Introducing Fintel Dashboard

a (free!) drop-in replacement for the Google Finance Portfolio Tracker

In mid-November, Google is discontinuing their Google Finance product, and that means their portfolio-tracking tool will be turned off. Fintel has developed a replacement that allows users to import and monitor porfolios that have been exported from Google.

Import your porfolios from Google finance with these steps:

  1. On Google Finance, download all of your portfolios as CSV files (not OFX!)
  2. Register on Fintel
  3. On the Fintel Dashboard page (this page), upload a CSV file
  4. Compare the results with your Google portfolio
  5. Report any discrepancies in the Welcome Group

Feature List

Real Time Quotes Page

Shows your portfolio performance, basic fundamentals, and provides real-time streaming quotes.

Portfolio News

Provides a reddit-style news reader for portfolio news.

Investment Tracker

Track real-time institutional investment in your porfolio companies.

Insider Tracker

Track real-time insider trades in your porfolio companies.

Fund Tracker

Follow your favorite funds.