Balance Sheet (Annual)

EQGP / EQT GP Holdings LP Balance Sheet shows account balances for the company at points in time. Balance Sheet data includes Assets, Current Assets, Fixed Assets, Property, Plant and Equipment (PPE), Inventory, Intangibles, Liabilities, Current Liabilities, Debt, Capital Lease Obligations, Common Stock, Retained Earnings, Treasury Stock, and Shareholders Equity.

All numbers are times 1,000 except per share units.

2015 2016 2017
  Assets Current
    Cash And Cash Equivalents At Carrying Value 350,815 60,453 2,857
    Accounts Receivable Net Current 17,131 20,662 28,804
    Accounts Receivable Related Parties 77,925 81,358 103,304
    Prepaid Expense And Other Assets Current 2,111 9,912 12,877
    Assets Current 447,982 172,385 147,842
  Property Plant And Equipment Gross 2,228,967 2,894,858 3,200,108
  Accumulated Depreciation Depletion And Amortization Property Plant And Equipment 258,974 316,024 396,049
  Property Plant And Equipment Net 1,969,993 2,578,834 2,804,059
  Investments In Affiliates Subsidiaries Associates And Joint Ventures 201,342 184,562 460,546
  Long Term Investments - - -
  Goodwill - - -
  Intangible Assets Net Excluding Goodwill - - -
  Other Assets Noncurrent - - -
  Assets 2,634,267 3,076,449 3,549,625
Liabilities And Stockholders Equity
  Liabilities Current
    Accounts Payable Current 35,909 35,831 47,042
    Due To Related Parties Current 34,196 20,360 33,206
    Capital Contribution Payable - 11,471 105,734
    Interest And Dividends Payable Current 8,753 12,016 10,926
    Accrued Liabilities Current 12,465 8,755 16,871
    Liabilities Current 390,323 88,433 213,779
  Long Term Line Of Credit - - 180,000
  Senior Long Term Notes - - 987,352
  Other Liabilities Noncurrent 7,834 9,562 20,273
  Liabilities 1,067,218 1,083,727 1,401,404
  Partners Capital
    Parents Net Investment 0 0 -
    Partners Capital Attributable To Noncontrolling Interest - - -
    Limited Partners Capital Account -1,204,509 -1,077,100 -1,013,913
    Stockholders Equity Including Portion Attributable To Noncontrolling Interest 1,567,049 1,992,722 2,148,221
  Liabilities And Stockholders Equity 2,634,267 3,076,449 3,549,625

Peers - Natural Gas Transmission (4922)

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