How to Trade This? Heavy-Truck Orders Explode, Trucking Companies Struggle with “Capacity Crisis”

2018-07-08 - by Wilton - 107 views

Yesterday, one of my favorite macro analysts, Wolf Richter, posted an article describing the current state of affairs in the trucking industry. According to him, demand for trucking has gone way up in the last 12 months, causing a huge capacity crisis across the board for the supply side of the industry.

Here's his take:

Orders for heavy trucks that haul trailers loaded with anything from junk food to oil-field equipment across the US skyrocketed 141% in June compared to a year ago, to 41,800 orders, making it the highest June ever recorded, according to transportation data provider FTR. For the first six months this year, order volume of Class 8 trucks surged nearly 90% from a year ago to a phenomenal 235,050 units.


Based on this information, it would seem that there could be some interesting plays that would capitalize on this. What are the companies that could pop in the next three months?


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