Balance Sheet (Annual)

MZJ / Merrill Lynch STEP Income Securities linked to Monsanto Co. due 8/17/2009 Balance Sheet shows account balances for the company at points in time. Balance Sheet data includes Assets, Current Assets, Fixed Assets, Property, Plant and Equipment (PPE), Inventory, Intangibles, Liabilities, Current Liabilities, Debt, Capital Lease Obligations, Common Stock, Retained Earnings, Treasury Stock, and Shareholders Equity.

All numbers are times 1,000 except per share units.

2011 2012
  Cash And Cash Equivalents At Carrying Value 13,731,000 12,911,000
  Cash And Securities Segregated Under Federal And Other Regulations 11,757,000 14,031,000
  Securities Financing Transactions
    Securities Purchased Under Agreements To Resell 143,491,000 148,817,000
    Securities Borrowed 58,109,000 60,992,000
    Securities Financing Transactions Assets 201,600,000 209,809,000
  Financial Instruments Owned At Fair Value
    Trading Assets Excluding Derivative Contracts - -
    Trading Assets Excluding Derivative Contracts Fair Value Disclosure - -
    Financial Instruments Owned Derivatives And Other Contractual Agreements At Fair Value 35,013,000 24,851,000
    Financial Instruments Owned Corporate Equities At Fair Value 25,619,000 40,618,000
    Financial Instruments Owned Other Sovereign Government Obligations At Fair Value 30,239,000 37,845,000
    Financial Instruments Owned Corporate Debt At Fair Value 17,305,000 18,337,000
    Financial Instruments Owned Mortgages Mortgage Backed And Asset Backed Securities At Fair Value 8,254,000 10,613,000
    Financial Instruments Owned U S Government And Agency Obligations At Fair Value 43,003,000 54,564,000
    Municipals Money Markets And Physical Commodities 13,044,000 12,480,000
    Financial Instruments Owned At Fair Value 172,477,000 199,308,000
  Investment Securities 6,684,000 5,903,000
  Securities Held As Collateral At Fair Value 13,716,000 16,013,000
  Due From Related Parties 50,972,000 45,830,000
    Receivables From Customers 20,512,000 20,265,000
    Receivables From Brokers Dealers And Clearing Organizations 8,691,000 21,792,000
    Other Receivables 9,130,000 9,244,000
    Gross Other Receivables 38,333,000 51,301,000
  Loans And Leases Receivable Net Reported Amount 20,574,000 19,545,000
  Property Plant And Equipment Net 1,385,000 1,031,000
  Goodwill And Other Intangible Assets 9,404,000 9,782,000
  Other Assets 15,155,000 17,464,000
  Assets 555,788,000 602,928,000
  Securities Sold Under Agreements To Repurchase 173,767,000 219,710,000
  Securities Loaned 11,460,000 18,305,000
  Securities Financing Transactions Liabilities 185,227,000 238,015,000
  Short Term Borrowings 6,051,000 3,376,000
  Deposits 12,364,000 12,873,000
  Financial Instruments Sold Not Yet Purchased At Fair Value
    Derivative Liabilities 26,239,000 20,568,000
    Financial Instruments Sold Not Yet Purchased Corporate Equities 12,223,000 18,957,000
    Financial Instruments Sold Not Yet Purchased Other Sovereign Government Debt 16,554,000 19,707,000
    Financial Instruments Sold Not Yet Purchased Corporate Debt 7,084,000 8,026,000
    Financial Instruments Sold Not Yet Purchased U S Government And Agency Obligations 16,976,000 20,186,000
    Financial Instruments Sold Not Yet Purchased State And Municipal Government Obligations 645,000 562,000
    Financial Instruments Sold Not Yet Purchased At Fair Value 79,721,000 88,006,000
  Obligation To Return Securities Received As Collateral 13,716,000 16,013,000
  Due To Related Parties Current And Noncurrent 31,779,000 8,752,000
  Payables And Accruals
    Payables To Customers 40,153,000 52,053,000
    Payables To Broker Dealers And Clearing Organizations 8,667,000 4,748,000
    Other Liabilities 18,099,000 18,634,000
    Gross Other Payables 66,919,000 75,435,000
  Long Term Debt 107,118,000 92,249,000
  Junior Subordinated Notes 3,600,000 3,809,000
  Liabilities 506,495,000 538,528,000
  Commitments And Contingencies - -
Stockholders Equity
  Common Stock Value - -
  Additional Paid In Capital Common Stock 41,292,000 56,127,000
  Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Loss Net Of Tax -235,000 -527,000
  Retained Earnings Accumulated Deficit 8,236,000 8,800,000
  Stockholders Equity 49,293,000 64,400,000
Liabilities And Stockholders Equity 555,788,000 602,928,000

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