PLSE: Pulse Biosciences Analysis and Research Report

2018-02-19 - by Asif , Contributing Analyst - 101 views

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Pulse Biosciences is a clinical-stage medical technology company developing a non-thermal tissue treatment platform technology based upon its proprietary Nano-Pulse Stimulation (“NPS”) technology and pursuing applications in oncology, dermatology, general tissue treatment and veterinary medicine. NPS is a novel patented technology which leverages nano-second duration energy pulses that have demonstrated effective local tumor control and the initiation of an adaptive immune response in pre-clinical studies. Pulse Biosciences is pursuing a number of clinical applications for NPS, including oncology, dermatology, aesthetics and other minimally invasive applications where the company believe NPS has the potential to compare favorably with current therapies and treatments. Pulse Biosciences is currently conducting research and development activities in pursuit of commercial applications for its NPS technology, but Pulse Biosciences has not yet commercialized or recognized revenue from its technology.

Plan of Operation

The company plan to establish itself  as a medical technology company with a local, non-thermal, and drug-free treatment platform that initiates cell death in targeted tissue by a process of cell signaling and also induces a systemic adaptive immune response to the targeted tissue. In order to accomplish this, the company plan to:

  • Improve its technology by continuing its research and product development efforts. The company expect to develop different devices to target different tissue types that will leverage the novel characteristics of its technology platform.
  • Further explore and understand the benefits of NPS with the objectives of broadening the currently planned cosmetic and therapeutic applications and identifying new applications. The company anticipate that results of its pre-clinical and clinical studies will enable it to recognize certain unmet medical needs that may be addressed by its technology.
  • Continue to protect and expand its intellectual property portfolio with respect to NPS technology, which the company expect will increase its ability to deter competitors and position its company for favorable licensing and partnering opportunities.
  • Partner with medical or biomedical device companies for certain applications which the company anticipate may accelerate product development and acceptance into target market areas and allow it to gain the sales and marketing advantages of the distribution infrastructure.


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