Grow Your Site Traffic with Fintel Share Buttons

2018-06-16 - by Wilton - 303 views

Over 100,000 smart financial minds trust Fintel every month to get the latest stock market news and information. If you own or operate a web site, putting a "Share on Fintel" button on your site is a great way to promote your content to our audience.

Adding the Button

To install the share button, use the following code:

<a href="" onclick="window.location = '' + encodeURIComponent(window.location); return false"><img src="" width="75" /> </a>

If you have a blog, place this button at the top or bottom of every post to ensure your readers have an easy way to share your articles.

Modifications: Modifications to the above code are allowed and even encouraged, as long as the "dofollow" link back to Fintel remains intact. Share your mods with us and we'll publish the best ones here, with attribution.

WordPress Jetpack Users: JetPack is a great product and has a built-in facility for creating share buttons.

Get Started Now!

To get started, simply add the HTML code listed above to your site, then notify us via the web site chat that it's installed. We will guide you through the next steps to get your posts on the front page and your links back.


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