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On August 9, 2013, PeopleString Corporation, and its wholly-owned subsidiary, RewardString Corporation (“RewardString”), and Vape Holdings, Inc., a Nevada corporation (the “Private Company”), entered into a Merger and Reorganization Agreement (the “Agreement”) whereby the Private Company merged with RewardString, with the Private Company being the surviving entity (the “Merger”). In consideration for the merger, the shareholders of the Private Company received a total of approximately 4,684,538 shares of common stock of the merged company on a pro rata basis in exchange for 8,875 shares of the Private Company’s common stock, representing 100% of the outstanding common stock of the Private Company. The total shares of the merged company issued on a pro rata basis to the Private Company shareholders represented approximately 74.95% of the total issued and outstanding common stock of the merged company.

The merger among PeopleString, RewardString and the Private Company was accounted for as a reverse acquisition and change in reporting entity, whereby the Private Company was the accounting acquirer. The Merger was accounted for using the purchase method of accounting in accordance with ASC 805 “Business Combinations”, whereby the estimated purchase was allocated to tangible net assets acquired based upon preliminary fair values at the date of acquisition. Accordingly, the assets and liabilities of PeopleString and RewardString were recorded at fair value; the assets of PeopleString Corporation were not significant. The historical results of operations and cash flows of the Private Company are being reported beginning in the quarter ended December 31, 2013 in this Quarterly Report. The Merger closed on September 30, 2013. On September 30, 2013, the Company approved a change in fiscal year end of the Company from December 31st to September 30th. The Company’s decision to change the fiscal year end was related to the Merger. Following such change, the date of the Company’s next fiscal year end is September 30, 2014.

On March 27, 2014, the Company formally closed its asset purchase of the HIVE Ceramics LLC ("HIVE") vaporization product and related intellectual property and has begun distributing the HIVE products through various wholesale distribution channels. HIVE had been in development of a ceramic product for use in the vaporization market. The development for one product line was completed in 2014. No sales of this product line were made prior to Vape’s acquisition of the HIVE ceramic product line on March 27, 2014. The company determined that HIVE's assets acquired were not deemed a business prior to being acquired by the Company under Rule 11-01(d) of Regulation S-X since there were no significant revenue activities, physical assets, employees or customers.



Vape Holdings, Inc. is a holding company with its primary focus in the manufacturing and distribution of healthy and sustainable vaporization products. The Company has designed, and recently began marketing, and distributing ceramic vaporization products under a unique brand. The Company has also introduced a nonporous, non-corrosive, chemically inert medical-grade ceramic vaporization element as a healthy, sustainable alternative to traditional titanium and quartz vaporization materials, as well as lower-grade ceramic found in traditional electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. This material can be used for a wide range of applications, including stand-alone vaporization products and "E-cigs." Electronic cigarettes come in a variety of designs ranging from those that look vastly like traditional cigarettes, to larger vaporizer units which are capable of vaporizing liquid with varying viscosity. The process of vaporization is believed to eliminate the smoke, tar, ash, and other byproducts of traditional smoking by utilizing lower temperatures in a controlled electronic environment.

The Company intends to rely on a combination of trademark, copyright, trade secret and patent laws in the United States as well as confidentiality procedures and contractual provisions to protect future proprietary technology and its brands, as they are developed. The Company has created or acquired and continues in the process of creating and/or acquiring proprietary vaporizers and e-cigarettes, and various trademarks, patents and copyrights for brands which are developed or in development. The Company is actively engaged in improving and expanding lines of branded products through business alliances and acquisitions, as well as developing its branded retail business expansion.

Vape is organized and directed to operate strictly in accordance with all applicable state and federal laws.

HIVE Ceramics

HIVE Ceramics (“HIVE”) is the premier brand under the VAPE umbrella. HIVE manufactures and distributes a proprietarily blended ceramic vaporization element for torched, electronic and portable vaporizers with countless design and product crossover capabilities in existing and emerging markets. HIVE is dedicated to bringing the healthiest and cleanest vaporization experience possible to the market. The HIVE product line currently consists of over 15 distinct ceramic elements, including the 2 piece domeless, domeless direct inject, and HIVE’s signature domeless elements covering 10mm, 14mm and 18mm applications as well as regular elements, the HIVE Flower Cup, the HIVE Carb Cap, HIVE Stinger Dabber, the 14mm HIVE x Quave - Club Banger, the HIVE x D-Nail 16mm and 20mm attachments and the highly anticipated Brothership Ceramic Honey Bucket developed on collaboration with Mothership Glass.


On December 28, 2015, the Company created a new wholly-owned subsidiary, Revival Products, LLC (“Revival”), which is in the business of portable vaporization devices. Revival will complement HIVE Ceramics’ product lines utilizing its sales and distribution channels.

