, Inc. 465141406 719209
NYSE TTI US TETRA Technologies, Inc. 88162F105 844965
NYSE PHX US Panhandle Oil and Gas, Inc. 698477106 315131
NYSE BSM US Black Stone Minerals LP 09225M101 1621434
NYSE CJ US C&J Energy Services, Inc. 1615817
NYSE CJES US C&J Energy Services Ltd. 12674R100 1615817
NASDAQ MRD US Memorial Resource Development Corp. 58605Q109 1599222
OTC PGNPQ US Paragon Offshore plc G6S01W108 1594590
OTC GULTU US Gulf Coast Ultra Deep Royalty Trust 40222T104 1565146
NYSE SDR US SandRidge Mississippian Trust II 1538267
NYSE PER US SandRidge Permian Trust 80007A102 1521168
NYSE SDT US SandRidge Mississippian Trust I 80007T101 1509228
NYSE VOC US VOC Energy Trust 91829B103 1505413
NYSE ECT US ECA Marcellus Trust I 26827L109 1487798
NASDAQ CCLP US CSI Compressco LP 12637A103 1449488
NYSE OAS US Oasis Petroleum Inc. 674215108 1486159
OTC REXX US Rex Energy Corp. 761565100 1397516
OTC RXNRP US Rex Energy Corp. 6% Convertible Series A 761565209 1397516
NYSE MVO US MV Oil Trust 553859109 1371782
OTC EEXXQ US Energy XXI Ltd. 1343719
OTC EXIXQ US Energy XXI Ltd. 1343719
OTC EXXIQ US Energy XXI Ltd. 1343719
NASDAQ EXXI US Energy XXI Ltd. G10082140 1343719
AMEX NOG US Northern Oil and Gas, Inc. 665531109 1104485
NYSE ESTE US Earthstone Energy, Inc. 27032D205 10254
TSX TNP CA Transatlantic Petroleum 1092289
AMEX TAT US TransAtlantic Petroleum Ltd. G89982113 1092289
NYSE CWEI US Williams (CLAYTON) Energy, Inc. 969490101 880115
NYSE EQT US EQT Corp. 26884L109 33213
NYSE EGN US Energen Corp. 29265N108 277595
NYSE KOS US Kosmos Energy Ltd. G5315B107 1509991
OTC SNZYP US Sanchez Energy Corporation 1528837
NYSE SN US Sanchez Energy Corporation 79970Y105 1528837
OTC SCAZP US Sanchez Energy Corporation 1528837
NASDAQ NESCQ US Nuverra Environmental Solutions, Inc. 1403853
AMEX NES US Nuverra Environmental Solutions, Inc. 67091K203 1403853
OTC NESC US Nuverra Environmental Solutions, Inc. 1403853
NASDAQ BBEPP US Breitburn Energy Partners LP, 8.25% Series A Preferred Units 106776115 1357371
OTC BBPPQ US Breitburn Energy Partners LP, 8.25% Series A Preferred 1357371
NASDAQ BBEP US Breitburn Energy Partners LP 106776107 1357371
OTC BBEPQ US Breitburn Energy Partners LP 1357371
NYSE HK.WS US Halcon Resources Corporation 1282648
OTC HKRCP US Halcon Resources Corporation 1282648
NYSE HK US Halcon Resources Corporation 40537Q209 1282648
AMEX MCF US Contango Oil & Gas Company 21075N204 1071993
NYSE REN US Resolute Energy Corp. 1469510
NYSE REN US Resolute Energy Corporation 076116A30 1469510
NYSE DNR US Denbury Resources Inc. 247916208 945764
NASDAQ PDCE US PDC Energy, Inc. 69327R101 77877
NYSE MUR US Murphy Oil Corp. 626717102 717423
OTC MUR.WI US Murphy Oil Corp. 626717952 717423
NYSE HP US Helmerich & Payne, Inc. 423452101 46765
NYSE APA US Apache Corp. 037411105 6769
NYSE PE US Parsley Energy, Inc. 701877102 1594466
OTC JNEEP US Jones Energy, Inc. 1573166
NYSE JONE US Jones Energy, Inc. 48019R108 1573166
NYSE CHKR US Chesapeake Granite Wash Trust 165185109 1524769
NYSE MTDR US Matador Resources Co. 576485205 1520006
NYSE SEMG US Semgroup Corp. 81663A105 1489136
NYSE SGY US Stone Energy Corp. 861642106 904080
OTC CHKDP US Chesapeake Energy Corp., 5.75% Cumulative Preferred Stock 165167768 895126
OTC CHKDJ US Chesapeake Energy Corp., 5.75% Cumulative Convertible Preferred Stock, Reg S U16450204 895126
OTC CHKWZ US Chesapeake Energy Corp. 895126
OTC CHKDG US Chesapeake Energy Corp., 5.00% Cumulative Convertible Preferred Stock 165167826 895126
