Five Ways You Can Help Make Fintel Better

2017-10-09 - by Wilton - 174 views

If you really like Fintel and you want to help out, this blog post is for you. Here are five simple things you can do that will help keep Fintel operating and growing.

1. Be a Friend, Support our Advertisers

Every month we get a bill from Amazon, and as Fintel grows, so does that bill. In order to keep Fintel free, we allow advertisers to promote their products on our site. We get paid when you click an ad. They get paid when you purchase or subscribe to their products. We try to keep the advertising on Fintel as lightweight as possible, while maintaining enough revenue to keep the servers on (and cold). Fintel is not venture funded. It has been built from our own pockets. Support Fintel by supporting our advertisers.

2. Spread the Word

If you really love Fintel, then you're the best person in the world to tell others about us. Besides clicking ads, this truly is the best gift you can provide. There are dozens of online stock communities that would love to have your participation. Here's a list of stock message boards where we would love to have representation:

  • StockaHolics
  • InvestorsHub
  • InvestorVillage
  • InvestorsHangout
  • StockHouse
  • (German)
  • (German)
  • MoneyControl (India)

Don't know what to say? Every day we scan the SEC filings to identify important activist investments. Start with that list and then click through to either the investor page or the stock page. (The investor page has a URI that starts with "/i/" and the stock page has a URI that starts with "/so/".) Now go the stock message board and - if it seems like it's appropriate - share the news (and the link) with the rest of the community. Here are some sample twits to get you thinking.

Obviously, SPAM is bad. However, contributing to a conversation in a meaningful and valuable manner with timely and relevant information is good. Don't spam. Contribute.

3. Share Your Investing Strategy

Do you have a hot strategy that works? Use the advanced stock screener to codify it and share it with the world. The strategy simulator will trade your strategy every day and keep a running list of securities to trade. Over time, we'll track the performance of your strategy and you can see how it does.

4. Write a Blog Post or a Tutorial

We've been working on Fintel for over two years and this is our fifth blog post. We need help writing. There is a ton of interesting features hidden within Fintel that most people will never find. Hidden features with no documentation might be great for SnapChat, but it's terrible for us. If you know your way around Fintel and like to write, sharing your knowledge will make the world (and Fintel) a better place. Click to start writing.

5. Register and Create a Public Profile

There is a very large Fintel community. We know this because we've chatted with them throughout the days and weeks. Help us grow the community by creating a public profile and making yourself known.

6. (Bonus) Report a Bug or Suggest an Improvement

Our best ideas have come from people like you. If you have an idea on how to make Fintel better, let us know by filing a report on our GitHub Issue Tracker. We'd love to hear from you.


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