Australian Hedge Fund Incubators

2017-12-11 - by Wilton - 963 views

I've been doing some research on hedge fund incubators, and particularly Austrlian hedge fund incubators. Here is a list of the players I've found:

Benelong Funds

"Bennelong Funds Management acquires, incubates and distributes active funds from Australia and around the globe. We have a proud history of identifying and partnering with quality boutique asset managers, offering high-grade investment solutions.

As equity partners in their individual businesses, each asset manager’s goals are aligned with those of their investors, providing greater impetus to achieve superior outcomes. While each boutique has its own distinctive philosophy and a dynamic and highly disciplined approach, they collectively believe in the benefits of active investment management. As such, they strive for out-performance, always seeking opportunities to maximise returns within their robust risk management frameworks.

Globally, we have over AUD9 billion funds under management and advice. In Australia, we currently support eight teams, managing 12 funds with over AUD8 billion in FUM. Our newly established UK subsidiary BennBridge, manages over AUD660 million (as at 2 October 2017).

Bennelong and BennBridge provide a holistic range of services to their boutiques, harnessing their entrepreneurial spirit while allowing them to focus what they do best - manage money. The asset managers’ boutique size fosters a nimble approach to innovation; this is coupled with Bennelong’s backing and business support, driving the scalability of their success.

Bennelong is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bangarra Group (formerly known as the Bennelong Group), a privately owned company encompassing a number of independent businesses. Bennelong’s philanthropic agenda is demonstrated through their ongoing support of and alignment with the Group's charitable arm, the Bennelong Foundation. The Foundation aims to enhance community wellbeing and provide opportunities for positive and lasting change in our community, through partnering proactive social ventures. Since it was established in 2002/03, the Foundation has supported over 200 organisations through over 400 grants."

Ascalon Capital Management (Westpac)

Ascalon Capital Managers has offices in Sydney and Hong Kong and forms strategic relationships with specialist investment managers throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Our partner firms in Sydney, Hong Kong and Singapore manage a range of alternative and absolute return investment strategies on behalf of institutional investors, superannuation / pension funds and family offices globally. We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Westpac Banking Corporation and a member of the BT Financial Group.

Challenger Financial Services

Challenger Limited is an ASX-listed investment management firm managing $70 billion in assets (as at 30 June 2017). We are committed to providing our customers with financial security for retirement. In the saving phase of superannuation our investments help build wealth. In the spending phase of retirement, they help convert this wealth into safe and reliable income streams."

Equity Trustees

Grant Samuel Funds Management

Established in July 2007, GSFM is staffed by a group of professionals with extensive experience in the Australian funds management sector. We partner with high calibre investment managers to deliver differentiated, quality investment strategies to help Australian investors build wealth.

Macquarie Specialized Investment Solutions

MSIS manufactures and distributes a range of tailored investment solutions including fund linked products, capital protected investments over funds and listed equities, secured ship financing, a hedge fund and private credit fund incubation platform, agriculture investment solutions, as well as infrastructure debt funds management. The division is recognised for product innovation with a strong track record of delivering tailored solutions to the market.

Magellan Financial


NAB Asset Management partners with select boutique investment management firms to enhance their capabilities by providing access to distribution channels, client services and other operational support.

Each boutique partner operates under their own investment philosophy, so our role is to support their philosophy and grow their business. This allows them to remain focused on what they do best – creating quality investment outcomes for their clients.

Through these relationships we provide clients access to a diverse range of traditional and alternative asset classes and investment products, managed by investment professionals who focus on delivering superior investment outcomes.

Pengana Capital

Pengana Capital Group ('Pengana') is a diversified funds management business founded in 2003 and headquartered in Sydney, with offices in Melbourne, Brisbane and Singapore.

We currently manage approximately $3 billion in Funds Under Management (FUM) across global and Australian equity strategies.

We are committed to managing our clients' money with a focus on delivering superior long-term risk adjusted returns.

Pengana has been on a strong growth trajectory, having grown our FUM 28% p.a. for the last three and a half years. This is due to the strength of our investment teams, our excellent long term performance and the growing investor demand for funds that generate benchmark-unaware returns.

Over our 15 year history, Pengana's primary focus has been on an unrelenting quest to generate superior long term returns for our investors.

Pengana's premium investment products employ active strategies with non-benchmark mandates, giving our investment teams the freedom to invest in their best ideas.

Our unique business model also delivers centralised support from our corporate team, so our managers can focus on what they do best - managing portfolios.

Pengana strives to give investors access to superior global funds management strategies, both by developing internal expertise and by partnering with exceptional funds management teams, including Boston-based PanAgora Asset Management and Chicago-based small cap specialist Lizard Investors.

In 2017 Pengana signed a merger agreement with one of Australia's largest ethical managed fund businesses, Hunter Hall, broadening and diversifying its suite of investments and cementing its position in the Australian funds management market.

The recent merger has resulted in Hunter Hall's highly regarded ethical framework being applied across a number of Pengana's investment products.

Pinnacle Investment Management

Pinnacle is a leading Australian-based multi-affiliate investment management firm. Our mission is to establish, grow and support a diverse stable of world-class investment management firms.

Pinnacle currently consists of seven investment affiliates that collectively manage approximately A$27 billion in assets across a diverse range of asset classes. Pinnacle provides distribution and other support services to its affiliates and a select number of aligned investment managers.

Treasury Group

Treasury Services Group provides innovative custom built financial products including investment products, lending products and financial risk management products suitable for wholesale investors, borrowers, superannuation funds, government bodies, fund managers, credit broking firms and financial advisory firms.

Treasury Services Group offers a fully compliant efficient infrastructure and placement agent arranging services to select independent investment management firms, for their unique investment products.


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