NYSE CHK US Chesapeake Energy Corp. 165167107 895126
OTC CKRGZ US Chesapeake Energy Corp., 5.75% 144A Preferred Stock 165167784 895126
NYSE CHK.PRD US Chesapeake Energy Corp., 4.50% Cumulative Convertible Preferred Stock 165167842 895126
OTC CHKDH US Chesapeake Energy Corp., 5.00% 2005B Cumulative Convertible Preferred Stock 144A 165167834 895126
OTC CHKVZ US Chesapeake Energy Corp. 895126
OTC CHK.WI US Chesapeake Energy Corp. 895126
OTC CHKVP US Chesapeake Energy Corp., 5.75% Cumulative Convertible Preferred Stock Series A 165167750 895126
NASDAQ GPOR US Gulfport Energy Corp. 402635304 874499
NYSE IO US ION Geophysical Corp. 462044207 866609
NYSE UNT US Unit Corp. 909218109 798949
NYSE OXY US Occidental Petroleum Corp. 674599105 797468
NYSE PKD US Parker Drilling Co. 701081101 76321
NYSE PARR US Par Pacific Holdings Inc. 69888T207 821483
NYSE CRC US California Resources Corp. 13057Q107 1609253
NYSE RICE US Rice Energy Inc. 762760106 1588238
NYSE EPE US EP Energy Corporation 268785102 1584952
NASDAQ FANG US Diamondback Energy, Inc. 25278X109 1539838
NYSE NE US Noble Corporation plc G65431101 1458891
NYSE RIG US Transocean, Inc. H8817H100 1451505
NYSE LPI US Laredo Petroleum, Inc. 516806106 1528129
NYSE WPX US WPX Energy, Inc. 98212B103 1518832
NYSE WPXP US WPX Energy, 6.25% Series A Mandatory Convertible Cumulative Preferred Stock 98212B202 1518832
AMEX GST.PRB US Gastar Exploration, Inc. 10.75% Series B Cumulative Preferred Stock 1431372
AMEX GST.PRA US Gastar Exploration, Inc. 8.625% Series A Cumulative Preferred Stock 1431372
AMEX GST-B US Gastar Exploration Inc. 10.75% Series B Preferred 36729P306 1431372
AMEX GST-A US Gastar Exploration Inc. 7.625% Series A Preferred 36729P207 1431372
AMEX GST US Gastar Exploration Inc. 36729W202 1431372
NYSE CXO US Concho Resources, Inc. 20605P101 1358071
NYSE WTI US W & T Offshore, Inc. 92922P106 1288403
NYSE BBG US Bill Barrett Corp. 06846N104 1172139
SGX N21 SG Noble Group Limited 1169055
OTC NOBGF US Noble Group Ltd. 099742984 1169055
OTC NOBGY US Noble Group Ltd. 65504R104 1169055
NYSE XEC US Cimarex Energy Co. 171798101 1168054
NASDAQ CRZO US Carrizo Oil & Gas, Inc. 144577103 1040593
NYSE MRO US Marathon Oil Corp. 565849106 101778
NYSE CPE.PRA US Callon Petroleum Co. 928022
NYSE CPE US Callon Petroleum Co. 13123X102 928022
NYSE SM US SM Energy Co 78454L100 893538
NYSE RDC US Rowan Companies plc G7665A101 85408
NYSE CLR US Continental Resources, Inc. 212015101 732834
OTC CTLR US Continental Resources, Inc. 732834
NYSE NBL US Noble Energy, Inc. 655044105 72207
NYSE XCO US EXCO Resources, Inc. 269279402 316300
NYSE ROYT US Pacific Coast Oil Trust 694103102 1538822
OTC AMPY US Amplify Energy Corp. 032113102 1521847
NASDAQ LGCYP US Legacy Reserves LP 1358831
NASDAQ LGCYO US Legacy Reserves LP 1358831
NASDAQ LGCY US Legacy Reserves LP 524707304 1358831
TSX GTE CA Gran Tierra Energy Inc. 1273441
AMEX GTE US Gran Tierra Energy, Inc. 38500T101 1273441
NYSE DVN US Devon Energy Corp. 25179M103 1090012
NYSE NFX US Newfield Exploration Company 651290108 912750
NYSE COG US Cabot Oil & Gas Corp. 127097103 858470
OTC CIEIQ US Cobalt Intl Energy Inc 019075FAB 1471261
NYSE CIE US Cobalt International Energy, Inc. 19075F106 1471261
OTC WGRP US Willbros Group Inc. 1449732
NYSE WG US Willbros Group, Inc. 969203108 1449732
AMEX SRCI US SRC Energy Inc 87164P103 1413507
AMEX SYRG US Synergy Resources Corp. 78470V108 1413507
NASDAQ VNRAP US Vanguard Natural Resources, 7.875% Series A Cumul Redeemable Preferred Units 92205F205 1384072
