NVAX : Novavax Stock Analysis and Research Report

2017-10-09 - by Asif , Contributing Analyst - 283 views

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Novavax is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of recombinant nanoparticle vaccines and adjuvants. Using innovative proprietary recombinant nanoparticle vaccine technology, The company produce vaccine candidates to efficiently and effectively respond to both known and emerging disease threats. Its vaccine candidates are genetically engineered three-dimensional nanostructures that incorporate recombinant proteins critical to disease pathogenesis. Its product pipeline targets a variety of infectious diseases, with clinical vaccine candidates for respiratory syncytial virus (“RSV”) and Ebola virus (“EBOV”), and preclinical programs for Zika virus (“ZIKV”), influenza and a combination respiratory vaccine candidate, as well as other infectious disease vaccine candidates.

The company is also developing immune stimulating saponin-based adjuvants through its wholly owned Swedish subsidiary, Novavax AB. Its lead adjuvant, Matrix-M™, has been shown to enhance immune responses and was well-tolerated in multiple clinical trials that the company has conducted. In addition, Genocea Biosciences, Inc. has licensed rights to its Matrix technology and has conducted Phase 2 clinical trials with its herpes simplex 2 vaccine candidate using Matrix-M.

Product Pipeline

Novavax's product pipeline includes vaccine candidates engineered to elicit differentiated immune responses with the potential to provide increased protection. Its nanoparticle technology targets antigens with conserved epitopes essential for viral function. Unlike traditional vaccines that ‘mimic’ viruses and elicit naturally occurring immune responses to them, its nanoparticles are engineered to elicit differentiated immune responses, which may be more efficacious than naturally-occurring immunity. Its vaccine technology has the potential to be applied broadly to a wide variety of human infectious diseases.

Program Current Development Stage
Respiratory Syncytial Virus (“RSV”)
. Infants via Maternal Immunization Phase 3*
. Older Adults Phase 2
. Pediatrics Phase 1
Emerging Viruses
. Ebola Virus (“EBOV”) Phase 1
. Zika Virus (“ZIKV”) Preclinical
Nanoparticle Influenza (“NanoFlu”) Preclinical
Combination Respiratory Preclinical

*Supported by the $89.1 million grant from BMGF


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