August 07, 2018 - ITRON INC /WA/ (NASDAQ:ITRI) has filed a financial statement reporting Weighted Average Number Of Shares Outstanding Basic of $39,243,000 USD. Previously, on May 15, 2018, ITRON INC /WA/ reported Weighted Average Number Of Shares Outstanding Basic of $38,945,000 USD. This represents a change of 0.77% in Weighted Average Number Of Shares Outstanding Basic.

Period EndPeriodValue
2018-06-30 2018-Q2 39,243,000
2018-03-31 2018-Q1 38,945,000
2017-09-30 2017-Q3 38,713,000
2017-06-30 2017-Q2 38,683,000
2017-03-31 2017-Q1 38,474,000
2016-09-30 2016-Q3 38,248,000
2016-06-30 2016-Q2 38,236,000
2016-03-31 2016-Q1 38,059,000
2015-09-30 2015-Q3 38,114,000
2015-06-30 2015-Q2 38,434,000
2015-03-31 2015-Q1 38,442,000
2014-09-30 2014-Q3 39,213,000
2014-06-30 2014-Q2 39,356,000
2014-03-31 2014-Q1 39,235,000
2013-09-30 2013-Q3 39,127,000
2013-06-30 2013-Q2 39,431,000
2013-03-31 2013-Q1 39,420,000
2012-09-30 2012-Q3 39,472,000
2012-06-30 2012-Q2 39,887,000
2012-03-31 2012-Q1 39,913,000
2011-09-30 2011-Q3 40,725,000
2011-06-30 2011-Q2 40,670,000
2011-03-31 2011-Q1 40,546,000
AllocatedShareBasedCompensationExpense BonusAndProfitSharingPlansAndAwardsExpense CurrentFederalTaxExpenseBenefit CurrentForeignTaxExpenseBenefit CurrentIncomeTaxExpenseBenefit CurrentStateAndLocalTaxExpenseBenefit DeferredFederalIncomeTaxExpenseBenefit DeferredForeignIncomeTaxExpenseBenefit DeferredIncomeTaxExpenseBenefit DeferredRevenue DeferredRevenueCurrent DeferredStateAndLocalIncomeTaxExpenseBenefit DeferredTaxAssetsTaxDeferredExpenseCompensationAndBenefitsPensions DeferredTaxAssetsTaxDeferredExpenseCompensationAndBenefitsShareBasedCompensationCost DeferredTaxAssetsTaxDeferredExpenseReservesAndAccrualsAccruedLiabilities DeferredTaxAssetsTaxDeferredExpenseReservesAndAccrualsWarrantyReserves Deferredtaxassetdeferredrevenue EmployeeServiceShareBasedCompensationTaxBenefitFromCompensationExpense FiniteLivedIntangibleAssetsAmortizationExpenseAfterYearFive FiniteLivedIntangibleAssetsAmortizationExpenseNextTwelveMonths FiniteLivedIntangibleAssetsAmortizationExpenseYearFive FiniteLivedIntangibleAssetsAmortizationExpenseYearFour FiniteLivedIntangibleAssetsAmortizationExpenseYearThree FiniteLivedIntangibleAssetsAmortizationExpenseYearTwo GeneralAndAdministrativeExpense IncomeTaxExpenseBenefit IncomeTaxReconciliationIncomeTaxExpenseBenefitAtFederalStatutoryIncomeTaxRate IncomeTaxReconciliationNondeductibleExpenseShareBasedCompensationCost IncreaseDecreaseInDeferredRevenue InterestExpense LeaseAndRentalExpense LiabilityForClaimsAndClaimsAdjustmentExpense NonoperatingIncomeExpense OperatingExpenses OtherLaborRelatedExpenses OtherNoncashIncomeExpense OtherNonoperatingIncomeExpense ResearchAndDevelopmentExpense RestrictedStockExpense SalesRevenueGoodsNet SalesRevenueNet SalesRevenueServicesNet SellingAndMarketingExpense StockIssuedDuringPeriodValueStockOptionsExercisedNetOfTaxBenefitExpense StockOptionPlanExpense UnrecognizedTaxBenefitsIncomeTaxPenaltiesAndInterestExpense UnrestrictedStockAwardsCompensationExpense WarrantyExpense

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