OTC VNRR US Vanguard Natural Resources, Inc. 1384072
NASDAQ VNRCP US Vanguard Natural Resources, 7.75% Series C Cumul Redeemable Preferred Units 92205F403 1384072
NASDAQ VNRBP US Vanguard Natural Resources, 7.625% Series B Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Units 92205F304 1384072
NASDAQ VNR US Vanguard Natural Resources, LLC 92205F106 1384072
NYSE NBR.PRA US Nabors Industries Ltd. 6.00% Mandatory Convertible Preferred Shares, Series A 1163739
NYSE NBR US Nabors Industries Ltd. G6359F103 1163739
NASDAQ PTEN US Patterson-UTI Energy, Inc. 703481101 889900
NYSE DO US Diamond Offshore Drilling, Inc. 25271C102 949039
NYSE APC US Anadarko Petroleum Corp. 032511107 773910
NYSE AEUA US Anadarko Petroleum Corp., 7.50% Tangible Equity Units due 6/7/2018 032511404 773910
NYSE EEQ US Enbridge Energy Management LLC. 29250X103 1173911
NYSE SPN US Superior Energy Services, Inc. 868157108 886835
NASDAQ PVAC US Penn VA Corp 70788V102 77159
OTC PVAYQ US Penn Virginia Corp. 77159
NYSE PVA US Penn Virginia Corporation 707882106 77159
NYSE PES US Pioneer Energy Services Corp. 723664108 320575
NYSE FI US Frank's International NV N33462107 1575828
OTC TEGY US Transact Energy Corp 1383394
OTC RGRLF US Range Resources Ltd. 315852
NYSE RRC US Range Resources Corp. 75281A109 315852
OTC RGRYY US Range Resources Ltd. 752901405 315852
NYSE ESV US Ensco plc G3157S106 314808
NYSE WLL US Whiting Petroleum Corp. 966387102 1255474
NYSE PXD US Pioneer Natural Resources Co. 723787107 1038357
NYSE SLB US Schlumberger Ltd. 806857108 87347
NYSE AR US Antero Resources Corporation 03674X106 1433270
NYSE QEP US QEP Resources, Inc. 74733V100 1108827
OTC VOIL US Virtus Oil and Gas Corp. 1478725
OTC VOILD US Virtus Oil and Gas Corp. 92834V100 1478725
NASDAQ SVNT US Seventy Seven Energy Inc. 1532930
NYSE BAS US Basis Energy Services, Inc. 06985P100 1109189
NYSE HLX US Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc. 42330P107 866829
NYSE CLB US Core Laboratories N.V. N22717107 1000229
NYSE SWN US Southwestern Energy Co. 845467109 7332
NYSE SWNC US Southwestern Energy Co. 845467208 7332
OTC KWKAQ US Quicksilver Resources Inc. 74837R104 1060990
OTC NEGY US Nation Energy, Inc. 1081183
OTC MWOG US Midwest Oil and Gas, Inc. 1486315
OTC TPLM US Triangle Petroleum Corp. 89600B201 1281922
OTC STWS US STW Resources Holding Corp 1357838
OTC STWSQ US STW Resources Holding Corp 1357838
OTC ESSE US Earth Search Sciences, Inc. 270313208 752634
OTC ESCSQ US Escalera Resources Co. 296064108 29834
OTC ESCRQ US Escalera Resources Co. 29834
NYSE EMES US Emerge Energy Services LP 29102H108 1555177
OTC SARAQ US Saratoga Resources, Inc. 803521103 1096339
OTC PSTRQ US PostRock Energy Corp 1473061
OTC PSTR US PostRock Energy Corp 737525105 1473061
OTC NSLPQ US New Source Energy Partners LP 1560443
OTC NUSPQ US New Source Energy Partners LP 1560443
NYSE NSLP^A US New Source Energy Partners L.P. 1560443
OTC VTGDF US Vantage Drilling Co. G93205113 1419428
VTG US 1419428
OTC MHRC US Magnum Hunter Resources Corp. 55973B102 1335190
OTC MAGH US Magnum Hunter Resources, Inc. 1335190
OTC SXCL US Steel Excel Inc. 858122203 709804
NYSE MWE US MarkWest Energy Partners, LP 570759100 1166036
OTC HENI US Hinto Energy, Inc. 1087734
OTC JYHW US Jayhawk Energy, Inc. 472100106 1308710
OTC DWOG US Deep Well Oil & Gas, Inc. 869495
OTC ZAZA US ZaZa Energy Corp 98919T100 1528393
OTC OEDVQ US Osage Exploration and Development, Inc. 1405686