Distribution Channels

HIVECERAMICS.COM is the Company’s e-commerce site for its premier HIVE Ceramics product line. The website will also be used in connection with the Company’s new HIVE Glass product line. A beta version of the e-commerce site was successfully launched in April 2014 with a limited product line and no paid or formal advertising. The e-commerce site has since become fully operational since July 1, 2014 with a full product line and is taking orders daily with same or next day shipping available direct to the consumer on all orders.

The Company’s AUTHORIZED DEALER NETWORK has grown to over 1,100 authorized shops for the Company’s wholesale distribution platform. The Company and its principals have relied on their industry reputation and contacts to rapidly expand this vast wholesale distribution network in a matter of months. The Company has already funneled the HIVE Ceramics product line through these channels and anticipates parlaying this expansive network into the success of future product lines and related ventures, including the HIVE Glass line.

GOTVAPE.COM is an Orange County, California based online distributor that boasts the top online vaporizer retail site in the world and sells a full range of vaporization products for shipment nationwide. The Company has partnered with for the U.S. distribution of its HIVE product lines through its expansive nationwide distribution chain.

DNA GENETICS is a world-renowned name in cannabis genetics with a global reach and trusted brand poised to assist the Company with its expansion into the emerging European markets. DNA Genetics will serve as the Company’s European distributor assisting the Company in reaching the European market from its base in Amsterdam.

PURE DNA is DNA Genetics’ South American distributor based in Chile which will partner with the Company to distribute HIVE products throughout the South American Market. Pure DNA is backed by DNA Genetics’ brand which can be found throughout the world.

PUFF PIPES is a Vancouver, B.C. Canada based distributor and one of two Canadian distributors partnering with the Company to blanket the Canadian market. Puff Pipes is one of Canada's leading suppliers of high quality glass works for over 20 years and a trusted name in the vaporizer industry.

WEST COAST GIFTS is also based in Vancouver, B.C. Canada and is known for having an excellent reputation as one of the longest-running distributors of nationally recognized brands of vaporizers and related accessories in Canada.

Subsequent to the Company’s fiscal year ended September 30, 2015, the Company began taking steps to curtail its Offset, HIVE Glass and HIVE Supply business lines to focus more on consumer vaporization products including the launch of “Revival” discussed above. The Company also curtailed its ‘THE HIVE’ retail store in order to reduce overhead costs and focus on HIVE Ceramics. Moreover, the Company curtailed its exploration into providing real estate, management and consulting solutions to the legal cannabis industry in states where such cannabis cultivation and extraction is legal. The Company was never able to execute on any of these plans and ultimately determined that the Company’s capital reserves for such projects as well as the risks inherent in each project due to the current regulatory environment surrounding the cannabis industry made this line of business too difficult to pursue.


Vape’s brands and retail and online distributions channels compete for customers and sales with many different companies and products that are competitive today and likely to be even more competitive in the future. Accordingly, it is essential that Vape and its HIVE brand product lines continue to innovate, expand, develop and refine its product and the underlying value offered to consumers. Competition in the retail and wholesale vaporizer and e-cigarette industries is significant as competing shops, manufacturers and distributors continually open.

The competition for the Company’s premier HIVE Ceramics product line, which offers a nonporous, non-corrosive, chemically inert medical-grade ceramic vaporization element that can be used for a range of applications exists in the form of traditional quartz and titanium vaporization products and other lesser grade ceramic vaporizers.

With regard to its company’s size relative to its competition, that is difficult to gauge as most of its competition is privately held and does not publicly report their earnings. The company do know of several competitors who own and operate larger online retail vaporizer and e-cigarette stores than the company currently do, but, like its Company, many are in their initial stages of development and are focusing on different areas of this industry.

While its management believes that Vape Holdings has the opportunity to be an innovative group of industry professionals focused on providing the most relevant and effective products to its consumers, there can be no assurance that the company will be successful in accomplishing its business initiatives, or that the company will be able to maintain significant levels of revenues, or recognize net income, from the sale of its products and services.

Intellectual Property and Proprietary Rights

The company's intellectual property consists of its brands and their related trademarks and websites, expansive customer lists and affiliations, product know-how and technology and related marketing intangibles plus its pending patent applications on its ceramic vaporizer line of products.

The Company intends to prosecute all of its pending patent applications to completions as well as its current and planned brand names for which the Company has applied for federal trademark protection.

Vape Holdings has a policy of entering into confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements with its employees and some of its vendors and customers as the company deem necessary. These agreements and policies are intended to protect its intellectual property, but the company cannot ensure that these agreements or the other steps Vape Holdings has taken to protect its intellectual property will be sufficient to prevent theft, unauthorized use or adverse infringement claims. The company cannot prevent piracy of its methods and features, and the company cannot fully determine the extent to which its methods and features are being pirated.


As of September 30, 2015, the company had 8 employees. Since inception, Vape Holdings has never had a work stoppage, and its employees are not represented by a labor union. The company consider its relationship with its employees to be positive.


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