August 02, 2017 - Apple, Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has filed a financial statement reporting Sales Revenue Net of $45,408,000,000 USD. Previously, on February 01, 2017, Apple, Inc. reported Sales Revenue Net of $78,351,000,000 USD. This represents a change of -42.05% in Sales Revenue Net.

AAPL / Apple, Inc. Sales Revenue Net
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Period EndPeriodValue
2017-07-01 2017-Q3 45,408,000,000
2016-09-24 2016-Q4 78,351,000,000
2018-03-31 2018-Q2 61,137,000,000
2015-12-26 2016-Q1 75,872,000,000
2015-06-27 2015-Q3 49,605,000,000
2015-03-28 2015-Q2 58,010,000,000
2014-12-27 2015-Q1 74,599,000,000
2014-06-28 2014-Q3 37,432,000,000
2014-03-29 2014-Q2 45,646,000,000
2013-06-29 2013-Q3 35,323,000,000
2013-03-30 2013-Q2 43,603,000,000
2012-12-29 2013-Q1 54,512,000,000
2012-06-30 2012-Q3 35,023,000,000
2012-03-31 2012-Q2 39,186,000,000
2014-12-27 2014-Q4 74,599,000,000
2013-12-28 2013-Q4 57,594,000,000
2012-12-29 2012-Q4 54,512,000,000
2011-12-31 2011-Q4 46,333,000,000
2010-12-25 2010-Q4 26,741,000,000
2011-03-26 2011-Q2 24,667,000,000
2011-06-25 2011-Q3 28,571,000,000
2017-07-01 2017-Q4 45,408,000,000
2016-06-25 2016-Q3 42,358,000,000
2016-03-26 2016-Q2 50,557,000,000
2015-09-26 2015-Q4 75,872,000,000
2011-12-31 2012-Q1 46,333,000,000
2016-12-31 2017-Q1 78,351,000,000
2017-04-01 2017-Q2 52,896,000,000
2013-12-28 2014-Q1 57,594,000,000
2017-12-30 2018-Q1 88,293,000,000
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