OTC OEDV US Osage Exploration and Development, Inc. 1405686
OTC SQTI US Solar Quartz Technologies, Inc 1497649
OTC VNGE US Vanguard Energy Corporation 92203D301 1497649
OTC ENDRQ US Endeavour International Corp. 29259G200 1112412
OTC HWKR US Hawker Energy, Inc. 1415286
OTC MNVN US Mondial Ventures, Inc. 1284452
OTC CRMI US Core Resource Management, Inc. 1581312
OTC CRMIQ US Core Resource Management, Inc. 1581312
OTC SKPI US Sky Petroleum, Inc. 1183276
OTC SAGA US Saga Energy, Inc. 1386765
OTC MNHD US Mongolia Holdings, Inc. 1392960
OTC NAMG US North American Oil & Gas Corp. 1515635
OTC SRGG US Surge Global Energy, Inc. 1053648
OTC HIITQ US Hii Technologies, Inc. 1085254
OTC TXJK US Texas Jack Oil & Gas Corp. 882539109 1598308
OTC AOILQ US Armada Oil, Inc. 042150102 1081074
OTC CBNR US Cubic Energy, Inc. 229675103 319156
OTC BPZRQ US BPZ Resources, Inc. 055639108 1023734
RGP US Regency Energy Partners Lp 75885Y107 1338613
OTC MILPQ US Miller Energy Resources, Inc. 600527105 785968
OTC MILOQ US Miller Energy Resources, Inc. 785968
OTC MILLQ US Miller Energy Resources, Inc. 785968
OTC WGAS US Worthington Energy, Inc. 1342643
OTC OCTX US Octagon 88 Resources Inc. 1444837
OTC GASEE US GASE Energy, Inc. 1539574
OTC GASE US GASE Energy, Inc. 1539574
OTC GWPC US Wholehealth Products, Inc. 1359699
OTC BKKN US Bakken Resources, Inc. 05758P107 1450390
OTC OGNG US Bravo Enterprises Ltd. 746631
OTC ECCE US Eagle Ford Oil & Gas, Corp. 847416
OTC RIOB US Rio Bravo Oil, Inc. 1502774
OTC ANEC US American Natural Energy Corp. 870732
OTC GEOR US GeoPetro Resources Co. 37248H304 1116927
OTC EESI US Encompass Energy Services, Inc. 1430415
OTC AXLM US Auxillium Energy, Inc. 1478132
OTC PSSS US Puissant Industries, Inc. 1511618
OTC COCBF US Coastal Caribbean Oils & Minerals, Ltd. 190432203 21239
OTC CHAG US Chancellor Group, Inc. 15883D101 894544
OTC DLTA US Delta Oil & Gas, Inc. 1166847
OTC BECC US Breitling Energy Corporation 1229089
OTC CDVIQ US Cal Dive International, Inc. 12802T101 1364100
OTC PEII US Petron Energy II, Inc. 1467434
OTC FEECQ US Far East Energy Corp. 307325100 1124024
OTC TAMO US Tamm Oil & Gas Corp. 1374845
OTC IVANF US Ivanhoe Energy, Inc. 465790301 1106935
OTC BRPC US Black River Petroleum Corp. 1479000
OTC OTTV US Viva Entertainment Group, Inc. 1479000
OTC CRCL US Circle Star Energy Corp. 1439971
OTC ROGI US Radiant Oil & Gas, Inc. 928447
EQU US Equal Energy Ltd. 29390Q109 1492832
OTC ABBY US Abby, Inc. 00287T209 1478535
OTC TAGG US TagLikeMe Corp. 87378P105 1323143
OTC AAPH US American Petro-Hunter, Inc. 1040482
OTC NAGP US Native American Energy Group, Inc. 638691105 1499501
OTC DLOV US Daleco Resources Corp. 23437P208 746967
OTC DUCP US Daulton Capital Corp. 1437467
OTC PHUN US PetroHunter Energy Corp. 1298824
OTC AEDC US American Energy Development Corp. 02563A102 1499735
OTC RTSO US RTS Oil Holdings, Inc. 1425264
OTC VDDA US Vadda Energy Corp. 1082492
OTC TECO US Treaty Energy Corporation 89465N100 1075773
OTC NORX US Norstra Energy, Inc. 65654V103 1548261
OTC EFIR US EGPI Firecreek, Inc. 1106848
OTC ASENQ US American Standard Energy Corp. 1349976
OTC SNVP US Savoy Energy Corp. 80534P200 1437751
OTC TNGS US Titan Oil & Gas, Inc. 1446414
OTC WEYI US Westpoint Energy Inc 1522164
OTC CUAU US Casablanca Mining Ltd. 14712T106 1454007
OTC PVRS US Providence Resources, Inc. 1112064
OTC PVDRF US Providence Resources Inc. 1112064
PXP US Plains Exploration & Production Co 726505100 891456
OTC SNKTY US Independence Resources Plc 45378C102 789944