August 09, 2016 - KLR Energy Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ:ROSE) has filed a financial statement reporting Deferred State And Local Income Tax Expense Benefit of $0 USD. Previously, on February 27, 2017, KLR Energy Acquisition Corp. reported Deferred State And Local Income Tax Expense Benefit of $0 USD.

Period EndPeriodValue
2015-12-31 2015-A 0
2016-12-31 2016-A 0
2017-12-31 2017-A 153,000
AllocatedShareBasedCompensationExpense AssetRetirementObligationAccretionExpense CurrentFederalStateAndLocalTaxExpenseBenefit CurrentStateAndLocalTaxExpenseBenefit DeferredFederalIncomeTaxExpenseBenefit DeferredFederalStateAndLocalTaxExpenseBenefit DeferredIncomeTaxExpenseBenefit DeferredStateAndLocalIncomeTaxExpenseBenefit DeferredTaxAssetsTaxDeferredExpenseCompensationAndBenefits ExplorationExpense GeneralAndAdministrativeExpense IncomeTaxExpenseBenefit IncomeTaxReconciliationIncomeTaxExpenseBenefitAtFederalStatutoryIncomeTaxRate IncomeTaxReconciliationNondeductibleExpense IncreaseDecreaseInPrepaidDeferredExpenseAndOtherAssets InterestExpense LeaseAndRentalExpense LeaseOperatingExpense NaturalGasProductionRevenue NonoperatingIncomeExpense OilAndCondensateRevenue OilAndGasSalesRevenue OperatingExpenses OtherNonoperatingIncomeExpense PrepaidExpenseAndOtherAssetsCurrent ProductionTaxExpense SalesRevenueNet TaxCutsandJobsActof2017IncomeTaxExpenseBenefit

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