Publicly Traded Advertising Agencies Companies - SIC Code 7311

Member Companies

This list is made from self-reported SIC codes that companies file with the SEC.

ExchangeTickerCountryNameCUSIPCIKMarket Cap
NASDAQ SRAX US Social Reality, Inc. 1538217
OTC SCRI US Social Reality Inc. 83362P300 1538217
OTC SCRID US Social Reality Inc. 1538217
NASDAQ CNET US ChinaNet Online Holdings, Inc. 16949H102 1376321
NYSE OMC US Omnicom Group, Inc. 681919106 29989
OTC CLDS US Cloud Security Corporation 18911V200 1516079
OTC STCBD US Starco Brands, Inc. 1539850
OTC STCB US Starco Brands, Inc. 1539850
OTC ISYG US Insynergy Products, Inc. 1539850
OTC ORNT US Ournett Holdings, Inc. 1590685
OTC SEEK US, Inc. 1122130
NASDAQ RLOC US ReachLocal, Inc. 75525F104 1297336
NYSE TLRA US Telaria, Inc. 89484Q100 1375796
NYSE TRMR US Tremor Video, Inc. 879181105 1375796
NYSE YUME US YuMe, Inc. 98872B104 1415624
NASDAQ MDCA US MDC Partners, Inc. 552697104 876883
NASDAQ CRTO US Criteo S.A 226718104 1576427
NASDAQ GRPN US Groupon, Inc. 399473107 1490281
NYSE IPG US Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc. (The) 460690100 51644
OTC OSLH US OSL Holdings Inc. 1329957
OTC PRKI US Perk International Inc 71400X104 1579717
OTC DNAX US DNA Brands, Inc. 23328Q109 1419995
OTC COYR US Coyote Resources, Inc. 1392121
OTC NRGT US Energy Today Inc. 1499618