Activist Investor 13D, 13G Filings

This page shows a list of all the recent 13D/G filings made by Gilead Capital LP

This table shows recent activist investor (Schedule 13D) and passive investor (13G) filings made. Any investor or hedge fund that makes an investment with the intention of influencing management is considered an activist investor and must file a 13D.

DateForm Target Prev
Change in Shares
2017‑01‑11 SC 13D/A LDR / Landauer 481,415 481,415 0.00 5.0
2016‑12‑19 SC 13D/A LDR / Landauer 480,215 481,415 0.25 5.0
2016‑11‑28 SC 13D/A LDR / Landauer 480,215 480,215 0.00 5.0
2016‑11‑22 SC 13D LDR / Landauer 480,215 5.0